In Cold Sweat



82 Mins.
Vivid – 1998
STARS: Dyanna Lauren, Stephen St. Croix, Monique DeMoan, Jon Dough, Stephanie Swift, Tommy Gunn, Laura Palmer, Mark Davis, Felecia, Missy.
While most of the bonus stuff is on the second side, we get two nice previews and the meet the girls feature on this side. I still can’t figure out why they cut the Award Winning Sex so we don�t know who won the award and from what film. Also, in the short clips, I found myself wanting to know what film they were pulled from.
The 18 previews are always a nice touch, though I would really like to see an option to play them all one after the other. Outakes are always fun and splitting them up into four segments allows you to view them at different times. (Again, an option to play them all wouldn�t suck.) Kobe Tai is the interactive girl and while she looks great, this is only moderately entertaining. For the bonus, you get two very nicely done, MTV style looks at the Vivid Girls. I like these a lot. Searching the cells for one minute mini-scenes seems like too much work for too little payoff. As before, give me a way to just see these clips without having to maneuver around the cellblock and I would be more enthusiastic. (Remember, I�m watching on a home set and remotes aren�t meant for this sort of thing.)
OVERALL BONUS GRADE A-. There is a lot here, some of it could be a lot easier to access however.
This film is billed as the directorial debut of Jon Dough for Vivid Film. I�ve seen some of his later gonzo work and Jon generally manages to keep the focus where it belongs, on the women. In a feature, he obviously has some other things to take into consideration, so we�ll have to see if he can keep things where they should be. Using Dyanna Lauren as your female lead is a pretty good place to start since she does well with both dialog and sex. Adding hotties like Stephanie Swift and Stacy Valentine to the mix can only help things.
Dyanna Laruen is a little nervous as the picks up her diploma. Faced with an unsure future and a cut throat job market, what is a young, well educated woman to do? Well, for starters, find a nice quite place and fuck your boyfriend. Stephen St. Croix happily plays the part of the adoring beau, and notice how particularly pleased he seems to have this pretty blonde sucking on his hard cock. Love the long shot of Dyanna, still partially in her clothes swallowing that cock to the root. This totally gorgeous creature is always enthusiastic in her scenes and seems to get a special charge from riding Stephen�s hard cock. Her whole body gets into the act, hips, shoulders, arms and legs, all moving together in one fine fuck. Not to be outdone by a chick, St. Croix fips her over, shoves her thighs all the way back to her shoulders and just drills the blonde into the mattress. When even that won�t put out her fires, he goes backdoor, fucking her tight ass until she just quivers and whimpers against the onslaught. Nice blast right against her tight spinchter.
Dyanna is living with her sister, Monique DeMoan. Monique is having a hard time dealing with the death of their mother and the fact that her sister is leaving. She tires to drown her sorrows in alcohol. When that doesn�t work she turns to the pleasures of masturbating in the bathtub. Though not a long scene, this does have some nice shots of Monique�s long legs and lovely real breasts. Just as one sister�s troubles are melting away, the other�s are just beginning. Dyanna�s car dies on the side of the road, and lucks into a ride with Stephanie Swift and Tommy Gunn. (Didn�t anyone tell her not to take rides from strangers.)
The ride quickly gets delayed when they stop the car for a little three way love. (And the tourists taking pictures is a damn funny bit.) Wow, Dyanna Lauren and Stephanie Swift taking turns sucking your cock. I�d say Tommy Gunn had plenty of reason to smile on his way home from work on this day. Tommy stands outside the van to fuck Dyanna from behind while the blonde is seriously buried between Steph�s hot thighs. (A place I would spend most of my time given half a chance I assure you.) Feeling the petite brunette needs more, Tommy feeds her cock while Dyanna goes to work on her puss with a strap on. Look out porn studs, Dyanna fucks better than half the men in the business today. In the end, these two totally attractive faces share a thick load of cock cream and both of them just lap it up. Totally sticky and totally sexy.
Back at home, Monique is doing her best to get back on her feet. She orders some lunch from the deli down the street and requests that the owner, Jon Dough, bring it himsef. In to time at all, they are rolling around on the couch and it�s Jon doing all the eating. (And just how would one go about ordering this? Tangy Tuna pussy pita?) The masturbation scene was just a warmup, as Monique is even hotter for cock than she was for her toy. Every time she comes near his cock, he pushes her away, insisting that he suck her slit longer. Nice touch there, and even with the close ups and hot sex, this will be a hit with the ladies. By the time she does get her lips around dick, Monique seems intent on making him pay for putting her off. She uses his big salami just like she did her dildo, riding it like made and giving Dyanna a run for her money in the hip motion department. Nice shots during the doggy of her wonderfully round ass. Even hotter footage as Monique makes her butt available for penetration from above. Another on the ass cum shot.
Now in LA, Dyanna goes to work as an aerobics instructor. Her class of four porn stars may not have the moves down to stay on the same page, but check out Dyanna in her leotard. Oh my fucking goodness that is one super fine body. Her work catches the eye of some excentric clients, Laura Palmer and Mark Davis. Larua, a tall, Euro-blonde, is OK looking, but you have to give her bonus points for being a vocal, high energy lay. Her long legs flail all over the place as Mark preps her honeypot with hit tongue. In turn, Laura does her best to swallow his fat cock, taking about half of it and lathering it up nicely. Reverse cowgirl gets an athletic twist as Laura�s feet are planted firmly on his thighs while she lowers her pussy down on his prick. Nice camera work here, capturing this woman�s best features. (Those super long legs.) The color is a bit too orange, but the way these two literally fuck each other silly, I think we can forgive this minor flaw. I found this scene hot even though I�m not that fond of Ms. Palmer. Of course, how fond of a woman do you have to be enjoy watching her take a big load of cum on her tongue?
Worried about her sister, Dyanna heads for home. Of course, what she doesn�t know is that Monique has found a way out of her funk and at that very moment, is enjoying a session with a couple of hot models, Missy and Felecia. (OK, one hot blonde model and Felecia.) It�s a very short, and to be honest, not that interesting lesbian scene that really wastes Missy�s considerable talents. Well, at least until we cut back to it and Missy is going nuts with a strap on. A minor suggestion, don�t split up the sex scenes unless the plot demands it, and even then think four times before doing it. A more important tip, stop hiring Felecia for every damn lesbian scene. Missy and Monique are reallly hot here and Feleica only brings the scene down.
Monique is not the only one getting laid back home. Stephen has also found a new playmate in busty blonde Stacy Valentine. (Wow, three huge name contract girls before they were big names in the same video.) He has her put on a workout outfit before giving her a reason to sweat. Check out Stacy, pre-implants. (Well, pre-monster implants) It�s almost hard to believe this is the same woman. Once you get a look at her oral technique, you�ll know she is the Stacy we all know and love. Somehow this scene ends up cut way too short. A few seconds of cucking, a few seconds of squish-mish and a cumshot in her mouth. Sexy, but way too fucking short.
There are a few, but only a few, really great scenes in this movie. Dyanna Lauren shines in her two scenes and pairs with the always hot Stephanie Swift for perhaps the best of the bunch. Monique DeMoan also impresses in her scene with director Dough. Laura Palmer and Missy add some needed some heat. However, the story is pretty silly and gets in the way at time. Couple that with the uneven sexual action and this is a moderate movie at best. There are much better Dyanna Lauren performances, and much better couples movies, so watch this one only if you are a die hard fan, or want to see Ms. DeMoan or the wonderful pairing of Lauren and Swift.

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