Holiday For Angels



100 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Richard Mailer
Intropics Video
STARS: Stacy Donovan, Jessica Wylde, Angel, Nina Hartley, Keisha, Tonya Foxx, Harry Reems, Randy West, Mike Horner.
Sometimes I just luck into a video to review. I have this pile of new titles to be done this month, but here I am about to review a movie a decade and half old. And one I haven’t seen at that. I was just picking up the new Playboy while at a show this weekend and happened to look into the box of vids the guy was selling. I saw “Angels” written in the way Intropics used to write Angel’s name and I picked it up. On the cover is Stacy Donovan, flashing that million dollar smile and I figured why not run home and pop this one into the VCR. Besides, it had Randy West in an elf suit. That had to be worth at least a laugh and Stacy, Angel and Nicole West should be able to make it something strokeable.
Randy is the head elf and he is in a bind. Santa is on a warpath and they need extra help. Stacy Donovan and Jessica Wylde are flown in to help out. They don’t believe a word of it, but play along. The new Santa’s workshop is set up with a special program that monitors everyone to determine whether they are naughty or nice. This is the convenient plot device that allows the two to sit and watch sex scenes from other videos. While not totally a compilation video, this is what I used to call a wrap-around, where only the dialog and maybe a single scene is new. First, they see a thin brunette in a French Maid uniform who is brought in by Shone Taylor to service Marc Wallice and Tom Byron. I know I’ve seen this video, but can’t remember the name. (Old age man.) Shone joins them and the little maid soon has more cocks than she can handle. Well, more than most women could handle. This girl sucks them all hard in no time and moves right to a DP while still sucking cock. While not all that good looking, this woman takes two dicks with no problem. Interesting scene from back before anal and DP were the order of the day.
The women just don’t believe the whole elf thing and it takes a little bit more convincing. While Randy the elf takes care of some business, the girls watch as Mike Horner and a young Nina Hartley share a three way with some other woman. They start out using some love lotions and eventually just drop that whole idea in favor of some hot three way fucking. Everyone always says how great Nina still looks, (Which is mostly true) but we sometimes forget that back then, she was one very hot young blonde. Sadly, she just sits this one out, playing with her pussy while other woman gets all the dick. Pretty dull scene actually.
When Randy comes back, he is in his elf uniform and yeah, it’s worth a good laugh. The next scene they watch is between Harry Reems and the always incredible Angel. (From Angel’s Revenge I believe.) She is laying it on thick, flattering him as she strips down. My God, what a near perfect woman, hot body (a tad thin, IF I had to pick a flaw) and a face as pretty as any in porn, ever. She gets right down and starts sucking his cock and looks like a wet dream come true doing it. She is supposed to be a lesbian whom he has charmed into bed, so he’s doing an awful lot of talking, but everyone will be watching Angel get fucked. He even manages to finger her asshole a bit, which is rare indeed. He holds her down and tries to fuck the lesbian right out of her. (Fuck the lesbian out of her, come on, she’s not nearly bovine enough to fit a WHOLE lesbian in her.) Angel does more dirty talk in this scene than I have ever seen her do and takes are harder fucking as well. The problem of course, is that while she begs for a facial, all we get is Harry doing that bad heart attack thing when he does his shot. (Overact much?)
An orgy scene comes next, that is highlighted by Heather Wayne giving R Bolla a tremendous handjob while some other guy sucks her pussy. Since there is a whole room of people, the action is too spread out for my taste, but Heather is worth a look. Stacy Donovan is in the mix, being doggied by Herschel Savage and Nicole West gets a really nice facial as Gina Valentino gets screwed silly.
Jessica notices that her partner is one of the girls on screen and starts grilling her about it. Things are heating up between them, but it’s time for another scene. This time, Eric Edwards is getting his cock sucked by 80’s super slut, Tanya Foxx. OK, so the nose is too big and the hair is piled way to high, this woman was such a dick hungry slut, she always had great appeal to me. Her scene gets switched to one with Frank James and Kesiha. Though at her heaviest in this period, Keisha still has that sexy spark and huge rack that make her so popular still. She handles Frank’s big cock with ease, sucking it deep and rubbing it between her awesome tits. As she peels off her shorts and gets on her hands and knees, you can see the extra pounds, but she is just so damn sexy. Back to Tanya we go, she still has Eric in her mouth and her hand playing with her clit. He gets hard finally and start slamming into from behind, taking her wide hips and making her round ass shake like mad with each stroke. Too bad the action is split up because both scenes are pretty hot. Keisha being fucked doggy and having her hair pulled while her huge tits slap together is brilliant stuff. Tit lovers will also love the mish with her tits looking like Jell-O on the San Andreas and even the tit fucking that takes place. Tonya’s tits don’t get fucked, but her tight little ass does. How often do you hear a woman yell for dick in her ass harder and actually think she means it? Tonya gets it on the ass and Keisha jerks a load onto her bush to close out the second best sexual action in the tape.
The action on the screen is too much for the new helpers and Jessica has her face buried between Stacy’s skinny thighs. Knowing this girl was on the covers of teen magazines back then is somehow quite the turn on, and she really is a fresh faced, cutie. Jessica enjoys a Stacy snack until Randy comes back and interrupts them. No fear, after a little dorky elf dancing, Randy gets in between the two girls and gets his jingle bells rung. Stacy, who was not always entirely into her work, sure came with her game face on for this one. She fights Jessica for sucking position and swallows Randy repeatedly. (That little smacking herself in the lips is a nice touch I think.) With Jessica riding face, Stacy sucks for a long time before finally getting up and fucking Randy. Again, this is as active and enthusiastic as you will ever see the beautiful blonde, she actually moves on his dick, moves on it like she likes guys even. Randy switches them around and fucks Jess from behind while she munches again on Stacy’s muffin. It doesn’t take him long in this position to fire a load onto her ass, finishing the scene and the movie.
Though only one scene from this movie is original, the choice in comp scenes isn’t too bad. Things get off to a very slow start, but when Angel comes in half way through the movie, everything is fine. Her scene alone is worth this video. (Unless you already have the movie it was pulled from, which most of you should.) Tanya Foxx and Keisha have their scenes combined, but both are really well shot and fucking hot. Stacy, Jessica and Randy do a nice three way, highlighted by some of the most enthusiastic fucking of her career. Those three scenes are great, and Randy in the elf suit is worth a laugh. Just skip the first half and enjoy the second, twice.

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  1. Larry says:

    Roger, you are my favorite reviewer. If you say the movie is worth I know it is good. I enjoy watching movies with my wife but our tastes are different. I like some kink and she wants something more romantic and we both want a plot. If you have any suggestions please let me know. One of our favorite movie is Every Woman Has a Fantasy 1.Keep up the good work!

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