Sean Michael’s Up Your Ass 9



OVERALL RATING: 6 (The Julie Meadows scene is a must see.)

140 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Sean Michaels


THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex, Big Cocks

CONDOMS: None Noted


STARS: Mercedes, Greta, Jewel Valmont, Julie Meadows, Rebecca Blond, John Walton, Nick Lang, Andrew Youngman, Lexington Steele and Sean Michaels.


Long after he did his stint with Elegant Angel, Sean Michaels’ hand is still helping stir the Anabolic cocktail. His Up Your Ass series has long been one of the best interracial anal gonzo/wall to wall series on the porn market. (And exactly how many of those ARE there Rog?) His calm, cool style comes across on camera and seems to be contagious. The women in his videos all seem very relaxed and quite ready to take his, long, black rod into their tight bums. (Or the rods of anyone else who happen to be lucky enough to get a part in one of these movies.) There are some Euro-babes in this volume, but the shot on the box that caught my eye was cute little Julie Meadows taking on the massive beanstalk of Lexington Steele. (And I hear one of my new faves Layla Jade is in #10)

Greta is up first, and this busty blonde Euro babe looks might fetching in her bra and panties. She rubs some oil on Sean’s back for a minute or two before taking his cock into her mouth. Only the first few inches will fit in her mouth, but she caresses his shaft, working it between her tight lips. It fits a little better in her pussy, but he still has to go rather slowly. You know that he is eventually going to knock on her back door and it’s even slower going around there. With a little work, and using long slow strokes, Greta takes every inch of Sean in her ass from behind. Quite a feat, I must say. The opening scene ends when Greta strokes a load out of Sean’s cock and onto her chin and tits.

When Mercedes shows up late for a casting call, she has to go the extra mile to get the part. Not only is she willing to demonstrate her skills on her male partner, but also invites the casting agent in as well. This woman truly is destined for stardom if for no other reason than she is quite pleasing to the eye, particularly when she has a big cock in her mouth. With a mini-dress on, it’s not that hard to take advantage. These guys just lay her on the table and start fucking her. Mercedes is nice looking with a really nice rack, and she takes it in the ass quite nicely. It isn’t until the DP when we get to look at her face though. We do get another face shot as Mercedes takes twin loads of go on her face and in her wide open mouth.

Jewel Valmont is up next and she is quite eager to Lexington Steele’s cock in her ass. (Has she SEEN that thing?) After he licks her for a few moments, she gets a look at it when he puts it into her open mouth. The oral is very short and for the first few minutes, he only puts the tip of his cock into her pussy. She takes more while riding him, but seems to be having some serious problems. (See, there is such a thing as too much cock.) The second time around Jewel does a lot more cocksucking which is very nice. The doggy fuck that follows is also very hot looking. After a slow start, she is really picking up steam when he makes the move to the backdoor. No way it all fits in, but she finally ends up taking about half of it with each stroke. The piledriver gives us the best view of her smiling face, pretty pussy, stuffed ass and hot thighs. It also allows him to drop a sizable load all over her face. Best of the video so far, by far!

Valerie is another leggy woman with an ample backside. Sean admires it as Val warms herself up with some self caresses. That is just a warm up as the somewhat less than beautiful woman starts sucking cock. Both her face and body are average at best, which is disappointing in a series that has so many cuties. Still, she is an energetic fuck, fingering her own ass as she rides cock. Personally, I love the way she wiggles her ass, inviting him to fuck her hard from behind. With two cocks now working on her, Valerie doesn’t miss a beat, she just rocks back and forth, taking them both on. This woman sure gets down and dirty, even stopping in the middle of her DP to lick Sean’s asshole for a while.

Finally, we get to the Julie Meadows scene. (No, this isn’t the final scene, but it seems like I have been waiting forever.) The only intro here is Julie’s mouth getting to know Lex’s cock. Even when she stuffs it into her throat, it only goes about two-thirds of the way down, but the look in her eyes is just priceless. She is so damn cute and looks so hot sucking cock that I may end up just watching this scene before moving on. With some help, her pussy is nice and wet for a very slow insertion, followed by some gentle, shallow strokes that stretch her tight little muffin. His strokes get faster, bringing sexy cries from this perfect little slutlet. The smile on her face as she grinds down on him is worth a thousand hard-ons. Finally, he puts about half of it in her ass from behind, pulling it out from time to time to stroke lube towards the tip. Hell yeah, check out the RCA, Julie drops down all the way on that monster before leaning back, throwing her legs in the air and just goes to fucking town. Even before the goo starts flying, leaving the cutie quite cum-stained, it is time to save this scene a slot in the Best of Up Your Ass compilation.

Another Euro-babe, Rebecca Blond closes out the action. Granted, she has a super tough act to follow, so my view might be a bit clouded. Still, she’s average looking with a good body and seems eager to suck cock. Sean goes right for her ass, but to be honest, there is nothing in this scene that can hold a candle to Julie’s. (Or the other scenes on this tape.) There is some decent RCA and a final facial, however unless you are just a fan of the interracial anal genre and have to see every scene, rewind and watch Julie one more time.

As it was coming into this volume, the Up Your Ass series remains the best of its ilk. Fans of interracial anal will get more than their share of tight, puckered pink assholes jammed full of big black cocks. The Euro-babes in this video are pretty decent, but it’s far from the best video in this series. Still, there are two stand out scenes, starring Jewel and Julie. Both of these women are cute and know to take an amazing amount of hard cock in their tight little bums. In fact, Julie’s scene is one of the best this series has ever brought us. She is too cute and just gets drilled by Lexington. Without this scene, the movie would still be worth watching, but thanks to Julie, I think everyone should check it out, and I will be keeping it in my personal collection. (At least until the scene appears in a compilation.) Now I just can’t wait for volume ten.

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