Backseat Drivers 2 Rear Ended




113 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Michael Adams and Alex Ladd

Metro – 1998 (6/98)

THEMES: Anal Sex.

STARS: Misty Rain, Nikki Neels, Raquel Devine, Jessica, Toni James, Casha Rae Allias, Eve, Julian, Jake Steed, Chad, Tice Bune, Kyle Stone, Michael Long.


Oh damn, I missed Backseat Drivers 1. Should I be worried that I won’t be able to follow the plot or understand the deep symbolic elements in this one? What is the significance of Misty being fucked in the ass by Chad? Somehow, I think I can relax a bit and let the butt banging debauchery begin. On the other hand, how much fun is it going to be? The directors’ work is new to me and there are not a lot of women I actively seek out when looking for videos. So, we really don’t know what’s going to happen do we?

Jessica comes first, and this thoroughly average looking, though busty brunette, starts off with Metro stud boy Julian. She starts off by wrapping those monster mams around his equally large member. She can barely get that thick thing into her mouth, but give Jessica credit for going to town with the dick she can devour, slobbering all over it and squeezing his nutsack like she really wants a taste of that thick ball batter. First, she has to open her thighs and let his love rocket fill that pussy for a while. Nothing really special about Jessica other than her tits. She has a soft body and just an average face that doesn’t change expression much even as Julian rams her from behind. The anal isn’t all that impressive either, since she never takes more than about two inches in her backdoor. A decent facial saves the scene from being a total snooze fest, but we are not off to a roaring start.

Considerably prettier from the neck up, Eve, a Euro-starlet with Vince Vouyer’s American sausage on her mind. Funny, as she’s doing an adequate job of sucking his cock, all I can think of is that the music in the background is pretty nice. Of course, it doesn’t fit the sort of wall to wall style of this video, but there was some effort here and that should be recognized I guess. Back to the sex, just in time to see Eve slamming her hips down to meet Vince’s thrusts. She is a rather boisterous lover which is always nice. (Not that it helps drown out the music though, turn down the freaking volume.) Anal is no problem for this Euro-hottie. Vince slides home and starts pounding away. (OK, now the nice little electric piano ditty is starting to get to me.) Eve has some very pretty, puffy pussy lips, on display nicely during the super close ups of her ass being filled. A pretty nice facial closes out a watchable anal scene.

Toni James hooks up with another very pretty blonde, Casha Rae Allias, (If that name doesn’t change soon, her career will be short indeed.) for a little lesbian action. In spite how attractive these women are, I don’t find the g/g scene at all interesting. Even Toni’s lengthy use of the dildo on her friend’s ass is nothing but tiresome, making the whole scene a waste of time and tape.

Racquel Divine makes up for the lack of dick in the last scene by taking on two all by herself. Somehow I don’t think this is a new experience for this nasty blonde. The way she opens up her holes for cock would seem to indicate a rather adventurous sexuality or loose morality (or both.) She is so eager, she even works a premature shot from one guy while Dave Hardman is banging her. (Ha, thought you could sneak that one by me did you?) After his buddy makes an unceremonious early exit, Dave shoves her face into the pillow and starts slam fucking that exposed asshole. This must get the other guy going again because he finds wood enough to fuck her butt as well. The A2M she pulls is about as raw and hot as this tape gets. Racquel somehow manages to consistently give performances that a lot hotter than she is, which is a great attribute for a porn star. (Memo to Chasey Lain.) The double facial finishes out a very watchable scene. It’s about time.

Jake Steed has the misfortune of hooking up with a very hard looking, tattoo chick, Nikki Neels. This chick looks like a crossdressing trying to impersonate Aja and failing miserably. You know, some of the guys who go after racism in porn should look into this scene. Is Jake being punished for being black? Maybe they just wanted a big cock to hide as much of Nikki as humanly possible. Sorry guys, Jake’s dick, Ron Jeremy’s belly, Ed Powers’ ego and Greg Steel’s talent combined and topped off with a few Peter North loads can’t hide this total train wreck of human DNA composition. I know anal sex ain’t supposed to be pretty, but come on. This is just atrocious.

Misty Rain starts her scene off making out with hubby Chad on a couch. Oh how sweet, just like when they were high school sweethearts. Actually, I’ll bet Misty has been this good a cocksucker for nearly that long. I do like watching Misty go down on a hard cock. That ass is a rather inviting sight as well. I’ve always found her a bit too thin, but damn watching Misty ride his cock, I have to say I love the way she looks, especially her tits, mouthwatering motherfuckers indeed. I know some people get tired of seeing her fuck Chad all the time, but the one thing I do like, is that she clearly has a better time working with him and once you turn this woman loose, it makes for great smut. Her anal scene is the thing on this tape by far. Chad dribbles a weak nut onto her chin, but that is the only below average portion of their pairing.

Take out the Misty and Racquel scenes and this tape would be a total waste of time. As it is, those scenes only look as good as they do because of the mess around them. Racquel is the most pleasant surprise and Misty looks like she is finally gaining a little weight, so she looks fantastic. The rest of the cast ranges from pretty (Eve) to downright ugly (Nikki) with a dash of plain-and-bored-stiff (Jessica) mixed in. With Toni James wasted in a dreary g/g scene, I don’t see how this tape could have been much worse. Well, it could have been wall to wall Nikki Neels. Someone needs to put a cap in this career before porn fans everywhere start getting sick to their stomachs.

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