Gutter Mouths 7


78 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jim Powers
JM Productions – 1998 (5/98)
THEMES: Sluts, Anal Sex, Dirty Talk.
STARS: Zoe, Danielle Rogers, Randi Storm, Lennox, Buck Adams, Rick Masters, Brian Surewood, Dave Hardman, Jay Ashley, Chris Cannon and Randy Spears.

At first glance, I figured this would be another trip into the rather twisted mind of Jim Powers. While I sure it will be that, I was surprised to see Danielle Rogers in the cast list and pictured on the box. It’s been a long time since Danielle has been in a porn flick. She was always a bit of a priss in my book, but somehow I don’t think she’s going to get away with that in this video. (Ever read the boxes to these? They are pretty fucking hilarious. Unless of course, you are just too PC to get the joke, in which case you probably wouldn’t be watching this video, so get a clue Tipper.)
Blonde Zoe is a great hostess. Not only does she fetch chips for hubby Dave Hardman and buddy Brian Surewood, but she is also a “total slut” in bed. At least that’s what Dave says about his blushing bride. She agrees and to prove it, Dave orders her to suck his cock. Pretty simple eh? She opens her mouth and repeats every filthy line Dave can think up. Not only that, but Zoe gets Brian into the act, sucking both pricks to full mast in no time. I’m sure this is why he married her in the first place. What guy doesn’t look for a women who can fit his own cock and his buddy’s in her mouth at the same time? Zoe wants to do more than suck though, and soon has Dave eating her out to get that pussy wet enough for a round of fuck and suck. When that is not enough, Brian has to give her ass some cock as well. Even though this leaves her pussy gaping, without a cock, Zoe never does take a DP. Don’t worry though smut fans, she has a surprise ready for the cumshots. After having both guys pop in a glass, Zoe gulps down the jizz cocktail and hurries back to her duties keeping the guys filled with snacks. What a woman.
Randy Spears and his sales partner are burning the midnight oil. Things are going well below average until Danielle Rogers comes in and ask if anyone would mind if she sucked Randy’s dick. Yeah, there’s something to think about for like two seconds. Danielle looks better than I ever saw her look before and she seems to have picked up a few cocksucking pointers along the way as well. The talk filled blowjob is quite lengthy and a wonderful piece of smut. Randy turns his attention to Danielle’s shaved slit and this makes it even easier for her fill our ears with filthy chat. She is more than ready to fuck and spreads her legs wide to let Randy slide in nice and slow. Her pussy still looks nice and tight and we get lots of close up shots as he fucks her on the desk. What would a comeback be without a new twist? Danielle open her ass for the first time on camera. For a first time assfuck, this one is quite hot and is capped off when Danielle slides off the desk to take a shot on her face. Welcome back Danielle.
Randi Storm comes home with a guy from a bar and gets right down to action. No use in waiting when all you really want is to be fucked right? He gets her started with some four finger, near fisting that gets Randi good and ready. She attacks his cock with her mouth, swallowing it, spitting on it, jerking it and talking dirty to it like a woman possessed. She urges him on with constant chatter, ordering him to fuck her harder and faster. Her sexual performance, far outpaces her attractiveness, turning an otherwise average looking woman into quite the hot pornslut. She takes a hard buttfuck, screaming the whole way until at last, he blasts her face with “cock snot” (Now THERE is an original.)
Lennox is a horny girl who just needs cock. She doesn’t have to ask Rick Masters twice to take his meat out of shorts so that she can suck it. This exotic lady has a very talented mouth that excels in both cock sucking and dirty talking. She likes her pussy stuffed with cock just as much as her mouth and rides his lap like a rodeo champion. She loves to chant as she fucks, so if you like to hear a woman scream “fuck my nasty pussy, fuck my dirty cunt” over and over, you won’t need to do anything but loop this part of the tape forever. Right in the middle of her assfuck, Buck Adams comes barging in and scares Rick away. Whoever Buck is supposed to be, he just picks up where Rick left off, fucking her asshole as Lennox screams for more. When she can’t seem to get enough deep drilling, Buck flips her over into a Piledriver and delivers a monster boning. The cumshot mostly misses her face, but she just keeps right on craving cock.
All four scenes in this tape do in fact feature women talking dirty. Lennox is almost too much, Randi and Danielle are the best at it, but all of them provide a wonderful soundtrack to the depraved action. Danielle’s anal comeback is definitely something you should check out. Zoe is a nice mix of cute blonde and psycho slut. Randi is just pure, porn, slut and perhaps the best thing is this video. It’s hard, it’s loud and it’s good, very good in fact.

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