World Sex Tour 18




140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander


THEMES: Euro Babes, Real Boobs

CONDOMS: Some Noted


STARS: Laura, Andrea, Jeane, Jennifer, Marina, Olivia.


Traveling the world with the Anabolic team is always fun. No matter where they stop, hot females waiting to be filled with hard cock, flock to the team and give it up, no questions asked. This time, the destination is Prague and anyone who watched porn in the 90’s knows that tons of totally hot babes come from that part of the world. (Something in the water maybe?) Vince Vouyer and Mark Davis get to handle the action in volume 18 and as always, they get right to it.

Laura has jet black hair, full lips and a nice smile. She’s also got a cock in each hand as Mark asks her a few questions. Mark puts his cock in her mouth while Vince fucks her from behind. Nice shots of this lovely lady and her sweet looking pussy. Every once in a while she looks back approvingly at Vince, but mostly, she just concentrates on that big cock in her mouth. In record time, this Czech tart is opening up her ass, prepping her pretty pooper for something very special. After a long, hard DP, pretty Laura seems ready to collapse from lust as she is drenched by twin jizz jets. Lots of post shot play, letting us enjoy this lovely lady and her sperm covered smile.

Vince keeps twenty year old blonde Andrea to himself. As he asks her translator a few questions, she’s already stroking his cock. Their communications may not be that great, but this slightly round babe has some great tits and knows her way around a cock. They move too quickly from oral to regular sex as she starts riding Vince’s rod. Nice shots of dangling boobs as he takes her from behind. Andrea seems a bit canned in her responses, but she could just be nervous. Vince seems to think that this isn’t her first time taking a cock up her ass. Perhaps that’s due to the fact that she takes him so easily. She also takes a load on her face like she’s done it a few times before.

Jeane is a really, really girl with an incredible body. They talk to her for a bit too long since this girl has nothing at all to say, but you could do worse than just staring at her incredible face. She does a decent job sucking two cocks, but does lack a bit of enthusiasm. They keep her busy with one cock in her mouth and another in her pretty pussy. I want to know who the cutie is who watches the whole scene. She deserves a good fuck as well. From head to toe Jeane is just perfection. That skin, those legs, those tits, that face, who wouldn’t want to just fuck the hell out of this beauty? She ends up wearing cum on her pretty face, making me wish I had been there to help out.

Jennifer is twenty three years old and says she is making her very first movie. For someone with limited English skills, she sure does have to answer a lot of questions. When they stop talking to her, Jennifer shows that she has a very talented mouth and a face that looks fantastic stuffed with cock. This woman is the hottest so far in the video, taking cock like she really love it. What a total slut and what a totally perfect porn babe. With a cock at both ends, Jennifer seems all wound up and ready to milk both cocks dry as a bone. They give her ass a test and find it receptive as well. Soon, Vince and Mark are giving pretty Jen a very hard DP and she just loves every pulsing inch. After all this, she turns her face upward and jerks a pair of loads onto that cover girl face.

Marina is a really cute girl who seems to speak not a word of English. Things pick up quickly as soon as she gets her eyes on Davis’ big cock. He moves down between her thighs while Marina sucks Vince for a while. She eventually has to let his cock go when Mark’s mouth brings her over the edge. There is no hesitation in this strawberry blonde as the guys now shove a prick into her pussy and keep her mouth full. If attitude and enthusiasm count for anything, then Marina has to be one of the best finds in this video. Great shots of her riding reverse cowgirl, stroking a cock while another pounds up into her from below. You know that her ass will be in play eventually, and Davis is careful to take the first few strokes slowly before building up to full ramming speed. When Davis lies on his back, Vince gets to do the anal on her DP and he doesn’t hold back at all, fucking Marina for all she’s worth. When Davis fires his load on her face, Vince pulls his jizz filled condom out and watches as Marina empties the thing, playing with cum like a total slut. Just the sort of babe we all love to watch play.

Olivia is another raven haired hottie with a fantastic pair of legs and great eyes. The guys start her off with a dick to suck and one to fuck. You know, this formula is getting a little familiar in this movie. I like it better when at least a couple of the scenes have a different make up. This one ends up looking a lot like the others, but when you have someone as great looking as Olivia, it’s hard to really complain. When she’s riding dick, the huge smile on her face is totally appealing. I love the mish shot, when she pulls her incredible legs back to give Mark better access and us a better view. When she takes them both in her mouth and starts working on a great double blowjob, it looks like a facial is coming, but Olivia has something more in store. She gets back on her hands and knees for some digital probing of her tighter than tight asshole. It doesn’t look like there is any way a big cock will fit in that hole, but this babe manages just fine. That done, she even gives DP a try and shows once again that these Czech chicks know how to take it and love it. That’s a lot of dick for one babe to take, but Olivia manages with a big, lusty smile on her beautiful face. Finally, that face gets the cumbath that it was made for. As cum drips from her chin and fingers, Olivia keeps stroking, sucking an even converses with the camera guy.

What can I say, this one is pretty much wall to wall hotties getting the shit fucked out of them. What could be wrong with that? Now, there were some condoms and I know that for a lot of viewers, this ruins it. Luckily, they don’t make a difference for me so it was all perfectly fine. This is one of the prettiest collections of Euro-babes ever in the WST series and that’s saying a lot. Olivia is my personal fave, but not by much. You can take your pick in this bunch and not find a bad looking, lame fuck in the lot.

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