Only The Best Of Seymore Butts 1


111 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Seymore Butts
Seymore Butts Home Movies – 1998 (4/98)
THEMES: Anal Sex, Squirting.
STARS: Vanessa Chase, Taylor Hayes, Victoria Gold, Holli Woods, Katie Gold, Shay Sweet, Wendy Knight, Lea Stevenson, Peter North, Tom Byron.
A couple of questions. First, how do you possibly choose the ‘VERY’ best of Seymore Butts? Second, how can you go wrong with a tape of all Seymore stuff? There are so many great scenes to choose from and from the cast list, I can already see that he has pulled some of my favorite scenes for this compilation. One thing I really like in this comp, is that he identifies the stars AND the tape the scene was pulled from at the beginning of each scene. That will make it easier for me and for those of you who see something you really like. I expect to see a lot of you going back and reading old Seymore reviews after this. For those of you who think I never find fault with anything Seymore does, fuck you?.errrrr allow me this opportunity to express some displeasure. I hate, really hate EP speed. The quality just isn’t what I want to see. I know it makes things cheaper, but for me, it is almost always the kiss of death. I’d rather pay more for a higher quality two hour tape than get a six hour grainy picture. (This tape is NOT six hours, and it actually looks OK for EP, I was speaking of some of those six hour things you see in stores.) From Gluteus to the Maximus comes a classic four on one, all Texas girl fuck for Peter North. Katie Gold, Shay Sweet, Alyssa Love and Holli Woods all team up to give Peter and each other, the royal treatment. For a while last year, before Alyssa went AWOL and Holli got that God awful Marilyn Manson tat on her hip, these looked like the four hottest newcomers to hit porn in years. Turned loose with North and the sybian machine, these hot sluts are just about as perfect a sight as you will ever see. Things are quite frantic, but there are some clear highlights. Alyssa gives some great head, Katie licks Shay’s asshole and Holli fingers her butt while Peter eats her out. Holli taking Peter in her ass is well above average as well, but when you add Alyssa’s A2M, it gets fucking incredible. The two pals switch off so that Holli can taste her friend’s ass on his throbbing prick. This scene is just amazing, but the cumshot is shot from a low angle, so we miss a lot of the jizz blast. Still, and award caliber go round with four of the hottest sluts in all of porn.
Taylor and Victoria Gold are next in a scene from Seymore’s Squirters. With Seymore there to help, the girl cum flies, but unless you dig squirting, there really wasn’t much to this scene. (The tape was good though.)
A Seymore fave (and a Rog fave) Vanessa Chase came along for the ride in Seymore and Shane on Fire (A brilliant fucking gonzo movie). I think Seymore included this scene just so he can show off the fact that he got to fuck Vanessa when she was looking this damn good. He is naturally drawn to her spectacular ass and gives it some serious attention while he fingers and eats her pussy. When it comes to sucking cock, few women looked any better than Vanessa Chase. Given this fact, and my contention that Seymore shoots the best oral sex ever, what happens? We get two minutes and that’s it of Vanessa with dick in her mouth. (Bad form Mr. Butts, bad from indeed.) That’s all right, we do get Ms. Chase bent back, getting seriously drilled and that just about makes up for the rare blowjob foul. Oh yeah, and the facial fucking rules, so no worries here.
Seymore Butts Does Europe brought us a lot of hot Alisha Klass scenes, but perhaps the best thing in the tape was a three way between Tom Byron, Lea Stephenson and Wendy Knight. (Wendy, is one of those starlets who made my top twenty list and for those of you who haven’t seen her, this would be a GREAT place to start.) Lea is a felonious looking girl and Wendy is just drop dead gorgeous. Tom is throbbing hard in Wendy’s mouth which indicates to me that is a sane man with a pulse. Not that Lea is any slouch in the cocksucking department, but there is a clear winner here. Wendy is every bit as nasty as you could want her to be, fucking as well as she sucks, enjoying Tom’s cock in her pussy and Lea’s tongue up her ass. Lea takes a major dicking in her tight, hairy backdoor, riding Tom’s cock while Wendy fingers her puss. Don’t worry, Wendy’s butt get busted as well. (And don’t think I don’t notice how much a certain part of her anatomy looks a lot like Kaitlyn’s) She is so loud and out of control here you will swear she has no greater love on the planet than a big dock in her ass. (Girl next door who likes it in the ass, yeah, I think I can get off on THAT idea.) The facial is wonderful as Tom sprays spunk into the air and all over both faces. Wendy, the door is always open for you, come over any time.
No doubt, Seymore picked some great scenes for this best of compilation. The four on one fuck with Peter and the Texas girls is a classic. Vanessa Chase is always a star. The Wendy Knight three way is even better when I look at it now. The Taylor scene was just all right compared to the others, but watching her is always fun. I still don’t like the EP speed, but when you consider that’s my biggest problem with this tape, it ought to tell you a lot about the quality of the smut involved. Great for people who might have missed some of Seymore’s stuff over the last year or so. Also, for those of you who for some reason have not been listening for the past few years, this would be a great introduction to the world of Seymore Butts.

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