Adventures Of The Peeping Tom 22



87 Mins.



THEMES: Outdoor Sex.

CONDOMS: Some Noted


STARS: Tera Patrick, Jessica Drake, Nikki Anderson, Regina, Nicole, Paula, Suzan, Brandy, Jake Steed Brandon Irons, Nick Lang, Nacho, Carlos,


The Peeping Tom vids, like the Pick Up Line movies, (Also directed by Tom Stone) are pretty straight forward. There are always a lot of great looking women, well shot sex and little or no story to have to contend with. This line often features sex either outdoors, or in places that are easily seen from a window. There is a great sense of voyeurism in the videos, so any of you who wish you could look into your neighbor’s window and see someone like Tera Patrick or Nikki Anderson fucking and sucking, will love them. Of course, most of us would probably go blind if peeped in on the rotund house frau next door, but that’s what good porn is, an escape from reality. As a viewing audience, we get to see Tera, Nikki, Jessica Drake and some pretty Euro-babes from all sorts of interesting angles.

Young Ms. Drake is up first, and this is one super sweet looking babe. Her man is blindfolded, but I don’t think he minds at all once her mouth gets wrapped around his cock. The sex is nicely shot here, with lots of long shots that show off the incredible home they are using as well as Jessica’s oral work. When it comes time to start fucking, she keeps on her white lingerie. Something about a pretty young girl in lingerie getting fucked from behind that just gets me going. Don’t ask me to explain it, it’s just one of those freak things I guess. Apparently it works for this guy as well because he has a nice surprise to leave right on her pretty face.

Next we get a trio of pretty cute chicks, Nicol, Paula and Regina. They quickly abandon the game and start fondling each other instead. I don’t know who is who, but the girl getting most of the attention is a slim, very pretty girl with tits to die for. There is some very nice pussy lapping action, shot from about three inches from dripping slits. Serious toy action as well, as the girls break out the double headed dong and even give us some strap on oral sex. This one even shoots fake cum. Not bad as lesbian scenes go.

Brandy is another cute girl, which by now is no shock for this movie. Her fella comes over with flowers, but in no time, Brandy sheds her clothes and shows him that she has a different view of romance. After trying on a new outfit for about two seconds, she gets on the couch and sucks his cock for a few short minutes. The oral is a bit short, but she is quite eager to ride his hard rod. Brandy has some tight stomach muscles and knows how to grind on a dick, but what she really likes is using her ass to pump a hot prick. When the cum starts flowing, the smile never leaves her pretty face. More post pop footage would have been nice, but she is still a total doll.

When sexy Suzan spies the pool boy in her back yard, she gets the idea that he needs a little entertainment. She joins him on the patio and drops to her knees in record time. This brunette has super pretty eyes and uses her fingers to tightly jerk the shaft while working the head with her mouth. Very nice on screen blowjob technique. This woman is really cute, and quite sexy even before those clothes come off. They move into the house and he gets to see the her pussy is every bit as hot and wet as her sexy mouth. Bent over a table, Suzan is able to show off long, firm legs and great, medium sized tits as well as her great eyes. For the pop, Suzan holds her tongue out and lets her guy shoot right into her mug. Very, very hot babe.

As the camera moves around behind a house, we catch a glimpse of Jake Steed as he pushes Nikki Anderson on the swings. Before we can even utter an ‘awww, sweet’ he shows that he’s got more on his mind than a little slow romancing. Jake pulls that little bikini off her incredible body and starts tasting that sweet Euro-vag. Gorgeous Nikki likes them big and really gets busy on her knees. I would have been quite happy to watch her just keep sucking that big cock, but Jake wants some of the tight twat. He puts her on a lounge chair near the pool and enters that perfect pookie, filling Nikki and lighting up her face with every inch. Of course, he only stays in that hole for a short while before moving on to her ass. She looks so fucking good bouncing on that cock with it rammed up her ass. Even better is the way she takes a big load on her face with a huge smile and great eye contact. Few women in the history of porn have looked this good and taken a facial so well.

Tera Patrick is taking some pictures of Brandon Irons in the backyard. She looks smoking hot in her bikini, but Tera looks hot in anything. Impressed by his big, hard cock, Tera forgets about her camera and puts her mouth to good use. She is a great cocksucker who gets all the way down and loves to lick balls. Her gorgeous face is always nice to look at, but watching her take much of that stiff prick between her pretty lips is simply porn perfection. She loves that big cock, but Brandon wants to make sure he gets a taste of her fresh slit before letting her fuck him. In reverse cowgirl, Tera shows a lot of enthusiasm to go along with a great set of real tits. After an equally attractive doggy fuck, Brandon drops a great load right in beautiful face. Another great pop to close out a fantastic scene.

All of the scenes in this movie are worth watching, but the last three are really exceptional. The sex is well shot and we are treated to fantastic picture quality. I know it’s a small thing to a lot of people, but it really makes a difference when the picture is so sharp. Jessica Drake’s opening boff is pretty good and the collection of European imports in notable as well. Of the sexy Euro-babes in this movie, Suzana take the prize as the most fuckable babe here. Her tits alone are enough to make me fall in love. Tera and Nikki close the movie out with the very best scenes. Nikki’s super size anal with Jake is a fucking nut buster, but be sure to save some up for lovely Tera and her awesome bod.

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