Rookie Cookies 2


122 Mins.
DIRECTOR: David Luger
Elegant Angel
THEMES: New Girls
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Katie, Shasta, Tabitha Stevens, Vivi Ann, Gemini, Melody Love.
New girls. The backbone of 90’s porn. Fresh faces, fresh bodies. A chance to see women before we’ve seen them screwed every which way til Sunday. That’s what porn is all about these days. There are a number of series devoted to new or newish girls, some good, some not so good. The initial volume of Rookie Cookies was pretty good. You know, this is where I usually tell you about what women in the cast I am looking forward to watching, but I honestly haven’t seen most of these women so I can’t say. I will say that Vivi Ann looks pretty sweet on the box, but beyond that, it’s new ground for us all my friends.
Vivi Ann is up first and this nineteen year old Aussie is just fucking awesome. Director David Luger does a little interview and then, to the delight of the crowd, insists on checking to see if, indeed her awesome boobs are real. (Nice work, something I always try for in interviews.) Vivi has an ease about her on camera that is very sexy as she lies naked, playing with herself for a bit. This becomes a full fledged solo scene with the cute Aussie starts working her pussy over with a nice size dildo. JJ Michaels comes in to help her out. Is it just me, or is this woman a foot taller than JJ? She does seem rather fond of his dick and takes it into her mouth like someone who has done this before. There is a short foot tease, but don’t get your hopes up toe lovers, JJ moves quickly to get a taste of her sweet down under. Once he’s tasted that fine pussy, it’s a matter of moments before JJ is pumping his prick in and out of her tight folds. Great doggy here and not just because I fucking love long legs. Those legs come more into play when she hops up and goes RC on JJ, showing off a flat tummy, sweet thighs and such a pretty puss. After a fine fuck, Vivi dismounts and jerks JJ right into her mouth, just like a pro.
Melody Love is a super cute nineteen year old with a smile that lights up the screen. (Who needs lame ass little-girl pedo fantasy vids when we have barely legal beauties like this?) She is kind of shy and coy, but in a very sexy way. Check out our director on his knees, kissing her ass. He is nearly as tall as she is, even kneeling. Funny, she’s not so shy when Chris comes in and gives her a cock to suck on. In fact, for a woman to be this comfortable with a cock in her mouth at such a young age, I would have to guess Melody knows what the underside of a steering wheel looks like. Melody is a little thin, but check out the perfect breasts on this girl. Learning quickly, she wiggles her ass up high, making it easy for Chris to enter her from behind. Melody may be tiny, but that doesn’t stop her from taking a deep dicking in her snug snatch. She gets tossed around the bed and fucked raw before he drops a load on her tight belly. I want to see this woman again really soon.
Gemini is an auburn maned girl with super pale skin and thing for both popsicles and lesbians. In the middle of a lovely meadow, she strips down to only her thigh high boots and spreads her pussy for all to see. Since she digs chicks, Cookie Man brings in porn vet Tabitha Stevens to turn the new girl out. It is kind of nice to watch a vet work this hard on a rookie. Tabitha shows Gemini all there is to know about g/g sex with toys. I like the strap on action and later, when Tabitha busts Gem’s virgin asshole.
Katie is a very natural looking twenty two year old. Though she is attractive, she has that (for lack of a better word) flawed, real girl look to her. Pretty, to be certain, but not plastic or fake looking, just like the girl next door. Her butt is going to make you round bottom bandits go bonkers and her boobs are to die for. She eagerly sucks his cock, taking it deep into her hot, willing young mouth. After slipping on a condom, the guy fills her shaved slit with cock, making those boobs bounce. Kaite is a little low key and passive at the start of the scene, but she’s a rookie for God’s sake, give her time. Some nice, hard doggy that ends with the guy dropping a pretty meager amount of love juice on her sexy backside.
Finally, we get Shasta, who may be a rookie, but she has that fuckable pornstar look. She is almost too much for the poor Cookie Man. (Let’s see how she handles a Rog Interview.) She even agrees to play with his cock. First through the jeans, then through the underwear and finally, take the Cookie cock into her mouth. Those lips look like they were made for dick sucking. After our fearless director fires a very big load all over her face, Shasta wants more. Enter Tyce Bune who laps away at her wet pussy and upturned ass. Since we have already seen her in action once, it’s no shock to see how well she devours Tyce’s rod. Staring straight into the camera, Shasta is wonderfully slutty. Her pussy is so tight, she makes him shoot off after just a few minutes of grinding down on his shaft. Good thing Tyce is a professional so he can just keep right on fucking her. She rides him for a long time, then has to suck her cum off his cock before taking it from behind. She is easily the most star-ready slut in this tape, fucking with tremendous energy and happily taking a second load on her big thick lips.
The Cookie Man has managed to keep his second video every bit as fresh as the first. Thankfully, he knows (Unlike so many others) that it is better for him to interview the girls and get out of the way while real porn studs handle the heavy lifting. This crop of new girls shows some promise. Vivi Anne is has the most upside, great looks and high sexual energy. Just a shade behind the Aussie is Melody, who could make fans of petite women happy for years to come. Shasta seems ready to hit the big time with her ‘come fuck me’ lips and vocal fucking. Katie really turned me on in the way good looking amateur women often do. There is just something real about her. Gemini is hot as well, though we all know g/g scenes just don’t do a lot for me. It was still nice to see a new twist in the newcomer angle. Solid technically, with a good looking cast, this movie delivers. Fans of new girls will want to move Rookie Cookies to the top of videos to see.

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