Best Of Starbangers




118 Mins.


Zane – 1998 (6/98)

THEMES: Gang Bangs, Cum Shots.

STARS: Savannah, Dominique Simone, Sarah-Jane Hamilton, Samantha Strong, Tyffany Million, Kaitlyn Ashley, Nici Sterling


I am told this compilation of the best of the Starbangers series is only available through mail order. So, those of you looking for something to rent may have a tough time finding this one. For those you who have somehow missed the 11 Starbangers movies, the premise is simple. One woman, usually a rather big star, a bunch of guys, and let the party begin. Since it began, a number of other gang bang tapes have come along, so the idea is not as fresh as it once was, but still, some of the star bangs are top notch group gropes.

Savannah was the first star to get banged, shunning her good girl image for one brief movie by taking on a group of guys. Of course, the persona she chose for her bang (or was chosen for her by director John T. Bone) is every bit as prissy and bitchy as Savannah ever was. She enters in a long flowing dress, ever the ice Princess. The guys douse her with champagne and line up to fuck her shaved slit. I never did like Savannah much, and watching her gang bang in its original form did little to change my mind. However, with much of the scene cut out, what we are left with is the very best action. She does have an incredible body and a few of the guys really give her a pounding. Her cocksucking, never a highlight beyond the fact that she was beautiful to look at, is probably at its best here. As was her custom, she avoids cum like it’s acid, taking the numerous loads on her stomach and lovely breasts. This may be Savannah at her best, but that isn’t saying a lot. Still, it’s better in Reader’s Digest format, giving us just the best parts.

Dominique Simone was star number two to be banged, and she comes in as well dressed as Savannah, but soon outshines the blonde when it comes to heat. She may not be as pretty as Savannah, but Dominique is a hell of lot hotter with a dick in her mouth. After a nice circle suck, she leans up against the wall and the guys line up to fuck her from behind. One guy even pulls and pops on her smooth slit. The action cuts to a bed where the guys are already in full gang bang mode, fucking Dominique every which way. The video quality on these first gang bangs really shows you how much more time and effort Zane is putting into them now. Still, there is nothing they can do now that will be much hotter than watching Ms. Simone get drenched, face to pussy in cum. Very hot stuff.

The first time I really took notice of a Starbangers vid was when Sarah-Jane Hamilton took the lead in #3. She plays a queen who gets serviced by a half dozen of her servants. Interesting to see guys like Jon Dough and Joey Silvera in on this group grope. They have come a long way, but here they are just hard cocks filling Sarah’s hot, hungry holes. Sarah-Jane never looked any better than she does in this video and as she bends over to get fucked, she acts like there is nothing it world she loves more than hard dicks in her mouth. What a sexual volcano. When the scene shifts outdoors, she oils up her curvaceous body and the guys go nuts, slam-fucking her like mad. Best of all, she opens wide for the copious cumshots to follow. Killer facial action.

After skipping Tracy Adams in SB4, we get Samantha Strong from SB5. Sam was never known for her overwhelming sex drive, but she seems to be rather into the gang action here. In her thigh high leather boots, she looks stunning and Peter North lays some serious wood to the busty blonde. She even manages to make some eye contact with the camera while sucking dick. (Always a good thing when you have such great eyes.) In another near miracle, Samantha even spins around to catch some North blast on her face.

Moving forward to SB6, we get Tyffany Million, strutting into her local gym looking for some action. She finds all the take when the dozen or so guys there forget their boxing and dive after her hot box. She looks great in her bra and thigh high stockings, but it is her cock starved sucking of these young studs that will impress you most. After getting some first class head, the guys bend Tyff over and just fuck the living shit out of her. Hell, even Ron Jeremy gets to fill that snug little hole for a while. Tyffany, not a cum dodger by any stretch of the imagination, lets the semen flow where it may, and the guys start at her face, and soak her huge tits, flat belly and shaved muff before returning to her already cum drenched face to frost it some more.

SB7 starred my all time fave, Kaitlyn Ashley. The loose story, about an old time stage actress who ends up at the center of Ron Jeremy’s lustful fantasies, is rather fresh and Kaitlyn is at her busty best. After a short blowjob in this setting, we cut to the more traditional bang, with Kaitlyn on a bed, in the center of a circle of guys, all pumping her pull of plump prick. Given her love of anal sex, it’s no wonder, we go almost immediately to Ms. Ashley being poked in the pooper. In fact, there are so many guys, she just has to take them three at a time, sucking cock while a pair of guys DP her. Watching her go like this, there is no doubt that SB7 was the best of the bunch. Kaitlyn is just the hottest thing ever. A very nice round of facials close things out, covering my favorite face with coat after coat of liquid love. Kaitlyn rules.

Nici Sterling’s SB8 should have been every bit as hot. She is a total babe who fucks like a wildcat. The problem with this tape, is that director Jonathan Morgan, for reasons beyond my comprehension, decided to give us the whole movie with no original sound, and in slow motion. Here you have a gorgeous woman, 18 hard cocks and we Playboy Jazz Festival reject music over slow motion sex. Why did I expect Ron Jeremy to start diagramming the scenes. (Ya see Rog, Rick Masters gets his cock at an angle here. Then he makes a nice move here, sliding past Dave Hardman to ram it right up Nici’s bum.) The action would likely be pretty hot if Morgan hadn’t so badly fucked things up here. Nici takes on a string of DP’s like she was born for this sort of wild sexual activity. The cumshots are nice as well, or at least, should be. What a shame this video couldn’t live up to what it should have been.

The final star to be banged is Shanna McCullough from SB10. (They skipped Jeanna Fine in SB9). This was the first bang tape directed by Matt Zane and one I actually reviewed not that long ago. It was quite hot to see a long time star like Shanna take on a line of hard cocks and suck them deep into her mouth. In this version we skip rather quickly to Ron Jeremy poking her in the ass, but that isn’t such a bad sight either. In fact, I don’t remember seeing her take it in the butt before the semi-recent comeback of hers. (I’m sure if I’m wrong, someone will point it out.) Zane has her DP’d before we can even begin to get used to watching that long pole poke her rear. Watching the cum flow this time is just incredible. She is literally bathed in cum and loves every second of it.

In shortened form, many of these scenes are blistering. Since they nearly all end with the star soaked in cum, fans of big cumshots will get what they are looking for. I think two of the best bangs were skipped over, but why cry about what isn’t there? Kaitlyn, Tyffany and Sarah-Jane are the best on this tape by far. The Nici bang would have been awesome except for the above mentioned problems. Revisiting Savannah and Dominique is pretty fun as well. Some production problems and choppy editing keep this from being as hot as it could be, but still a must have for fans of gang bangs and big, often facial, cumshots.

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