Private Gold 31 Fatal Orchid 2




120 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman

Private – 1998 (6/95)

THEMES: Spies, Prostitutes, Gang Bangs.

STARS: Katja Kean, Alain Deloin, Swany, Richard Langin, Sharon Ash, David Perry, Bettina, Sly, Philippe Soine, Karla, Kevin Brad, Jasmine, Katalyn, Harvey Young, Mephisto.


When last we left this tale of international intrigue, Katja Kean was getting ready to carry out her secret mission. The Mafia baddie, Antonio was hot on the trail of Mekkil, who had stolen from him. Both men seem to be headed for a dirty nap, but along the way we are sure to see a lot more of the super hot action we saw in Fatal Orchid 1. Woodman is so good, I could just about throw a high rating up before I even review it, and not be too far off, but that would rob me of the chance to watch Katja move way up my top twenty list.

Antonio shows up at the beach hut looking for Mekkil. When he finds two of his hot female companions, he snatches them up to put them to work. Down the beach, Antonio refuses to listen to Mekkil’s pleas for mercy and drops a cap in his dome. Of course, forces have been set in motion to make sure Antonio meets with the same fate. In fact, one of the men responsible for ordering the hit is so happy to find out that the job is nearly done, that he risks a sexual harassment suit by dropping trou in front of his secretary. She would rather suck his cock than run to some super bitch, bad radio talk show host, money grubbing LA attorney. (Who shall remain nameless as she is classless.) The brunette, who does look a little like Jane Seymore did about fifty years ago is attractive, but on the thin side for my tastes. Still, she takes a hard pounding from behind and has a really pretty pussy, so no complaints from me. OK, one more. I think her hair has extensions in it. If not, then it is horribly dry. No extensions please, they just look silly. Now, back to the hot sex. The secretary straddles her boss and slams her hips down into his lap, a preview of her acrobatic fucking style that comes more fully into view as she turns around and drops her ass down onto his pole. After being bent over and sodomized on her desk, she happily spins around and takes a load on her face. Now it’s easy to see why he hired this woman.

At Antonio’s place, the two new girls, Sharon Ash and Bettina, desperately want to get away. The guard watching them promises to let them go if they suck him off. One refuses, but the skinny blonde one agrees. This dude has got weight lifter syndrome really bad and thankfully two other guards come in and chase him away. The black girl, Bettina, leaves her pal in the dust from the start, going way deep with a fat cock and looking like a wet dream. In fact, this is another time when I wish the action were not split between the two women. As Bettina rides her stud, he has a great time first squeezing her round asscheeks together, then pulling them apart, exposing her tight rosebud, just so we can see how snug a fit it’s going to be when he undoubtedly pops her pooper later in the scene. OK, it’s the other guy who gets to fuck her in the ass, after a switch, it’s still a very tight road to travel. When the blonde gets DP’d I kind of tuned out, but Bettina’s butt soon re-takes center stage when she shares a cock with her friend as the other guy busts her buns again. They share one load while a second covers those hot cheeks.

From the women, Antonio learns where his missing dope is, and also finds out that there is another woman who has been sent to kill him. He doesn’t seem to worried though. In fact, he is his usual ruthless self. When a woman, Jasmine, arrives with a cash delivery that is short, he forces her to make up the difference on her knees. He does a lot of talking while fucking her, but it’s in French, so I can only make out her replies of “Oui” to everything. I guess maybe she likes it. Fairly routine sex here with decent looking woman, but come on, we’re an hour into this baby and still no Katja. Is anal is certainly enough to come back and take notice, and her full lips make a great target for his semen rocket.

Katja shows up on his island, ready to negotiate his offer to fuck her. They agree on a price and Antonio sends his wife out to dinner with his bodyguards. Oh Jeez, we finally get to see Katja and her scene is looks like it’s going to be split with the wife gang banging the bodyguards. Thank God Woodman resists the urge. Katja is the star, and she gets to shine. The blonde superspy is also a super slut who loves sucking big, fat cocks. Antonio’s million dollar fuck is worth every penny. For someone who played so hard to get, Katja pro fucks Antonio with every inch of her incredible body. For that kind of bank, it’s only fair he get to fuck her in the ass, but the way Katja carries on, it looks like she might have paid a million to have a fat prick in her butt. Great, acrobatic anal here with Katja buggered up down and all around until at last, Antonio pulls out and blasts his load on her pussy.

Meanwhile, his wife, Swany, is tramping it up with his four bodyguards, stuffing every hole with hard cock and showing she’s a better whore than any of the women Antonio has working for him. The trouble is, Woodman cuts away from this hot sex so we can see Katja pull a gun on Antonio. Cool plot, but why cut away from a great sex scene? By the time we get back, the petite wife is being slam fucked from behind while wolfing down every hard cock she can find. Really some fantastic shots of her riding reverse on one cock, bouncing up and down on it, while sucking two more. As group gropes go, there haven’t been too many I can think of that live up to the heat of this one. (Yet another call to those Private experts out there. What else has Swany done? I must see her in action some more.) Four sticky shots later, her gorgeous face is covered in goo and this scene is an early favorite for best mini-gang bang of the year.

There are a few loose ends to tie up, starting with the corrupt cop. He gives his blonde wife a quick fuck and fills her mouth with his seed, but to be honest, it was a bit anti-climactic after the last two and the resolution of the story line. It’s not a bad scene, in fact, this woman has a major Shaunna Grant look and a splendid butt. However, after the big ones, it might have been a good time to end the movie. (Check out Rog, telling Woodman how to make movies.) (Nah, just don’t get why this scene got buried.)

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