Just 18




81 Mins.


Sin City

THEMES: Cheerleaders, College Girls.

CONDOMS: None Noted

1999 (10/99)

STARS: Allysin Chaynes, Sabrina Johnson, Mia Smiles, Dayton Rains, Shay Sweet,


I honestly thing there are nearly 18 series on the market these days that have the number 18 in them. This Sin City line is directed by Alex Ladd, the guy behind the Gang Bang Angels line. We already know he shoots group sex about as well as anyone in porn, and with his first two Just 18 movies it seems that he is able to bring us coed cuties at their nastiest. The women in this cast are mostly well past eighteen, but they all have that fresh faced look and more importantly, are able to play young and dumb, allowing us to get the full effect of the Just 18 vibe.

First up is professional coed slut Allysin Chaynes. She is getting tennis lessons from Tyce Bune. Never mind the lessons, look at Allysin’s super short skirt and tiny top. If Anna Kournikova wore something like this, no one would ever be able to play because of all the jizz fired onto the court. The real fun starts when the lesson ends, the panties come off and Tyce feasts on her sweet young lust box. He bends her over the net and fucks her with her skirt still on. Nicely shot, but the really great hardcore shots come when she straddles him for some RC. Allysin may be young and fragile looking, but she can take a major pussy pounding. Since her father is coming home soon, they have to hurry up and finish so Tyce drops a load right on her tightly closed lips. Her face looks so good with cum on it, who cares if she has a good backhand or not. (Calling Anna K, did you hear that?)

Sabrina Johnson likes to lie around to pool, licking on a lollipop. When the pool boy comes by to clean her mother’s pool, he gets an eyeful from this tight, teasing tart. She asks him for some tongue cleaning and he’s more than happy to climb between those thin thighs and start eating pookie. Sabrina doesn’t try to play innocent young girl, instead she comes off like the nasty chick who spent her whole high school career going down on every guy she could find. All that practice seems to have paid off because the little British brunette can suck a mean dick. Once she gets that big, fat cock hard and wet, it slides easily into her little muffin. Stripped down to just her pink shoes and little white socks. Sabrina takes some deep strokes from behind and has an even bigger surprise for the pool cleaner. She wants it in her little ass as they spoon. Oh yeah, watching little Ms. Johnson take it in the pooper is one of porn’s great delights. After slamming that backdoor, he pulls out, goes right to an A2M shot and then slides back in. This time he pulls out and shoots a load that doesn’t quite reach her face. Fear not, for Sabrina is more than willing to lick his cock totally clean.

Stopping by the sorority house to visit his sister ends up being a whole lot more than this next lucky guy could have ever imagined when he meets up with Mia Smiles. Mia tells him that his sister is a little on the loose side and she wonders if it runs in the family. Well, you don’t have to be a male slut to take a shot at a cutie like Mia, so the answer is yes and then some. He slowly unbuttons her little white blouse and gets a mouth full of cherry sized nipples to munch on. Hey, when did Mia get implants? More importantly, when did she learn to deepthroat like that? I really don’t think this sexy young thing needed boobs, but I will address that at another time. What I am interested in here is how well this little hottie downs dick. Mia is a lot more vocal here that I have seen her and you can see the juices running down her thighs as she gets fucked from behind. Moving to reverse cowgirl, he pumps her hard enough to make his balls slap up against her clit. Jeez, this is about as hard as two people can possibly fuck and yet the dainty looking Ms. Smiles just can’t get enough. Little Mia likes it big folks and she gives us one hell of a fine performance here, ending with a big, finger licking good load dropped onto her new titties.

Dayton Rains actually looks like she could be a college cheerleader with those strong, smooth thighs and that sweet little smile. She jumps on a trampoline in her sexy uniform, but that’s only the beginning. JJ Michaels joins her on the trampoline and shows her a few new moves. I love a girl who can pull her feet behind her head and Dayton can do that with both feet. JJ gives her a quick lick, but really wants that sweet mouth around his prick. Dayton may look innocent, but this cheerleader has obviously been keeping the boys happy with that mouth for quite some time. Very nice hand work to go along with a hard slurping mouth as Dayton delivers a blowjob to cheer about. Her pussy is tight, but plenty wet as she positions herself on top of JJ to fuck his throbbing unit. With her socks still on and that skirt still around her waist, Dayton takes a ride while JJ spreads her cheeks. What a fresh looking asshole she’s got. I’d say that thing needs to be plugged as well. Not before he puts her little body in a couple of interesting positions, letting us see that fine ass, strong thighs and lovely real boobs. Alas, no anal for our cheerleading cocksucker, but we do get to see that cute mug doused in dick dough.

Finally Shay Sweet steps into the spotlight. If with her new rack, Shay looks finger licking fresh as she steps out of the shower. Chuck Martino shows up at the door and the two take advantage of the fact that her parents aren’t home. (Am I the only one who just loves the shit out of Shay’s little tan lines?) Chuck pretends it’s Thanksgiving and goes right after the juicy white meat. Shay is mighty fond of meat herself and locks those soft Texas lips around his cock in a way that looks most pleasant, I must say. She has a firm grip, nice eye contact and enough spit to keep everything nicely slicked. Yep, Shay is a skilled little knob polisher. He puts her on the bed and starts fucking that sweet hole as Shay pulls her knees up to her chest. (God, I love that view.) Another great view has Shay on her knees, penetrating her from behind. I really think it would be hard to shoot this woman from an angle that wouldn’t look great. Very high energy fucking here that ends with a big load of cum fired across Shay’s open mouth. Watch the tongue lapping out to gather as much as she can. This little blonde lights things up big time.

Alex Ladd is quickly convincing me that he can do more than just shoot great gang bang videos. In this one, he brings us a great college girl fuck fest. Dayton’s cheerleader scene is great, and Allysin on the tennis court is a nut buster, but it’s hard to pick against Sabrina as the most fuckable little nugget in this collection. Nicely shot with hot sex and some cute set ups, make for a winning combination.


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