Sugardaddy 14


DIRECTOR: Dave Cummings
Fallen Angel
THEMES: Older men with younger women.
STARS: Pandora, Randee Lee, Christann (Candy Hill), Sindy Louder, Miranda, Janis Jones, Alexandra Nice, Morgan Navaro.
Gentleman Dave Cummings just keeps plugging along, turning out hot wall to wall sex vids. He has a knack for giving us good scenes, sometimes with less than stunning talent and when he gets his mitts on a real hottie look out. Two of the women in this volume, Alexandra Nice and Christann (Candy Hill) have established themselves as stars on the rise. A couple of the others have shown some potential as well (Mostly in other Sugar Daddy vids) which should make this one fun to watch.
As Dave sits reading, he spies Christann walking nearby. The sight of this dirty blonde in her too short mini-skirt has his mind racing to sexual fantasies faster than you can say “dirty old man.” In his mind, she is naked and talking dirty while exploring her body with a long dildo. Before long, Dave takes over, double fucking her with both ends of the pink prick and fucking her pussy at the same time. (Now there is a woman who would be mighty popular at parties.) There is something different in this scene in terms of editing. Dave usually goes for the straight forward approach, but this time he varies it a bit. Instead of cuts or even dissolves to transition, Dave cuts back to more shots of Candy in her dress. This is a nice touch and solidifies the idea that this is a fantasy scene. His fantasy takes him to the bedroom where Christann briefly sucks his cock. (Too briefly for my taste for sure.) This is a interestingly paced scene, with anal at the start and some vaginal after that, then more anal. No matter what Dave sticks his cock, it’s clear that this somewhat older woman is a super hot fuck. She’s got a great body and Dave does a really nice job of showing that off in the multi-position fuck that ends with a nice facial. Great fantasy indeed, but who is actually having said fantasy. (You’ll have to read the sub-title for the punch line, clever.)
Proving that he is a topical guy, Dave’s next scene has Randee Lee enter the office of her Commander In Chief, drop to her knees and do the Lewinski faster than you can say perjury. OK, so it’s not the first video to use the President/Intern setup, but hey, if it keeps working, keep going to the well. Besides, Dave looks more like a potential President than anyone I can think of in porn. With the setup finished, the scene falls onto the shoulders of Lee, who is not great looking, but an eager and somewhat energetic fuck. Dave once again shows he can fuck as well as guys half his age. He pounds Randee quite hard from behind for a long while. After dropping his load on her ass Dave gets off a few more shots at a certain public figure. Nice scene.
A reporter from “Head First” magazine, Wayne Wood is on set to cover the scene between Dave and Pandora. When he asks how Dave makes sure he gets wood, Pandora shows him the tricks of the trade. Some trick, she sucks his dick, he gets hard, pretty simple. (Though you might want to not try this at home. These are trained professionals.) To show just who skilled she is, Pandora invites the journalist to join in on the fun. The busty blonde has more than enough game to take on both guys. In fact, she works a load out pretty quickly with her mouth. Talk about sucking up to the press, I’d say letting Wayne piledrive the talent is a good way to assure at least one magazine raves over this scene. (Hats off to Wayne for doing writers everywhere proud by blasting her belly with a good sized shot.)
Dave shows us that even porn studs have wishes. While talking on the phone, he verbalizes his desire to have Miranda there with him and viola, there she is, full lips wrapped tightly around his meat, sucking away. This is one of those quickie scenes, but has some nice cocksucking, tit fucking and blast of semen on her huge, all real, hooters. Morgan Navaro is also along for a preview scene and she screams like nobody’s business. Holy shit, this is one loud lady. The scene serves it’s purpose, making me want to see more of this highly vocal vixen. (The facial wasn’t so bad either.)
Sindy Louder is a horny girl who just won’t let Dave rest. She is determined to get cum out of him no matter what. You know, Sindy looks as much like Drew Berrymore as she does Cindy Lauper. Either way, she gives nice head and soon has Dave deep in her eager mouth. Once she gets him hard, Sindy spreads her legs for some hard mish fucking, but that doesn’t quench her lust for cum. For that, Dave must actually feed the smiling blonde every last drop.
Janis Jones, who still looks a little like a certain (Slimmed down) White House intern, is so tempting as she tires on T shirts, that Dave throws her on the bed and starts chowing down. I have to say Janis does have a tasty looking taco. Dave’s dedicated oral efforts win him a much deserved blowjob from the young brunette. I won’t say Janis is a raving beauty, but the girl has obvious spent some time curled up in the front seat of cars. Sucking dick seems to suit her just fine. She’s a sturdy woman, so Dave can really tee off and slam his rod into her. Janis not only takes her pounding, but fucks him right back. After a long, high energy reverse piledriver, Dave finally drops his wad on Janis’ tits.
The final scene stars the most attractive woman of the tape, Alexandra Nice. This Euro-babe is a dynamic fuck and quite sexy, if very thin. Dave has worked with her before, so this is a reunion of sorts and it’s easy to see why he has that huge grin on his face as he undresses this leggy lovely. No doubt Dave saved the best for last. She squats right down and starts sucking his dick like it’s the tastiest thing she’s ever had her lips around. Personally, I would watch her suck dick all day, but I can see why Dave was in a hurry to taste that tight slit. I don’t know about you guys, but I dig it when women talk dirty in their native language. I may not be able to understand them, but it sure sounds great. Alexandra just loves being fucked from behind, above, below. It really doesn’t seem to matter as long as she gets her share of hard cock. Dave even gets to fuck her in the ass for a bit before he pulls out and shoots all over her nipple.
Once again Dave Cummings delivers what we expect from the Sugardaddy series, horny, young women, fucked by an equally horny guy. Christann has perhaps the best scene. In addition to the very hot sex, I enjoyed the change of pace in the editing and the fantasy aspect. Alexandra Nice was more naughty than nice in her scene, but that just makes it better for us. Janis Jones is quite the hot little number as well. The rest of the cast all give fine performances sexually, even when they are just average looking women. Once again, Dave shows his knack for getting the best out of every performer.

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