Toppers 3




65 Mins.

Pleasure – 1995

THEMES: Big Tits, Solo.

STARS: Wendy Whoppers, Chelly Supreme, Tiffany Storm, Heather Hart, Kiss.


I’m sitting here, scanning through the phone sex ads at the beginning of this tape, holding the box in my hand. While I have never been bowled over by Wendy Whoppers enormous rack, I can see how, to the breast lover, this tape would be considered mandatory viewing. It looks like she’s holding two watermelons in her arms. Other than that, you should know the drill by now. Big boobs, solo sex, lesbian sex and more big boobs. That’s what this series is about, that’s what we’re going to get.

Wendy Whoppers starts out watching some porn and getting a little hot between the thighs. If top-heavy babes are your thing, Wendy must be a top five pick for you. I’m shocked she can even sit up to finger her pussy without falling back over. She does some nice talking about how much she wants a hot pussy to suck and some tits to play with. (Shit girl, look down, you can’t miss that set on your chest.) Since this tape is aimed at guys who are more into tit play than I, I would guess the lack of finger fucking won’t bug most of you. I got a little bored until she lubes us a silver vibe and starts some exploring down under. It becomes a very nice solo scene with Wendy fucking up and down the shiny cock. Good close up shots as she fucks herself rather loudly in a mish position. Wendy still isn’t my kind of girl, but this scene is about as hot as I have ever seen her.

Another lonely, huge-hootered woman is Chelly Supreme. Her recent breakup from her boyfriend has left her quite horny and all she can do is play with herself to keep her from going mad. Chelly is even appealing to me than Wendy, lacking the cute face and on screen charm, leaving her with little more than a set of big knockers to go on. Even they can’t save this from being a well below average solo scene with nothing for me to recommend.

Now, put Tiffany Storm on a couch with just her fingers and some toys to play with and I’ll recommend it almost automatically. This naturally busty babe has always been one of my favorite reasons to watch porn. Tiffany does a great tease as she strips down to her heels and hose. She works her vibrator between those big tits putting on quite a show before using the humming little sucker on her thick pussy lips. This is just a great, toy assisted solo scene, with Tiffany getting off on her plastic lover as if it were a real cock and giving us a great show along the way.

Finally, Kiss and Heater Hart hook up for some veggie sex. Nice contrast between the short, blonde, brit with her heavy accent and the tall, brunette, Texas girl with her soft, southern drawl. They move slowly, with Heather slipping some thigh high stockings on Kiss and playing the coy, first timer, perfectly. They kiss, fondle and stroke each other for several minutes before the clothes even come off. Once they do, we get two of the hottest bodies in all of porn. Honestly, Heather is just about the most perfectly built woman I have seen, and all with no help from the good doctors. Kiss goes down first, spreading Heather’s lips and giving us the close-ups that push this scene rapidly into the hard-core arena. They swap pussy licking for a while before Heather breaks out the vibe and sends Kiss into total ecstasy. Really nice looking 69 to close things out. A great scene, even for guys who don’t usually flip over girl/girl sex.

I always find it a little shocking just how much I end up liking these videos. While I have nothing against big tits, neither are they my passion. So, I am not really in the Toppers target audience. Two of the four scenes in this tape worked for me. Tiffany Storm is a wonderful blast from the past. She will not be the main attraction for tit lovers, but in my eyes she far outshines Wendy and her whoppers. Kiss and Heather actually hook up for a g/g scene I found quite stimulating and would recommend to others who are only lukewarm on lesbian pairings. If you don’t like big tits, lesbian sex and/or solo sex, don’t bother. If you like them, take a look at the cast and judge for yourself. I’ll watch it again just to hear Tiffany cum.

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