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118 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Mark Archer
THEMES: Latin Women
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Melody Love, Charlene Aspen, Aurora, Jane, Carmen.

There are few lines in the porn world that deal strictly with Latin babes, so any time a new one comes along, I have to give it a look? Because I have a big thing for Latin chicks? Not necessarily, though every one of the chicks in this one look pretty fucking hot. Mostly because I know so many of you are looking for just this sort of video. Director Mark Archer has made a name for himself by making some of the most interesting foot fetish/foot sex videos. Now he brings his skills to a line that features women of all different Latin heritages in little vignette scenes.
First up is little Cuban cutie Melody Love. Now, this babe is making the rounds, showing off some very impressive sexual skills, so we already know that she can deliver the goods. She plays a dance instructor who has a lot to teach Roy. They go through a pretty funny cha-cha lesson, but what’s with the canned laugher if the background? She ends up dancing on his chest in her bare feet, playing with his cock and giving foot guys a little taste to keep them happy. As part of the tease, she talks in Spanish and I have to say, it’s pretty fucking hot. Melody is a tasty little naked treat and Roy gets more than a dance lesson from his naked Cuban girl. After a nicely captured Melody blowjob, she parts her thighs and lets him do some serious clit licking. They get down for some hard fucking on the blanket, with little Melody showing where those spicy latina women rumors come from. Great shots of her in doggy with that ass high in the air before Melody spins around to take a big load, mostly on her neck. Great opening scene.
Charlene Aspen is a very hot Puerto Rican girl who plays a little role opposite Jack Hammer. Jack is just out of jail and visits the sister of a guy he fucked in prison. Now his eyes are on this leggy babe. Her teeth have a visible gap in the front, but my goodness what a body on this girl. He shows her his extensive tattoo collection, and that leads to Charlene stripping down as well. She does a sexy little solo scene before diving into Jack’s lap. Charlene is easily one of the hottest new cocksuckers to come along in a while. Easily throating Jack’s cock, she bathes it in spit and takes long deep strokes that have me ready to feed her a little gonad guacamole myself. Straddling his lap, Charlene shows the kind of energy that is going to make her a huge fan favorite in no time. Jack goes as hard as he possibly can, and the all natural wildfire loves every inch. She takes a good shot of cum in her mouth, though the camera is a bit close to really enjoy the shot. Still, Charlene is mighty spicy.
Aurora is a Mexican girl who needs her cable box worked on. She and Guy DeSilva exchange some pretty hilarious dialog. All but calling him retarded, Aurora sure isn’t winning any friends. When gets offended and nearly walks out, she has to show him some goods to get her box worked on. For more than basic cable, she has to actually put out. We cut to the bedroom where this lovely latina is now working her thick, sexy tongue over Guy’s cock. She’s got a soft body with a few extra pounds, but any woman who fucks with this kind of energy is worth a tumble any day. The way she bounces on his cock, milking it with her sweet Spanish slit makes me want to take my next five vacations south of the border. I’ll forgive her for taking the cumshot on the side of her face because she’s just such a hot little fuck.
Oliver and Carmen are Spanish and this nineteen year old doesn’t even speak English. Carmen has some nice natural titties that she kindly oils up for our viewing pleasure before the scene begins. This gives Oliver time to get ready for a fun time with this totally delicious babe. She gives great eye contact and has lips that are just dying to be stuffed with hot, throbbing cock. No doubt this exotic beauty is head to toe gorgeous, and she’s not afraid to take cock deep in her pussy either. Great shots of that pussy when her ass is high in the air for the doggy. Give Oliver credit for dishing out a very solid fuck to this sweet little number. Carmen opens up her ass and the camera moves in close for the action. After a high energy ass fuck, she hops off and strokes a load right into her mouth. Beautiful girl, sexy fuck.
Brandon Iron is all smiles as he sits next to young Jane. The cute young girl gives us a little dance before putting her rookie lips on his big cock. From the start, he goes right after her ass, first with fingers and then with a long beaded toy that fills her pretty little butt up quite nicely. If the way he fucks her pussy is any indication, she is going to need all the warming up she can get for the anal. Brandon really goes digging deep, pumping Jane’s juicy slit for all he’s worth. They mix in a little foot job, which might be sexy, I honestly don’t know what makes for a sexy foot job. Check it out, he fucks her in the ass, moves around to her mouth and makes her suck it straight A2M. This girl is a super slutty anal babe and we get one nasty scene. The pop shot ends up on her feet, which does nothing for me, but will delight Archer’s core audience. Besides, the assfucking was enough for me to want to watch the scene again.
The first two scenes are truly excellent, but the movie really doesn’t have a bad scene in it. Melody Love and Charlene are two top notch porn sluts who know how to fuck and suck. Aurora’s dialog and role playing are fun and this girl knows how to tip a cable guy. Carmen is pretty and doesn’t let us down when it comes to taking dick up her ass. Perhaps the cutest girl in the movie, Jane comes in the final scene. She gets her ass drilled big time. Very nicely shot movie, packed with hot Latina babes.
Check out Kick Ass!

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