Shane’s World 22




102 Mins.



THEMES: Porn Stars, Limo Sex


2000 (1/00)

STARS: Alana, Charlene, Salena, Vivian, Alexis, Nacho, Cheyne, Voodoo


The theme for this Shane’s World adventure is an X rated scavenger hunt. A pretty good idea for a gonzo porn vid when you think about it, and there is not another series I can think of that can do it better. Shane’s movies have always been long on fun and unafraid to let us into the lives of porn stars. I’m positive we’re in for a good time and with Alana and Charlene along for the ride, I’ll wager the sex will be worth watching as well.

Team 1 has Alana, Alexis, Vivian Valentine and Nacho. They earn their first twenty points by streaking down a residential street. You would think that people who fuck in front of people for a living would be immune to such things, but there is some genuine excitement when they’re done. You know what else? Nervous energy is really sexy on women like Alana and Vivian.

Moving over to team, we watch as Charlene, Salena, Cheyne and Voodoo. They go to a college campus, where they can earn forty points for giving a strange guy a hand job. While they are searching, Vivian and Nacho take a little break for sex in the back of the limo. She has a pretty little pussy and a body so tight you could bounce a quarter off of her. Personally, I would rather sit back and let her suck my cock. That’s what Nacho does, and man does this guy have a big cock. Vivian crawls into his lap and orally loves that fat pole. Things are a little cramped, but Vivian manages to sit sideways across this lap for an interesting fuck. She is quite enthusiastic about his rod and Nacho lays some serious wood to Viv, finally letting her spin back and jerk a nice load onto her face and his belly.

The camera scares away a few potential guys for the hand job, but eventually Charlene and Salena find a guy willing to lay back and let two sexy porn stars work him over. As you might expect, it takes him a little while to rise to the occasion, but with two sets of experienced hands working him over, this guy eventually spurts a pretty good nut all over the place. I’m guessing this isn’t the first time chicks have done the hand deed at this frat house.

Team 1 goes into a store for their next challenge. They buy some whipped cream and then have the clerk spray it all over the girls’ tits. This lucky buy then gets to lick it off. The fun takes over for a while, but Charlene gets into the sexual action soon enough. Lucky for us, fucking in a cheap motel is worth points. She takes her well hung stud to the brink with her skilled mouth before riding his fat cock. I love the way this woman fucks with so much passion you almost believe she just does porn for the dick. A big load on her belly finishes a very high energy scene.

Alana is even hotter in the scene, sharing a cock with her team mate. This guy has a super fat cock and that always brings out the best in the blonde. She does a great blowjob then waits her turn at being fuck patiently. Both women love cock, but anyone who isn’t already in love with Alana will be after this scene. How can you not love the anal at the end, that tight butt drilled raw, that cute face in the shot, she’s just a walking wet dream.

I won’t ruin the surprise by telling you which team wins, but I will say that you should stick around for the bonus scene at the end of the tape. I loved the scavenger hunt idea. It’s a lot of to watch porn stars do all sorts of crazy shit. The lengthy non-sex segments may scare away some raincoaters, but if you like a good laugh along with your sex, you’ll love this. Besides, with Charlene, Alana and Vivian around to take care of the sex scenes, there is no shortage of action. For me, it’s a perfect blend of fun and hot sex.

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