Hard To Swallow 2


81 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Rodney Moore
X-Traordinary Pictures – 1998 (6/98)
THEMES: Toe Sucking, Oral Sex, Facials, Older Women.
STARS: Stephanie Kane, Casey, Shea Roberts, Tangerine, Bobbi Bliss, Goggle Girl and Rodney Moore

The King of Cream is back, bringing his impressive tool along with him to hose down a host of new girls. I’ve read a lot of mail and newsgroup posts asking why Rodney seems to use some not quite model level women at times. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but in the half dozen or so tapes I have seen, the women have been fine looking. Besides, the appeal here is not just looking at pretty girls. You can do that in an Andrew Black or Paul Thomas flick. What we’re looking for here is a host of young faces plastered in goo, and I have yet to see Rodney disappoint on that level.
Bobbi Bliss has had a hard day. Her feet are tired and sore so she whines for Rodney to come rub them. Of course he has more in mind than just rubbing and soon has her toes in his mouth. That makes Bobbi quite horny and she starts rubbing her tits and fingering her pussy. She rewards his sucking with some of her own. As Bobbi takes his rod in her mouth, she starts drooling right away, providing an incredibly wet, highly skilled suckjob. If you don’t like a lot of noise and drool, better turn your head and plug your ears because Bobbi is quite vocal and her chin is a mess long before Rodney’s ready to unload his sack. I have to admit, I was rather impressed by her ability to swallow pretty much the whole damn thing. That alone makes it worth watching, but the big, gooey facial just caps things off so nicely, how can anyone resist?
Sandra Lush is very shy so she wears goggles for her scene. OK, I can appreciate the kink value of this scene, but I’m just not into the whole goggle thing. She spreads for him and shows off her VERY hairy pussy. Again, not my thing. I have a bad feeling I am not going to dig this scene very much. I wasn’t wrong. Sandra does a find job sucking, but covering her face really does take away the fun of an oral scene for me. It’s a short scene that might appeal to some of you, but it leaves me cold in spite a pretty massive facial.
Tangerine is spending a nice relaxing day swimming in Rodney’s pool. To repay him for being so nice, she gets down on her knees and starts sucking. This sexy young thing is even up to the task when Rodney wants to fuck her face for a bit. The cumshot comes a bit quickly, as I would have loved to enjoy Tangerine’s face a bit more, but who can argue with this cutie covered in jizz?
Rodney is out for a night on the town and is kind enough to loan Casey a few bucks for a coffee. When she comes back asking for three bills to buy a winter coat, Rodney agrees, only if she agrees to give him a massage in return. This busty older woman goes to work on his cock like a real pro. She’s not that great to look at, but sucks cock with some enthusiasm and more than her share of skill. Rodney gives her a real oral workout, even making her beg for a long time to suck his cock. Just not my kind of girl.
Stephanie can’t get the save open in her hotel room and calls maintenance man Daniel to come in and help her. The problem is, her sex toy is in there and she needs some dick. She can’t go to bed without sucking on her dildo. What choice does he have, but to provide a substitute for her to suck on? Steph is all right looking. A bit chunky around the thighs, but Daniel seems to love her solid lip loving. Once hard, he stands up and fucks her face with his curved cock, bouncing his balls on her chin. For her nightcap, Stephanie gets a face full of jizz and drifts off to sleep with his spunk drying on her cheeks.
Shay Roberts is eager to get a T shirt from Rodney. So eager in fact that she is willing to give a blowjob just to get one. This girl is plenty cute and knows how to take his long cock in your sweet, young mouth. Rodney decides to give her pussy a try as well, filling darling Shay with plenty of dong. Back to the mouth it goes for a big wad between the lips as Shay earns her shirt.
Of the half dozen suckers in this tape, at least three of them are very nice to look at. Shay, Tangerine and Bobbi are the cream of the crop by far. The POV oral is, as always, is top notch. Facials galore and even some impressive deep throat action. I didn’t care for the goggle scene and Casey left me cold. Otherwise, all the girls are either nice to look at, better than average cocksuckers, or in three cases, both. Another solid effort from Rodney, perfect for everyone who likes watching women hot cocksucking and sticky facials.


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