European Cuntinant


110 Mins.
Elegant Angel
THEMES: Euro-Babes, Interracial Sex, Big Tits, Big Cocks.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Kelly Trump, Annette, Silvia Saint, Karina, Bernardotte, Erika.
There is nothing on the box cover or in the opening moments to indicate what exactly what the premise of this video might be. Combining Elegant Angel with this cast of Euro-hotties makes me think that there doesn�t need to be a theme, let alone a plot. Just throw some well hung studs into the mix with these women, who are as nasty as they are beautiful and you have the makings of rod stiffening two hours of erotic entertainment.
The very Lovely Kelly Trump is announced as the first Euro-slut, but I don�t think the short haired, rather thick woman sucking cock is Kelly. Whoever she is, she wolfs down a big, fat black cock like she can�t wait to have it stuffed inside of her tight body. We do see Kelly, who seems to be relating the tail of her chubby assed friend, even as the Roseanne-esque blonde rides that fat pole. In the middle of their fuck, Kelly calls her pal, who rushes off somewhere. Oh I see, Kelly made the call to get the porker out of the way so she could get porked herself. Dude doesn�t seem to mind trading in a BBW for a stone cold, fucking fox. They share a quick drink, but Kelly has bigger things on her dirty little mind and soon has her lips stretched tightly around his big prick. Slowly at first, Kelly uses her lips and tongue to slick his prick for easier entrance into her sweet holes. He goes down on her first, finger fucking her asshole with a trio of digits. Kelly is stunning to look at and when this guy builds up to full ramming speed, he really gives her a bang to remember. Letting the big stud rest, she mounts his dick bounces up and down on his pole. During a rather long mish fuck, the dude nearly folds Kelly back in half before firing a stream a semen up her belly and between her boobs. Oh I do love high energy fucks from beautiful Euro-babes.
Annette is not as facially blessed as Kelly and she has a big, rather jiggly ass. Thankfully, she has a set of super huge fun globes and a lust for hard dick that is evident from the time she enters, riding on the back of her fellow. The guy has some serious wood problems, staying limp even as she sucks away on his cock. Fucking her big tits seems to help a bit, finally getting him hard enough to fuck her pussy. Annette clearly loves every stroke and he gives her everything he�s got. For such a big woman, she sure is flexible, pulling her ears back behind her head to let him dig deeply into her puss with his mouth and fingers. Finally, with his dick nearly soft again, the guy dumps a load on her tits. If you like big, real, floppy titties, you might love this scene, but it�s sandwiched between two total hotties so it leaves me b bit cold.
Silvia Saint is just so damn beautiful, even the opening shot of her face is enough to give most men a raging hard on. As she stands in a barn, lifting up her tiny black dress and rubbing her beautiful pussy, we get a wonderful view of her perfect body and cover girl face. Into the scene strolls a man (With a silly looking mane of long hair.) and instantly he is lapping up those juices she has flowing. His oral attentions are well rewarded as Silvia gets down on her knees and rocks the fucking house with her incredible looking face and wonderfully cum hungry cocksucking style. As energetic as she is with a dick in her mouth, you just have to watch her ride cock to really appreciate just how hot she is. Head to toe hot, Silvia can fuck with the very best in the business. To top it off, she takes cum in her mouth.
Another blonde, Karina, has this tough act to follow and based on looks, can�t hold a candle to Silvia. She is enjoying some self loving when her TV goes out. Without porn, what is a horny girl to do? She calls the repairman, who is a rather chunky fellow, without much charisma. Not to worry, once he gets the set working, Karina is more than happy to let him much on her muffin for a while. Hey, fucking a young woman sure beats a polite cup of coffee. (Ever wonder if all early porn script writers actually spent time as repairmen?) What Karina lacks in sheer beauty, she nearly makes up for in energy. The guy finally blasts his load on her tits.
Bernardotte would be a hell of a lot cuter without that silly hairdo. Her pussy sure looks delicious as she gently slips her fingers in and out. When finger fun is not enough, the young woman takes a peek out her window. She sees a sanitation worker, dressed in one of those always irresistible orange jumpsuits. A bit slow on the uptake, Sparky tries to sweep her floor at first, and really doesn�t catch on until his cock is in her young mouth. Bernardotte�s oral skills seem to be limited to some pretty fancy tongue work, but that is more than enough to get this guy and ready to her the pony she�s just dying to ride. For such a non-petite girl, she sure can move that body. For some reason, this dude breaks out a trash can, has her bend over with her head inside, and fucks her. (See what happens when you watch one too many Rob Black movies?) Thankfully this ends soon and they end up in the bedroom, where she legs his poke her pudgy butt for a little while. In the end, Bernadotte takes a load in her wide open mouth.
Erika is a little cuter, a good deal thinner and every bit as horny. She just can�t keep her fingers off her pussy and from the looks of this body, I can see why. In walks a guy with a sure fire cure for her crotch itch. At first, she seems less than thrilled, but eventually, with his fingers in her pussy and his mouth sucking at her nipples, she gets rather interested in the whole thing. Without a moment�s hesitation, she takes his cock into her mouth and starts pro-sucking it like she wants to take every ounce of fluid from his body in seconds flat. Erika is wonderfully leggy and looks great taking cock in her back with those fine gams high in the air. After a few positions filling her pussy (Highlighted by some hot, though oddly lit doggy and reverse cowgirl) he finally unloads his wad all over her firm tits.
My supposition was correct, the Euro-babes imported by Elegant are quite hot. Silvia Saint and Kelly Trump are easily the stars here and their scenes are guaranteed to get you up and off over and over again. The rest of the cast ranges from hot to lukewarm, but the variety of looks and body types should make sure you can find at least one other reason to love this movie. Hey, how about a tape that is all Kelly, another that is all Silvia and then one that is half and half? (Genius.) Excellent looking video with great technical qualities and enough smoking women having hot sex to ear the Rog stamp of approval for all.

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