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April 2000

Before we go into your career, you have a new web site, right?

Yes, there are a couple of different URLs but the easiest one is

What is on the site?

They aren’t about me first of all. This isn’t my ego thinking people will
come to see me. It’s the girls from my videos, behind the scenes pictures
and gallery shots. Half the section is free and half of it is a pay section.
There are videos, hats, t shirts and a talent search page that I think is pretty neat. It’s going to grow all the time so there will be new
departments added.

Are you doing this all yourself?

No, I have a web designer and a web host. They are two guys I have worked with for a while and they are great. I walk them through what I want on the phone and it goes up.

So everyone can take a look at the sites. Let’s start a little bit on your
career as a performer. Where were you born?


Did you grow up there?

Oh yea.

When did you come out to California?

I came out here in 89.

To do what?

I was a fork lift mechanic for four years. At night I was a

Is that what led you into the porn business?

Yeah, there are a lot of porn chicks in the exotic dance business, so I met a lot people from porn.

Who brought you in?

Alicia Rio. I didn’t know she was a porn star. I watched porn, but I
didn’t know who everyone was. We started talking one day and I found out what she did. I asked if there was good money in it for a guy. She said there was if you did well. I wasn’t even sure what she meant by that. She said “If you can get your dick hard, you will be fine.” She put me in touch with another girl named Tricia Yen who referred me to a company named Torch Productions, a couple of really nice guys who had an amateur company. They were hesitant at first, and I understand that now because I am always hesitant when I direct new guys. I told them to let me try, if I did it, they could pay me a hundred bucks, if
I couldn’t do it, I’d walk away. They couldn’t lose either way. Of course,
they put me with this really ugly chick, but I got the job done. The scene
went fine, I came four times. I had taken a week off from sex in my personal life because I didn’t know what to expect.

You knew when that first one was over that you wanted to do more?

I knew that I wasn’t frightened off by it. I started getting some phone
calls and sent out some photos and resumes to get more work.

When was this?

I did my first scene in March 13th of 1994.

Any idea how many movies you’ve done?

A lot. It has to be over a thousand now.

When you came into the business, you had really long hair.

When I was a stripper, it made me a lot of money. Then when I started
working, I realized what a pain in the ass it was. I just said screw it and
cut it all off.

Of the thousand or so movies you’ve been in, does anything stand out as a
great performance either as a performer or an actor?

Well, let’s talk about my acting. (He laughs)

You have done some acting, we could talk about that.

The most fun I’ve ever had in an acting part was “Mobster’s Wife.”
That was a complete kick. Everybody was over the top for a reason. It was meant to be a goof on a goof. A lot of reviewers didn’t seem to get that. We weren’t trying to be serious, we were goofing around because that’s what the script called for. The cast was fantastic, Alexandra
Silk, Tony Tedeschi, all the right people. However, I smoked cigars, which was right for the character but didn’t work out for me. After about three days of smoking cigars, I could barely swallow. It fucked my throat up so bad. Halfway through the movie I had to find a way to stop smoking them without ruining what I had established, so I just kept pretending I couldn’t find my lighter. I had to do that just to be able to finish the movie.

Do you still do feature work?

I took about a year and a half off from the dialog stuff. All of 97 and half of 98 I was doing back to back to back features. I just got so burned out on it.

Do you prefer the big budget things or are you just as happy to show up,
fuck and go home?

It’s fun to actually make the features if it’s on film. They have to take
their time and try to make it watchable. With video it’s much more difficult to act. You are so limited with what you can do. You can only move in small areas. With film, you can be animated.

Are there any feature directors that you think are exceptional?

Paul Thomas is a great director to work for because he respects you enough to listen to your ideas. Most directors are too closed to allow input. I did “Conquest” for Greg Steel and he’s a really good director, but he has since left the business.

He’s a father now?

He is?

Yes. Julie had a baby in October.

Well, tell him hello and congratulations. That movie was fun. It’s probably the only time I will ever have my own trailer for a movie. I felt like a big shot for about a week.

OK, that covers your acting roles, but what the readers really want to know about is….

Banging the chicks.


You’re focused, I  like that about you. Fuck the myth of being actors.

You can act though, it’s just not what you’re famous for.

It’s fun, I like it, but it’s not why we’re here.

You get your dick sucked by beautiful women and get paid for it.

Damn straight.

So tell us, who stands out?

To be totally honest with you, the European trips I go on are where it’s at. When people ask me who my favorite girls to work with is, I always say the one I haven’t worked with yet. There is no greater aphrodisiac in the world than new pussy. So to pick one would be hard.

But you prefer the European women?

I have more bad scenes with American chicks than I can possibly think of having with European chicks.

Do you watch your own scenes?

Never. The only time I will watch a movie is when it’s a big feature with a lot of acting. I want to see how that came out. I watched “Mobster’s Wife” all the way through. I’m the opposite of most people, I fast forward through the sex.


I don’t want to see my friends fuck. I watch it for the dialog. There is
some funny shit in these movies and I’m always curious about how the editor handles the movie was well.

When did you start directing?

I started directing for Odyssey Group Video in 96.

What was the first thing you directed?

Tampa Heat. What a mess that was. I came in with ten tapes of raw footage but somehow we made it work. I learned a lot from that.

What was the biggest challenge in jumping behind the camera?

Learning everything. I got on a plane to Tampa, turned on the camera,
without even knowing how to white balance and started rolling. Luckily I came back with a product.

You had an assistant in Tampa Heat if I recall.

That was the whole concept of the series. I wanted a partner in crime,
someone who would eventually get into the action. Shawn was a good
candidate, but she had a boyfriend who came onto the scene. He didn’t want her doing this and he won out. I tried a couple of other girls, but it just didn’t work. I said screw it and dropped the idea.

How many movies was Shawn in?

She was in Tampa Heat and LA Meat.

How did you come to direct for Anabolic and Diabolic?

Greg approached me while I was doing the Fresh Flesh line in January of 1998.

How many have you done here?

About eighteen between Anabolic and Diabolic.

What lines are you directing now?

Lewd Conduct and 2 On 1 for Diabolic. Initiations and Nice Rack for

You’re doing four lines currently?

Yeah and I want more. I have lots of ideas.

What makes each series different from the others?

Lewd Conduct is wall to wall sex, with nothing in particular. It’s just good looking chicks getting fucked. It usually consists of two or three anal scenes, maybe a DP thrown in. That’s not a pin pointed series. There is no bull shit in there, just sex. 2 On 1 is typically two guys on one girl. I have been trying to change it up by putting two girls on one guy every once in a while. That line is mostly shot in Europe. Nice Rack is my favorite because I love big natural tits. That’s mostly shot in Europe, but number 4 is all US girls.

You found enough US girls with real tits to shoot a whole movie?

It took six months, but we got it in.

Is that the only line on the market that is one hundred percent implant

All of my movies are, I don’t know about anyone else. I am not going to
change that. The fans notice that and I won’t be putting in fake tits.

And Initiations?

That is basically girls who want to come work for us, and we put them through their initiations. We like to blindfold them so they can’t see who they are going to work with. Then we decide if they passed or not. We want fan input on that line as well.

Which series has had the most positive fan feedback?

I would say Nice Rack and Initiations.

Initiations is kind of a departure from your usual formula.

I wanted to do some things with this series. My whole concept was to bring in some of the candid things I did at Odyssey. Fans like that. Everything else I do here is very simple and I wanted to try something new. It’s a little different, but it still contains all of the nasty sex that Anabolic and Diabolic fans expect.

Do you want to do feature movies or are you happy with what you’re doing?

I want to keep doing what I’m doing. I have no interest in directing
features. I will still do some acting from time to time, but mostly in
comedies. I would like to do some Playboy stuff down the road. I like
softcore stuff.

Do you get a lot of fan mail from women?

A lot of email, yeah.

I bring that up because you are only the second male performer I have ever
interviewed and you are by far the most requested interview from female

Really, you should have told me that earlier.

I’m telling you that now.

You’re not going to ask me to take my top off now are you?

I’m going to pass on that part. Does most of you fan mail come from women?

No, most of it is from guys, about the movies. Thanks to the internet, I am getting some more stuff from women.

Are you recognized?

Quite often.

Is that usually a pretty comfortable situation?

Usually. Some people will be with a certain person in their lives so they
can’t say anything. I pick up on that a lot. For some reason, black guys
recognize me everywhere I go.

Anabolic and Diabolic are no-condom companies, you have also worked for
companies who use condoms. Does it matter to you one way or another?

It depends on the situation. If you’re working with a girl who you really
want to work with, a condom isn’t an issue. But if she’s not quite what
turns you on, you need to get your head in gear. In that case, it’s very
difficult to work with a condom.

Do you think the industry is doing enough to keep everyone safe?

Absolutely. We have extensive testing. If we didn’t, I wouldn’t be doing

Does it worry you when new cases come up?

It concerns me, but it doesn’t worry me. I am out of the loop more now. I used to work twenty plus days a month, with a lot of different girls. Now, I work maybe six or seven days so I’m not as exposed as I used to be. To be perfectly honest with you, there are different levels of talent in this industry. A, B and C level people. Fortunately for me, I’m on the A list. I get to work with top girls, I can say no when I want to. Every time a case arises, it’s from brand new people or someone from the bottom of that talent list. I’m not usually in contact with any of those people, so I am very isolated.

Some male talent are using Viagra and other performance enhancing drugs.

I will not hire any guy who uses it. For me, the day I have to use it to get
through a scene, I will retire. I will not become an eyesore to the
industry. I will not be Ron Jeremy and be hated by thousands. He thinks he is loved by millions, but we see him as a pain in the ass. He should not be taking his clothes off. Sorry Ronny, but someone has to tell you. There are a few guys in the business who should be retired. They know who they are. If they had any self esteem, they would quit.

When you’re casting male talent, do you use the same guys?

I like using Eric Everhard. I met him a year ago, he’s been on several trips with me, he is bulletproof, he listens, he always delivers. I use him all the time. Mark Davis I use a lot, Lexington. We all use the same guys here because they can all do the same job. When I am in a scene, I always use Mike John as my camera guy because he knows what I want. I can enjoy the scene and focus on my job as talent.

Do you do your own editing or assist in it at all?

I advise my editor and work with him.

So if there is a problem with one of your movies, it all comes back to you?

Yeah. That’s the way I want it.

If you could pick one title to show someone who has never seen your movies, which one would it be?

Lewd Conduct 1 has a lot of pretty girls. If they aren’t specific as to what they like, I would throw that one at them.

Do you read the reviews of your work?

I do. I only read so many though. I don’t read anything from AVN. I don’t care what they say because they don’t give us an honest review. Even if they give us a good review, I don’t care. I read your reviews. You’re always honest and you watch the movies. I can tell you watch the movies because you’re so thorough. Most people watch five minutes and don’t bother to finish.

You mentioned something at CES about some reviews from Jaded Video. Did you want to touch on that?

You mean GAY-ded Video? Fuck them, the little handicapped bastard. I want you to print this, OK? I can understand why he hates me so much because he’s a little handicapped and probably had a rough life. Now if I met him on a different basis than this, I would have some pity for the guy, send him some free tapes to cheer him up, but no. He’s an asshole. He has decided to pick apart me and Mark Davis. Mark and I are good friends, but sorry, we’re not gay. I know that’s what he wants because he’s probably gay himself. He’s an idiot and I have nothing good to say about him. He needs to just stay away from me.

I’m totally unfamiliar with this situation, what is going on?

He is just reviewing a movie and every time my name or Mark’s comes up, he throws in a dig. Like I’m probably looking at Mark Davis while I’m fucking or some shit like that. At first, I thought it was a joke, but he keeps it up. He’s got a gay obsession. He’s made that Mark and I aren’t gay like him. You handicapped little fag.

Do you watch enough product to have an opinion as to who does good stuff.

I don’t watch other people’s stuff at all, but I can tell you based on who I have worked for. John Leslie shoots good stuff. Mike John shoots great stuff. If he didn’t, I wouldn’t use him on my movies.

Are they are people you think do really bad movies?

The creator of Pick Up Lines, Tom Stone, does crap. I used to be in his
stuff and I’ve popped in some of their tapes. It’s unbelievably bad, not
focused at all. There is a lot of crap out there.

Why did you choose to work for Anabolic/Diabolic?

They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. It was a good business deal. I want to make money, but I care about what I make. They know that if I put my name on something, I will stand behind it. I’m not just going to take a budget and cut corners. We’ve been friends for a while and when they saw what I was doing with Odyssey they decided to give me a shot.

The whole team here seems very tight.

We are very tight actually. A lot of people have tried to get in with us and it’s funny. I don’t look at it as any elite group, but when you see people trying to get in, it’s amusing.

A year and a half ago, you were involved in an incident overseas.

Ah yes.

You got stabbed.

Several times.

What, you fell on a knife repeatedly?

I think the latest rumor is that I was on a set fucking this girl when her
jealous boyfriend ran in and stabbed me in the back.

That’s not true?

It’s not even close.

Mind if we set the record straight?

Not at all, I’ll give you the exclusive story.

Where were you?

I was in Budapest, Hungary in a bad area. It was my very first trip there. We were shooting a World Sex Tour movie for Chris. Greg and I went out one night. We ended up nailed by a scam. The taxi driver sees a tourist, he says he’ll take you to a great club. You get there, they try to
over bill you for drinks. The bill should have been like twenty bucks, I
ended up paying three hundred. I had to pay them to get out of there because we’re surrounded about ten very large guys. Luckily I had enough money to get us out. We’re walking down the street to get a taxi and this guy just grabs me. I was already buzzed and pissed off from having just been ripped off. I just went nuts on the guy. He realized he had a fight on his hands and took off running. I ran after him and dropped kicked him from behind. I started punching the shit out of his face. Greg didn’t have to get involved, so he was just standing there
watching. Then the knife came out. Greg saw it, but I never saw the knife come out. The guy had a long sweater on so when he stood up the sleeves covered his hands. Greg walks up, grabs me and throws me off of him. I think he kicked him in the face, but the guy still got up. Greg’s convinced he was on something because the guy just wasn’t budging. He gets up and Greg yells that he’s got a knife. I start looking for a trashcan, anything to get the knife out of his hand. There was nothing around, so we took off running. The next thing you know, we’re being chased by a car. There were a lot of one-way streets, so we were able to use that to our benefit, but then we made a wrong move. We decided to backtrack to where we were because it was well lit. They came around the corner. By that time, I was out of breath from fighting and I running. I saw three dudes getting out of the car, I jumped on the ground, pulled my jacket over me and took a beating. In the
meantime I was getting stabbed. I didn’t know this because I never saw
anything. They got me in the back. One of them must have kicked me in the head because I got knocked out at that point. I woke up on a stretcher.

Where was Greg when this was happening?

Before I went down, I yelled to Greg for help. He was ahead of me and came back. The guy with the knife took a swing at him, but missed. Greg connected on one of the guys in the jaw and knocked him out. That scared off his friends. They had to get him into the car, but in the meantime, the guy with the knife stabbed Greg in the leg and in the chest. I got four in the back. I’ve got pictures and the actual newspaper clippings. I’ll probably put them on the web site.

That’s pretty scary.

Yeah, we were pretty close to dying over there. It was my first trip there
and the funny thing was, I was dying to go there forever. Look what
happened. That happened September 7th 1998 and I went back a few months later.

So it wasn’t a jealous boyfriend at all.

It was just a random mugging. The guy did turn himself in and tried to twist the story around to look like we started it. I don’t know at this point if he’s been sentenced or not.

There was some footage of you guys in the hospital in one of the movies and
that place looked like a Hellhole.

Actually, they took very good care of us. The hospital was old, but it was very clean.

How long before you went back to work?

We were in the hospital for two and a half days before we just had to get
out of there. We left on the third day, went back to the hotel and rested.
We had to take turns changing each others bandages because I couldn’t reach my back and Greg couldn’t bend over far enough to reach his leg. He took care of me, I took care of him and I went back to work the next day. I did four scenes with holes in my body and patches all over. My dick was all bruised. I must have been kicked right in the nuts.

I remember that, it looked painful.

I never felt that, it was the weirdest thing. There was never any pain in
that area.

Would you say that is the low light of your porn career?


How about highlights, have you won a whole shelf of awards?

I won them all in one year actually. I got them all at once. That was the
year of Conquest, the year of Wicked. You know how that works, the company you did the movie for is due for awards, you get awards. It’s all politics. I got four that year. I actually won Best Actor in Europe that year for Conquest. That actually means something because they do it right over there. These guys over here, you just have it because you happen to have been in the movie.

Has anything you’ve directed been nominated or won anything yet?

Lewd Conduct was pre-nominated, but when it was time for the awards, it didn’t get anything.

There aren’t a lot of Anabolic or Diabolic titles on the list of AVN

We don’t advertise.

Is that why they aren’t nominated?

It’s exactly why. It’s all political.

Anything else I need to cover?

I promise all of my fans that I won’t talk any more in the videos. They seem to hate it when I talk to the chicks. And of course, check out the web site.

Thanks Vince.

Thanks Roger.

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