World Sex Tour 20




140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander


THEMES: British Girls, Big Tits, Real Tits.

CONDOMS: None Noted


STARS: Zoe Rose, Vanessa, Jo, Katrina, Terri, Eva.


By now, you should all know the drill. Anabolic packs up their stuff, takes off to some foreign land, finds a handful of local hotties and lets guys fuck the shit out of them. It’s so simple, it’s brilliant. It’s so brilliant that even the bad volumes of this series are well worth looking at several times over. When they are good, they are among the very best porn vids on the market. This time, we head off to England, which is a good sign. When you look at the long line of hot UK sluts to hit porn, Sarah Jane Hamilton, Kiss, Nici Sterling, Sabrina Johnson, Layla Jade, etc, you have to know that some of these chicks are going to smoking hotties.

Right out of the gate, our hosts, Mark Davis and Omar introduce us to a wonderfully busty young thing named Zoe Rose. She seems pretty charming, but her biggest assets are clearly the super huge funbags. To say these are the best huge real ones since Christy Canyon might not be an overstatement my friends. Mark gets her first and it takes him several minutes just to shower these awesome utter with kisses. Speaking of kisses, Zoe has no problem taking his uncut cock into her young mouth. Though not much of it goes in, her does seem to like shoving it to the back of her mouth. For a girl with such huge tits, Zoe has very little extra weight anywhere else on her body. She’s not rail thin, just wonderful put together from head to toe. Mark gives it to her slowly at first, but Zoe has those legs pushed back against her gigantic tits, just dying for deeper penetration in no time. Zoe likes fucking, and I like watching her fuck. Reverse cowgirl here is going to make tit lovers blow wads nationwide. Holy fucking hooters Batman. She even takes it in the ass, and you know, that pretty much does it, I’m ready to see this chick in more movies. Her anal skills are nearly as impressive as her rack. Nice facial pop and post shot cum play. Tell me someone has her ready for a Gang Bang Auditions tape.

Vanessa Freeman is a pretty blonde who seems ready for anything that Mark and Lex can dish out. They are certainly happy to put her to the test. Lex pushes himself up into her pussy while Mark feeds her the dick-steak. From the start, Vanessa is on fire, taking dick as deep into her orifices as she possibly can. Don’t you just love women who are so willing to work this hard for our viewing pleasure? She even licks Mark’s ass before turning around and sucking big Lex. Nice standing shot as Vanessa leans over the side of the couch, taking Steele from behind and nearly deep throating all of Mark’s cock. She really likes it in the ass and you can tell just how much as the takes those big dicks right in that bum. Vanessa manages to take them both for a little double vag, but is much happier with one in her mouth and one in her shaved beav. The two loads of cum leave her covered and you have to love the way she stretches her neck to take as much as she can.

Jo will delight guys (and gals) who like full, hairy bushes. She’s very casual as Lex interviews her. He can’t keep his hands off of her body, but manages to get a few minutes of talk from her before taking her on a blanket right there by the side of a dirt road. (I love it when porn gets all symbolic and shit.) On her knees Jo takes that massive prick in both hands and starts stroking it into her hungry mouth. He mount her chest and she smiles up at him, playfully licking and trying to take more of it. I love it when people have such a good time fucking on film, it makes it ten times more erotic to watch. He’s careful with her, but Jo can take every inch into her pussy and still manage a smile between soft moans. You wouldn’t think it would go into that asshole, but she manages to take most of it pretty well. I’m sure she’s going to have a hard time sitting down later, but with her butt high in the air, she does a fine job of serving as Lex’s personal anal welcoming committee for the UK. (An appointed or elected office?) Taking a nice facial, Jo looks ready to try some more American cock.

Katrina seems too petite to handle Lex and British bull hung Omar, but she doesn’t hesitate. Clearly, Lex has to take it easy on her pussy, but for the most part, Katrina keeps her mouth closed tightly around Omar’s big prick, pleasing both men with her charms. She is very pretty and gives good eye contact to both the camera and her co-stars. Maybe she’s just making sure they don’t puncture a lung with one of those monster cocks. I kind of dig the little squeaks she gives when they fuck her deep and hard. They make her ask for dick in her ass over and over before finally giving her what she wants. Katrina likes them big and certainly gets more than she can handle in her ass before the guys drain their sacks on her face.

Teri is a brunette with an adorable smile and a body built for speed. It’s hard to understand the short interview because she mumbles, but really, who cares? Teri is far more interesting when she’s got two dicks in her face anyway. Great lips that look good wrapped around a cock and a pussy that looks like candy make this babe a delicious treat. Teri has a really nice looking pussy and great skin, but it’s her impressive frame that will get most of the praise (and shots of liquid love) from strokers the world over. She takes a hard slam fuck which is nice for tit lovers since those real babies are all over the place with the rough strokes. Taking Omar in the ass seems a bit much for the busty brunette, but she gives it a try and takes it like a champ. I love the way she takes two big, thick loads and just smiles all the way through them. Great looking babe who needs more video time.

Eva is a Russian girl who comes off a little cold in her interview, but is kind enough to take on all three studs at once. They strip her, lay her on her back and go to town. (Check out the real tits, wow.) Omar shoves her thighs up against her tits and slams her into the mattress while Lex and Mark surround her face with dick. Nice stockings on this babe, if you can tear your eyes off those funbags. Each of the guys seems bent of fucking this hot babe right back behind the iron curtain. Did she do something to piss them off, or is Eva just that wild a fuck? Check out the piledriver, as the guys roll her over, fuck her pussy then tag in the next guy. Eventually they bang her booty as well, with Mark starting things off slowly. His cock later fills her mouth as she takes black cock up that alabaster anus. Nothing gentle about this raincoat fans, Eva simply gets the shit fucked out of all three of her holes by this trio of skilled cocksmen. After everyone gets to fuck her, Even opens her mouth for three loads of cock cream that leave her half drowned in cum.

As we have come to expect, this World Sex Tour video is filled with great over seas talent. Fans of large, real breasts will get the most out of this movie, because there are some truly fantastic racks in this volume. Zoe Rose has two of the best breasts I have seen in some time. Teri is another super reason to watch this volume, but the whole cast is worth a tumble. Every time Chris Alexander takes a trip to some foreign land, he comes back with a great porn flick, full of great looking women who all love to get fucked by big cocks. If you want to see British babes, big tits or well fucked asses, grab this one, you’ll thank me later.

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