Moral Degeneration


132 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Robert Black
Elegant Angel – 1998 (1/98)
THEMES: Pseudo-Incest, Anal Sex, Facials.
STARS: Katie Gold, Tiffany Mynx, Jessica Darlin, Jacqueline Lick, Coral Sands, Bunny Bleu, Lexi Ericksson, Yman, Ember Haze, Terri Star, Van Damage, Dick Nasty, Rick Masters, Ron Jeremy, Mark Davis.
This would appear to be the final Rob Black movie released by Elegant Angel, and this time around, he visits a theme that Patrick Collins has shown us before, pseudo-incest. Sex between steps was the theme of two of Collins best films (Theory of Relativity and Everything is Not Relative.) and all six scenes in this star studded smut fest go down that same road. The cast for this one is nothing short of amazing, packed with porn legends, Rog faves and all around super sluts.
Katie Gold, looking felonious and hugging her teddy bear, is very sad. Her older step-brother, Van Damage is getting married. She will miss him and whines like someone just took away her lollipop. He reminds her of all the fun they have had and how he was the one to teach her how to suck dick and take her cherry. To quiet her despair, Van gives her one final fuck. (Yeah, like he’s going to be able to give up this ultra cute piece of ass.) He starts by sucking her shaved little box, getting it nice and juicy for his impending penile invasion. To get it even more ready, she kneels before him and starts swallowing sausage. The little white tank top and knee socks on Katie are pretty damn cute, but the way she sucks cock, no one can accuse her of being anything but a fully grown, mature hosebeast. Katie shows she is proficient at both deep throating his rod and sucking his asshole. What more could a guy want? How about a tight pussy as well? She has that attribute also and her snug lips grip his rod as Van mishes her sweet hole. The action gets much better looking when she gets up and starts riding his cock. With that petite frame and her athletic moves, Katie could win a gold in sexual gymnastics. The final test of un-sisterly love is for Katie to open her little butt for big bro. (The chick Van is supposed to be marrying had better be a major hottie for him to move out of the house.) Great close ups of the blonde being buggered, but the capper is an impressive blast fired into sexy Katie’s waiting mouth, leaving her glazed like a super cute donut.
Rick Masters is playing pool with Dick Nasty when Dick comes up with an idea. You see, his step-daughter has just turned eighteen and is hot to fuck. After he explains why fucking her isn’t really anything sick since she isn’t his REAL daughter (Justify much?) she comes prancing in. Teri Starr is a little reluctant to fucking them both at first, but some sweet taking from ‘daddy’ Dick and she drops to find out what keeps mommy so happy. It’s clear this is no first timer, Teri sucks both cocks like a pro and is soon staring down the double barrel of twin boners. Her pretty face bobs back and forth between the two guys until she just have to have one of them in her pussy. Rick and Dick keep Teri busy at both ends with hard cock and she handles them with ease, her body just begging for more while her mouth makes the sweet sounds of slutty lust. Rick gets replaced by a man in a leather mask because he can’t reach the pool table. (How is that for quick thinking?) Eventually, they find their way to Terri’s ass and find it so much to their liking that they DP the little harlot. There is a little too much of the digital effects I find so distracting, but still, smoking anal and DP footage. School’s out for Teri when her lovely face gets plastered with goo. Yeah baby!
Lexi Eriksson is a precocious thing with some explaining to do. Her adoptive parents, Ron Jeremy and Bunny Bleu, found a condom in the eighteen year old’s room. They are turned on by it and decide to give her a tumble. (After all, they aren’t REALLY her parents.) The potentially disturbing aspects of this scene are lost since Ron and Bunny are just funny to watch and Lexi is just such a PIECE OF ASS!!!! Seriously, she looks incredible and is more than ready for the two porn vets to violate her in every way possible. Bunny feeds Lexi her huge tits then slides in on top of her to let the blonde suck her thick pussy lips while Ron alternates between eating Lexi and letting Bunny curl her lips into that sexy cocksucking sneer she does like no one else can. Lexi shows that the old saying ‘Like Mother, Like Daughter’ stands even if there is no blood relation. She works on Ron’s cock like it’s a huge candy cane and looks just wonderful taking that rod in her pretty face. Both women take turns riding that big, hard shaft, with Bunny being the more enthusiastic and both of them looking like a wet dream come true. With their daughter such an accomplished slut, what can Bunny hope to teach her? How about how to take it in the ass? With such a slutty teacher, I think Lexi will be taking it in her ass in no time. A great facial closes this out as Ron hoses Bunny and still has enough left for Lexi. Way to go Hedgehog! Lexi, whenever you’re ready to test out those anal lessons, give me a call.
No set up for the next scene, just blonde Yman walking into a room and opening the jeans of some very lucky guy. In a movie filled with totally hot scenes, this one stands out for how ordinary and utterly forgettable it is. Very strange thing for Black to put right in the middle of such a great video.
Coral Sands brings the step-sibling theme back while helping her eighteen year old stepsister Ember Haze (Who knocks me out big time.) with her term paper. They make quite a stunning pair as the older, more experienced Coral shows her cute new playmate a few things about pleasing another woman. After seeing what Rob Black can do with g/g scenes (Cellar Dwellers 2) this one is rather tame in spite a pair of women who clearly love sucking each other’s pussies. Coral breaks out the silver vibes and goes to work on her tight little box, fucking it like she might if those fake cocks were real. Even this lesbian scene works in this video.
Elegant contract girl Jessica Darlin is up next, showing off her perfect bod in tight shorts and a little tanktop as she gets lessons from her tennis coach/stepfather. He has a raging woody for his new wife’s eighteen year old daughter and just can’t hide it any longer. She takes almost no convincing and immediately shows that she already knows her way around a hard cock. She even tongues Tom’s asshole for a while. Anyone still wondering why Jessica has become such a superstar? The only thing wrong with this scene, is the artsy effects that pretty much fuck up some of the best on screen sex you will ever want to see. Her anal is still spectacular, but I swear whoever decided to add all the effects should be taken out and shot. I’ll let someone else take care of that, however. I’m too busy watching Jessica go from RCA to an amazing spread eagle version of this position and lusting my heart out. To end this award quality fuck, Jessica takes a massive wad on her pretty face. In a cast full of hotties, Jessica stands out as perhaps the hottest of all.
The final scene stars two of my favorite women, Tiffany Mynx and Jacqueline Lick. They are sisters who have become related to Vince Voyeur through marriage. Since this makes them fair game in this little scenario, he decides to share them with buddy Mark Davis. (Never mind that the two chicks are sisters?) They start by making out in front of the guys and that is more than enough to get anyone’s motor running. Their little 69 show on the floor certainly had me ready to dive naked in between them. Even better is the side by side oral. No one sucks cock better than Tiffany, but Jackie sure gives her a good run as she works Mark’s rod over. We see Tiff’s ass as she rides Vince while Jackie goes reverse cowgirl to get her fill of English meat. Again, the great sex is over digitized, but you can’t hide heat like this, no matter how much stupid post production tricks you try. Tiffany’s RCA rivals Jessica’s and Jackie’s is right up there as well. The facials are spectacular and the cum swapping kiss must be seen to be believed. Killer scene from a couple of totally hotties.
I know the subject matter is a little on the odd side, but as explained over and over, none of these people are actual siblings. I don’t know if that makes it moral or not, but hey, who didn’t have some fantasies where Greg fucked the living shit out Marcia? The bottom line is that this movie rocks. I know it lacks some of the cutting edge stuff that won Black his top director award for ‘Miscreants’, but for just hot fucking and sucking, this one blows it away. Tiffany, Jessica, Lexi, Katie and Bunny all smoke up this tape. There is only one scene that didn’t really work for me and even the lesbian pairings hold my interest. Some overdone editing effects are the only thing that shows this movie down. Mark it down, this is Rob Black’s best work to date.

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