American Girl In Paris



73 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Kris Kramski

Sin City


1998 (7/98)

STARS: Brooke April, Karen Lancaume, Lucie Morgan, Croalie, Fred Thomas and Dino Toscani.


Well, what better way to open a review than to address the animal rights warning at the start of the tape. Apparently the chicken killed in this video did not suffer and was eaten by the cast and crew the next day. I would take that as a warning that his may be a very bumpy ride through this Kris Kramski film. Potential animal abuse aside, it is obvious from the opening shots at LAX, that this will be a feature with stunning production values. Equally stunning is the cover girl/lead in this film, Brooke April. A more beautiful woman, I have not seen in quite some time. Hopefully, she is as hot in her sex scenes as she is wandering the streets of Paris in the opening moments of the film.

There doesn’t seem to be much rhyme or reason for the first scene. One minute Brooke is in a graveyard, the next, she has a brunette woman between her thighs, sucking her pussy. On a rooftop in the middle of town, the two lovely women start going at it. Brooke’s friend is not as beautiful as she is, but has an equally impressive body and seem to love licking pussy. For her part, Brooke seems more than a little fond of the tangy, tuna taco herself. Even if the sex were garden variety, the stunning view and beautiful surroundings make it more than worth a look. (As does Brooke, she is just incredible.)

On the streets of Paris, Brooke meets a man and after a quick lunch, they steal away to a secluded spot where they can strip each other down. They end up fucking on some mattresses wrapped in plastic that make some damn annoying noise during the whole scene. Once you get past the background noise, however, the scene is quite hot. Moody lighting and a couple of people dying to get at each other make for a very erotic set up. Brooke does not disappoint when it comes to oral sex either. She looks gorgeous and goes after his dick like she really wants to suck his soul out through his shaft. After all the kissing at the start of the scene, the actual intercourse is rather short before he cums on foot to close things out. Still, a nice interlude.

On the streets later that night, Brooke is accosted by a gang of young thugs. To her rescue comes a French cop. Listening to her story (She has lost her passport and everything) he offers her some help. Not totally into it, but with little choice, Brooke accompanies him to an adult bookstore, where she still pushes him away. In a very strange, but highly charged scene, Brooke plays wit herself while he jerks his cock in front of her.

On the street, she finds the man who stole her stuff. For some reason, she agrees to go back to his place and get naked in the kitchen. Careful now, this is where it gets weird. She whacks the head off a chicken and then attacks him. How many guys rip a woman off only to have her suck his cock so lovingly? (And they say crime doesn’t pay.) The sex here is high energy and fast paced, but I have to say that the inserted shots of the bloody cleaver really doused the erotic flames for me. Maybe I’m squeamish, or maybe it’s a John Bobbitt thing, but the image just fucked things up for me. The cumshot onto the dead chicken didn’t help much either.

The next day, her new friend takes Brooke to a bakery where she quickly gets tight with the blonde baker. Nothing like some sweet frosting to make tits and pussy taste better I suppose. If you like your sex messy and mixed with food, this scene will likely have you creaming in your morning coffee. Hell, I like Brooke so much, I’ll watch her do anything and this time, the guy fucks her even harder. This is a short, but sexy scene for sure.

There are more hoops for her to jump through as Brooke soon finds out. To get her passport she has to work out a deal with yet another shady character. This time a four way fuck breaks out with Brooke sharing the spotlight with a French brunette who loves cock as much as she does. Nothing wild here, just four people fucking each other’s brains out. As usual, Brooke steals most of the best moments with her lovely body and gorgeous face. The other girl is nothing to turn your back on, but one look at Brooke’s reverse cowgirl and I wager you’ll be as enamoured as I. Those of you who like to see cum on a woman’s pussy will love the way this scene ends as Brooke spends a lot of time rubbing a load into her shaved lips.

This is an interesting film to say the least. Since every scene stars Brooke April, it’s a good thing she is so sexy. The camera work and lighting are top notch. There is a plot, though it’s a bit thin, but that’s hardly anything to complain about. Brook manages to carry the sex quite nicely, outshining her French costars and looking beautiful in the process. The food and bookstore scenes are very interesting and highly charged sexually. Some of the other scenes are little quick and the whole chicken thing was a little strange. Still, on the strength of Brooke’s hot bod and gorgeous face, I have to recommend this interesting adult film.

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