Caught In The Act


76 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jerome Tanner
STARS: Tera Patrick, Gwen Summers, Chandler, Lola, Kurious, Joel Lawrence, Nacho Vial, Lexington Steele, Vivi Anne and JJ Michaels.
I guess it’s time I reviewed a movie with the hottest flavor of the month to hit porn in a long time, Tera Patrick. She’s become quite popular very quickly. So quickly in fact, that a number of her movies are still coming out calling her Sadie Jordan. Whatever name she uses, Tera is one of those women who look so breathtakingly declious on boxcovers, that you expect her to be working for that huge porn company. I’ve only seen her in one scene so far and it was from a gonzo video, so I didn’t get to see her do a whole lot. This time around, she’s in a Jerome Tanner feature, so maybe we can see the full range of her skills.
Our story is told as a giant flashback from Chandler. (Since she and Gwen Summers start the movie tied up in a warehouse, you know things are going to go bad.) When she stops by to deliver Gwen’s newly repaired car, Chandler ends up hiding behind the bar as they discus some stolen money and then break into a nice sex scene. Gwen does a really good mob-slut accent, making her trip to her knees even more entertaining. Gwen gives great head, but she also gives great talk during this scene. Gwen is quite the little fuck bunny as swell, working Joel over and never breaking character. Great scene that ends when he pulls out and sprays all over her pretty pussy.
We move to the big mob boss who might be a dangerous guy, but he seems a bit preoccupied by Tera Patrick and her lovely breasts. No wonder people love this chick, she has a beautiful face and seems to actually like sucking cock with that gorgeous mouth. I wish she would have done more of it here, but those long legs were meant to be spread and her pussy is dying to be licked. Once it’s nice and juiced up, he slides his stiff prick all the way up and starts pounding her hard enough to make the tits really shake. The sex gets pretty rough, with this guy slapping her and choking her while she begs to be fucked like a whore. I don’t like the slapping, but damn this woman is a hot fuck. In the end, she takes a shot across her boobs and sucks that fat head dry. Oh yeah, I’m hooked already.
Knowing that there is money to be swindles, Chandler makes a move on Gwen and the two end up lapping labes in a big pile of cash. We all know that Chandler is a major twat licker, but Gwen keeps up nicely. Check out the serioius toy play as Gwen uses this two dicked thing on Chandler, curling her toes and making her scream loud enough to wake the dead. I still prefer non lesbian scenes, but watching these two share a double dildo is still the sort of thing that puts starch in my shorts.
Joey’s old flame Lola gets out of jail and comes looking for the money. Chandler and Gwen barely escape, but Joey gets caught and has to fork over the cash. This is a porn, so she has to suck his cock first, but the way Lola swallows sword, it’s a wonder the scene isn’t over in a matter of moments. He picks her up for a standing 69 which is a great, but in the background, another couple start going at it. I don’t know why JJ Michaels and Vivi Anne are fucking on the stairs, but who cares? I don’t need an excuse to enjoy this beautiful woman sucking dick. Of course, it does split up the scene which I don’t like. Lola is one of those women who bounces up and down on a cock like she’s trying to dislodge something from her throat. We get a bonus pop as Vivi takes cum on her face then it’s back to Lola, doing her impersionation of a pin cushion and loving every hard inch. Big pop on her flat belly closes things out.
Lola and Joey find the money is missing and report to the big guy right away. Now our heroines are on the run. They don’t get very far before being tied up and we catch up with the beginig of the movie. That takes us right to a scene between Lola, Lex and Kurious. As the women dance for him, the two fugitives manage to escape. Well, he will be sleeping with the fishes, so I hope Lex enjoys this pair of cock starved sluts. How could he not considering how size crazy both Lola and Kurious are. They practically worship his cock with their mouths. I wonder how he can possibly decide who to fuck first? Oh nice, he has big dildos to fuck them both. OK wait, you have two totally hot little slutlets begging for cock and you fill them both with plastic? Now, that’s self control. (Or stupidity.) Kurious takes the first ride, sitting down on that log and actually asking him to pump her harder. Since both women love deep strokes, he gives them all he’s got and dammit, this is such the hot fucking scene. You don’t often get this sort of nasty interracial scene in a feature and check out Kurious taking the big load on her face.

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