Perfect Pink 2 Purr Fection


97 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Jill Kelly
Astral Ocean
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Lesbian Sex, Cable-Look Porn.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Jill Kelly, Deven Davis, Shayla Le Veaux, Alexandra Nice, Shasta, Daisy Chain, Sana Fey, Kate More, Kelly O’Ryan, Wendy Knight, Chris Cannon, Randy Spears, Mark Anthony, Evan Stone, Mark Davis,
We all know by now, that I am not as enamored with Jill Kelly a some of my fellow critics. That is part of the reason I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed the first Perfect Pink movie. There was room for improvement, but isn’t there always? I liked the way she took on the project and made a very interesting video. Taking risks has great rewards, but opens one up to slings and arrows of fellows like me. Hopefully, she has worked through some of the rough spots and will be able to add to the solid foundation she laid with PP 1. To be honest, picking Alexandra Nice, Shayla Le Veaux, Sana Fey and one of my favorite cuties, Wendi Knight is one hell of a fine start.
The opening scene is a lesbian pairing between a couple of good looking blondes, Deven and Shayla I believe. It’s all new age music and slow motion, so you know what I think of it sexually. Nicely shot with some creative editing, but even when the guitar riff kicks in and Deven does Shayla with a big dildo, it left me limp. Nice effort and good for those who like this sort of thing, but not even in my zip code.
That comes to an end and we switch over to Alexandra Nice, alone, touching her awesome body. We are still a bit heavy on the camera tricks for my taste, but watching her stroll up to a pair of willing studs peaks my sexual interest for the first time in the movie. One problem, the switching from black and white to color and digital effect stuff that ruins Rob Black’s work, is also present here. (Yeah, let’s see another porn critic compare Jill and Rob.) The sad part is that this sort of thing just deflates what appears to be a very hot three way. Alex is a sexual treasure and a looker to boot, why hide that with freaky looking video effects? The unencumbered shots are very hot and I really hope Jill will reconsider using this sort of ‘style’ in the future. At least during the sex scenes, it makes it hard for us to enjoy her stuff. Good work here, but the editing stripped away most of the sexual heat.
Blonde Shasta has fun teasing Randy Spears for a bit. Sure, now Jill turns the effects off. It’s not crystal clear, but at least we get to watch the piercing eyes of this blonde as she swallows his rod. I do like the fact that everyone, including Jill, is having a great time. In fact, the director even joins in and Randy soon has two blonde heads bobbing on his knob. Quickly, the gears shift and Randy is slam fucking Shasta. This woman has some seriously strong legs and takes a mean anal piledriver. The facial is messed up by the digital effects. Two scenes in a row nicely done, but killed by over-production.
Busty Sana Fey struts her stuff for black stud Mark Anthony and he tosses her on the pool table like a rag doll for a taste of that trim. One of these days I need to sit down with a director and find out why they take perfectly hot scenes and cloud them with this strobe-like looks. You have a big boobed redhead bent over taking a monster black cock in her from behind and it looks like we’re looking through smoked glass. Damn, the facial looks super good too.
Jill went out and found herself a super fine winner in little Kelly. She is so damn cute it’s unreal. With the help of another couple of cuties, they introduce her to a new guy, long haired Even. The trio of women and one guy fall all over each other on the couch, groping and sucking for anything available. Not to repeat myself, but there seems to be some damn hot action here. Why aren’t we allowed to just watch it? Kelly is especially hot. Where can I see her in action some more? (Or where could I see this footage, pre-editing room disaster?)
We switch now to a petite brunette who is eclipsed by Mark Davis. I swear he looks like he could crush her. Rather than harping again on what happened to an otherwise hot scene, I will just shake my head and think of what might have been. Anal sex and a facial for those of you not sent into seizures by the strobing.
OK, my problems with this movie are pretty clear by now. I understand that camera and editing tricks are the keys to getting movies into cable. However, isn’t that what feature and art porn are for? In the first Perfect Pink video, the best part was just watching Jill being herself. More of that and less intrusive editing tricks would have made this much more enjoyable for me. I know everyone must seek their own vision, and I wouldn’t want all movies to be the same, but if you could combine some of the hot sex Jill has in this movie, with the free flowing fun of say, Shane’s World videos, I think we would have a real winner. Again, I do commend Jill for taking a chance, and I’m sure people who like this sort of look will love it, but for me, I want to see less editing tricks and more of Jill’s sexuality coming through.

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