88 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jonathan Morgan
Wicked – 1998 (4/98)
THEMES: Vampires.
STARS: Serenity, Missy, Asia Carrera, Shanna McCullough, Katie Gold, Stephanie Swift, Sydnee Steele, Azlea Anistasia, Rebecca Lord, Brad Armstrong, Alex Sanders, John West, Mickey G. Ian Daniels, Dave Cummings and Steve Hatcher.
Where do you start with a video that has the likes of Rebecca Lord, Katie Gold and Stephanie Swift in the secondary roles? To say the least, Jonathan Morgan has stacked the deck with the some of the most beautiful women in the business. In addition to the above mentioned second level cast, he has Wicked contract girls like Missy and Serenity plus Asia Carrera and Shanna McCullough. Now, I happen to like Morgan’s work, but this cast is both a blessing and curse. It puts him a step ahead by virtue of the beauty and talent he has to work with. On the other hand, it raises my expectations to a level that will make it much worse on him if he fails to deliver.
Things start off a little different, with a quartet of demon women cornering and killing an unfortunate guy. While this will, I’m sure be the focal point of the movie, we move quickly to an early morning quickie that thankfully includes Stephanie Swift with Brad Armstrong. Even if this scene turns out to be totally inconsequential to the plot, watching Stephanie fucked three ways to Sunday is always a great thing. The editing is a little on the MTV on crack- side of things but it’s interesting and we are treated to a fantastic face fucking scene with Brad blasting her pretty face. Oh yeah, and the kicker to this romantic morning tryst is that Steph is actually a paid professional, just there for the cash.
How does this tie in to the story? Well, Brad is a detective who ends up investigating the mutilated body. While we follow his investigation, we learn a little more about his character. You see, he is heartbroken over his blonde ex. (Hmmmm, nahhhh). Things get sticky for Brad when a man get shot in the back of the head while he is taking a piss. While helping clean up, he drops a cap in the bartender. Vent much?
The only real lead is a card in the pockets of the victims. It advertises a club, Pornogothic, that caters to the white makeup and black clothes crowd. It’s also the den of the creatures who thrive on human blood. They also thrive on suffering, as we see when evil Asia Carrera corners poor Katie Gold in the women’s room and feasts on her other bodily fluids. This scene is very moody and beautifully lit, with some impressive music over the action, but it ends badly for poor Katie.
Outside, Brad makes his way into the club to start digging around for clues. His questioning of Shanna McCullough doesn’t go as well as he would like, but he ends up on the couch talking with Serenity. Meanwhile, in the bathroom, Asia helps Katie through the difficult transition. Interesting dialog in both scenes, which may not be for everyone, but had me glued to the screen trying to figure out what comes next.
The newly transformed Katie has something in store for her boyfriend, but Brad gets to her first. When she attacks him, he blasts a shot into her chest. The shoot looks bad and Brad’s boss has no choice but to yank his badge while they investigate. In the mean time, Shanna is enjoying a few of the pleasures which seem to be universal to both worlds. I still want to know how she has managed to come back to porn looking and fucking better than ever. The fucking is very solid but the facial is actually one of the very best Shanna has ever taken. Too bad for the guy, she tears open his neck after he blows his load.
The next time we see Brad, he is shaking off a hangover at Stephanie’s. She took him in when he showed up drunk at her place in the middle of the night. The new day brings even bigger questions. Katie’s body has vanished from the morgue and Brad is back on the case. His chase leads him nearly too close as Brad narrowly escapes the blonde creature of the night with the help of a stake wielding alley bum.
When Shanna all but insists that she feed, Serenity reluctantly joins Rebecca Lord and Alex Sanders for a three way in the back alley. Watching these two spectacular women taking turns on his cock, you can almost see Alex calculating the odds that Greg Vaughn or Sammy Sosa might catch Mark Maguire or Ken Griffey in the Roger Maris chase. I thought Rebecca had left the biz, but thankfully, her skills are as fresh as ever. Alex wisely gives Serenity equally time, fucking her before unloading his penile pistol all over her smiling face while Rebecca watches. Lunch is served in more ways than one for the cum and blood thirsty vamp.
Inside the club, all of the vamps, plus a number of human victims to be, are going at it furiously. By now you all know that I look at orgy scenes as distracting at best. Skipping around from Missy to Asia to Shanna to Stephanie gives us lots to look at but not at a pace I could enjoy. The editing should be applauded here as brilliant and Missy does take a killer facial. Otherwise, it just comes up short in my book.
Serenity shows up at Brad’s. She needs someone to talk to and why not a heartbroken, sadistic killer? He tells her the story of his wife, who vanished one night in a club, only to be found days later, drained of all blood. This tragic story is matched by Serenity’s own heartbreak. Their shared pain brings them together. This time, there are no other women to steal any attention from Serenity and Brad gives her all the attention she can handle. You know, I place some value on my mortal soul, but tasting this super fine creature might be worth risking it. Wait a minute. I know she’s a vampire and supposed to have fangs at some point, but explain the nearly criminal exclusion of any pre-coital cocksucking here. With all due respect, this is a face made for cocksucking and even though the fucking is quite hot, I am mortified at this exclusion. Thankfully, she works extra hard to make up for it after Brad bones her from behind. It’s not long enough, but with her working that mouth on his member, who can blame Brad for firing all over her face in record time. Rather than making her a post mating snack, Serenity flees, warning him to stay away from the club forever.
Still hungry, she wanders to a cafĂ©. Even though the place is closed, Dave Cummings lets her in. He even lets her work off her food in a most pleasant manner. I just figured out who Serenity reminds me of. She looks a lot like Ira Sovran, and that makes me want her even more. Instead of me, Dave gets to sample the dessert tray. Again, Morgan skips from the pussy lapping to the fucking. However, he makes up for it with another post boink facial and this one leaves Serenity with jizz dripping down from her chin. Say good bye to Dave folks, he’s vamp food.
When Brad confronts Shanna, he finds her more than he can handle. A battle to the death ensues, but if you think I’m going to ruin the end of Morgan’s script for you, forget it. You know, there is some seriously dark stuff in this movie, and I don’t mean the usual strap a woman to a cross and fuck her silly stuff that some people consider dark. The script is pretty tight and most of the players can even handle the dialog. Serenity looks good enough to sell your soul over and the rest of the cast is far from chopped liver. More of Miss and Asia would not have sucked very much, but who can complain. Nice work by Morgan, who really should keep doing movies like this one and last year’s Indigo Delta.

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