Unleashed 3






Excessive Productions

THEMES: New Girls, Big Boobs

CONDOMS: Some Noted


STARS: Jessica Chambers, Dena, Joey, Tawny.


This is a new series to me, packed with new girls and according to the director, real sex. (As opposed to the simulated sex in other porn lines.) Actually, they promise to let the performers just do what comes naturally. Director Bob drives up to the studio at sunrise with the lovely host of the show, Brianna. Now this is a woman I want to see nekkid in the worst way. Don’t get too excited though, she’s here to help introduce the scenes, but not fuck on screen.

After a little behind the scenes banter, we move to the first scene. Covergirl blonde Jessica Chambers leads off, playing with her huge breasts and showing off in what appears to be a photo shoot. Jessica is a little harsh looking in the face and certainly a curvy woman, but has some sex appeal to be sure. Joel Lawrence comes in to do the honors with Jessica. She has the ‘cover your middle with clothes’ trick down, but really needs to let herself go a bit. Actually, Jessica may be vocal, but we can’t hear anything because of the loud guitar music in the background. The tit fucking footage is the best action in this scene as Joel screws those huge melons. She nearly puts his eyes out with those babies when she’s riding his cock. After some more tit fucking, he drops a big load on her neck and cheek. Take away the tit fucking and I’m not that impressed with this opener.

Dena is up next and her thing is that she likes to work with at least three guys at a time. As the scene starts, we can’t even see what her face looks like since she’s already got one dick in her mouth and another fucking her from behind. I don’t know if they are hiding something or if she is just too into the scene to face the camera. One thing that we do get to see is how easily this dirty blonde opens up for a hard pounding. A third guy comes in and basically all we see now are a bunch of guys around one very loud girl. Three cocks keep Dena busy and eventually cover her in spooge, but what’s with the badly looped dialog?

Jessica comes back in a scene with Jim. (Jessica, Jim and Joel, this is almost Seuss-ian) The cowboy carries Jessica up to the bed and slips her out of her little black dress. With his hat still on, Jim goes to town, licking and sucking her lower lips until the big blonde is bucking on the mattress like an untamed filly. That hat gets in the way a bit during the mish sex, but at least we get original audio this time around. Jessica dons the hat when she gets on top and tit fans are going to love the way she shakes those puppies and grinds herself on his rod. Nice shots in doggy of a pretty tasty looking pussy, but the pop ends up right where you would expect, on her huge hooters. Lots of post pop cum play for those of you who enjoy that aspect.

One three on one scene isn’t enough for this movie so we get Joey, a dirty looking little thing who gets surrounded immediately. What’s up with the blue tint at the beginning? One at a time, the guys climb in between those thighs and pump away on Joey’s hole. Yikes, what is that big tat on her tit? Who thought that was a good idea. It’s tricky shooting so many guys around a tiny woman, and you can see why here. Still, Joey is vocal and slams her hips back to meet thrusts, making this about as hot as the action gets in this movie. She takes a nice facial here as well.

As a bonus scene, we get Susie Q. Actually, the box says Susie, but the picture doesn’t match up to the brunette in the scene, so I’m not sure who she is (Tawny Ocean) . Not that it matters much, since she isn’t much to look at. A bit skinny, the brunette does bring some energy to her scene, so if that’s more important than looks, you might really enjoy her scene.

It’s hard to tell exactly what they were going for with this movie. If it’s supposed to be an amateur production, then a lot of my problems with it can be overlooked. The women are not very good looking by porn standards, but if this is just a girl next door sort of thing then there aren’t any real dogs either. The sex is not always shot from the best angles, but again, they may have been going for that look. Jessica is a tit lovers dream and both Joey and Dena get fucked by three guys. You don’t often see that in an amateur porn vid. If it’s new girls you like, then you might see something here that I didn’t. Now, even with this less than stellar review, you know I’ll be tuning in to later volumes, just to see if Brianna finally sheds the clothes and makes my day.

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