World Sex Tour 9




140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Christopher Alexander.

THEMES: Euro- Babes, Gaping Assholes, Thin Girls.

CONDOMS: None Noted

1997 (11/96)

STARS: Michaela, Loera, Linda, Kiki, Eva, Melanie, Gita, Mark Davis, Sean Michaels, Jean-Yves.


To kick off the Anabolic World Sex Tour month, I’m going to go back and catch one that I didn’t review the first time around. To give you some idea of what might be in store, I did pull this one off my personal video shelf. (It had some dust on it, so it was time to watch it again anyway.) The girls of Prague are at the center of this global adventure as Mark Davis, Sean Michaels and Jean-Yves use their cocks to make these Euro-babes squeal and cream. If you need to know anything more, look it up will ya, I’ve got babes to watch.

Gita is up first and this chick looks like a fashion model. She’s a little thin for my taste, but how many women look this fucking good and still fuck a room full of men? Mark, Sean and Jean all line up to taste her sweet skin. Thin as she might be, Gita has no problem with big dicks in her face or her snug slit. You know, any chick who puts out this easily just has to be on her way to a successful career in anything she chooses. Her mouth never comes off Mark’s cock even as the guys prep her ass for some obvious invasion. They give her a very quick DP, and best of all, get to drop loads on that cover girl face. Hey Cindy, pay attention, this is what every guy in American wants to see you do. Three big loads later, Gita has been introduced to porn, Anabolic style baby.

Linda is a twenty year old chick with a super hot short haircut. Jean and Sean team up to keep this woman busy and she responds nicely. She takes fingers in both holes like a woman who has felt big things in that ass before. Her mouth also seems quite used to the feel of a throbbing cock as she bobs between the two boners. They keep her dress around her belly, but there doesn’t seem to be an ounce of excess fat on this babe’s hot bod. Great reverse cowgirl where she pumps Jean and sucks Sean. Linda looks a bit like a gymnast here, very sexy. From here, it’s an easy move to anal, which Linda takes beautifully as well. DP is the final phase of Linda’s porn initiation and once again, nothing but delight from this pint sized bundle of perfection. A couple of loads in the face and we fade out on lovely Linda.

Melanie is a very petite little slutlet, but Mark and Sean decide that they don’t need to take it easy on her. She is quite pretty and Sean’s cock looks like a baseball bat in her tiny hands and mouth. After sucking them both, she gets into Mark’s lap and starts squat fucking his pole while really jerking Sean into her mouth. This is very well shot footage and so fucking hot looking I nearly busted a seam. If you are a fan of petite, pretty women being fucked from all angles by big cocks, then you are going to want to clip this scene out for your personal stroke library. They toss her around, fuck her silly and at every turn, Melanie just wants more dick. In the end, she drains their dicks, taking shot on her pretty face and licking the final drops from the heads of their cocks. (Says Roger Seuss.)

Eva is a blonde with great big tits and a round ass. Mark and Jean team up to pepper her body with soft kisses on their way to her bare beaver. Jean nearly shoves his fist up her ass before a cock even enters this slutty girl. They go after her ass right out of the gate, barely even bothering to get dick in her pussy. Instead, they just bang away on that butt until she’s ready to take two at once. I don’t find her as attractive as the other women in this video, but she can gape and take cock in her ass like very few women I have ever seen. That has to count for something.

Mark decides to change the odds a bit, taking on two lovely ladies, Kiki and Loera. Both of these women are quite pretty and have incredible smiles. They take turns kissing him and sucking his cock. Either one of these women would be fun to watch on the other end of your fuckstick, but Mark wants their pussies. Loera is a petite brunette who can take some deep strokes and hot redhead Kiki loves tasting his prick right out of her friend’s hot cooze. With only one dick to play with the girls can’t be DP’s, but it gives them an extra female mouth to do some clit sucking once the anal sex begins. Both women take the whole length of that fat cock right up their asses with no problem. Mark goes back and forth, fucking them both hard before dropping a load into Loera’s mouth. She bends down and spits it right into Kiki’s mouth and then they all three share a kiss.

Michaela is a gorgeous eighteen year old blonde with limited English skills. She is on the bed between Sean and Jean-Yves, already having her little muffin rubbed. Sean’s big cock won’t fit into her mouth, but Michaela strokes the shaft and shoves the head as far into her mouth as she can. She has better luck taking it in her ass while sucking Jean’s fat prick. This is a very pretty girl taking 10 inches of black cock in her ass my friends, and she’s loving it. I think we’ve found a winner. After Jean takes a turn sitting her on his cock for a while, Sean moves in for the ultimate, a DP of her tender late-teen holes. They really give her a hard pounding, but Michaela takes every inch and fucks them back, grinding her body to meet them and pulling her legs back to invite them deeper. After making her gape, Jean shoves four fingers up her ass. Ouch, but I guess if you like the wide open gapers, enjoy. Two very nice loads land right on her face and Michaela doesn’t stop until she’s licked and sucked every drop out of both cocks.

There are some great looking women in this video, but what strikes me is how much the picture quality in this series has improved. It’s good here, but the new ones are just so much better. One thing I noticed about this older title is a whole lot of gaping assholes. They are not my cup of tea, but if you like them, then go for it. You know, even though I like some of the other videos in this series better, it’s still one that I will keep in my collection. How’s that for the final word on World Sex Tour.

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