Max 9


75 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Max Hardcore
THEMES: Youngish Girls, Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Public Sex
1996 (3/96)
STARS: Barbi Angel, Lil Cinderella, Lovette, Davia Ardell.
Since some people have taken my recent criticisms of Max Hardcore’s newer vids as a condemnation of all of his movies, I thought I would find something to help balance things out. This is a video that I have in my personal collection, which should tell you that I actually enjoyed it. As I recall, this movie came just about the time Max started going too far over the edge for me, so we can pinpoint some of the things that I loved about Max as well as some of the problems I have now. One of the things that I liked better back then was that Max used performers who could handle his rough brand of sex. Lovette, Davia, Barbi and Lil Cin are the sort of balls to wall anal sluts who can take big cocks in their poopers and smile, so we don’t have to watch someone in pain. They are also quite sexually energetic and don’t just lie there while Max does his business.
While Max roars up the street on his hog, two nasty slutlets are waiting for him back at his place. Barbi tells her new friend Lil Cinderella that Max has all sorts of games planned for them. Yes, they are both dressed up as over-exaggerated mall sluts, but there is nothing particularly child-like in their attire or their actions. (They both look like twenty somethings playing the part, rather ridiculously.) With Barbi’s help, there are evil things in store for Cindy. I don’t particularly like watching Max grab Barbi’s ponytail and choke fuck her. Mainly because all you see is the back of her head and his wrist. The spit bubbles that come after the lame throat fucking are pretty unattractive as well. I prefer to see faces than pre-puke covered chins. It’s a style thing, and somewhere Max went from blowjobs to gag-fucking. (Which takes a lot of effort for him.) I would much rather just watch these two blonde sluts suck cock, but hey, Max is the director, not me. Cindy puts her tiny butt in the air and easily takes Max cock in her backdoor. This is good, hard anal sex with a couple of chicks who dig it. Cindy takes a messy facial then drips it into Barb’s mouth. Pretty damn nasty scene, and certainly worthy of praise.
Max finds Davia skating by and shoves her into the men’s room. What is actually a frightening setup if you think about it, quickly becomes a case of a woman who just really wants to be fucked blue. He just pulls down her leotard, bends her over and fucks her on roller skates. Check him out as he tries to keep her quiet. This is a real public bathroom, adding some heat to the action. Afraid they will be caught, the new couple heads to Max’s place where is free to explore her man-made, living love doll body. Those damn skates must be heavy, but Davia is a trooper. Max actually fucks her pussy for a long time, including some very hot looking doggy. From there, anal is an easy insertion and listen to that sports fans. No growling, just a moaning, squealing little anal slut. Music to my fucking ears Max, music to my fucking ears. I could do without the choke fucking that follows, especially since Davia is such a hot little cocksucker, but we return quickly enough to the anal that I don’t totally lose my desire to keep watching. Davia’s hard hip action during RCA is the sort of stuff that made Max one of my all time favorites back then. The oral is ruined by choke fucking and if you click off the facial before she starts making spit bubbles, it is a work of smuty art. For the most part, this scene kicks major ass.
Max and his buddy (Jerry Pike I believe.) stalk the lovely Lovette through the city streets. She looks quite fetching in her mini slut-dress and heels. Watching heads turn as she passes is pretty fun and kind of offsets the ominous, stalker set up. They befriend her and take her back to their room. Once inside, the guys throw her on the bed. Thankfully, the force ends here as she sits on the bed, on her hands and knees, waiting for the guys to whip their cocks out. The horny little blonde just starts rocking her whole body forward to swallow rod. Max fucks her pussy from behind and that only makes the blonde slut work harder. The music overshadows the actual sex noises, but maybe that’s a good thing in this case. It sure looks good. Lovette loves to fuck and wiggles her big, round ass, inviting the guys to slam fuck her shaved little pussy. She licks Max’s ass and deep throats his cock (As opposed to having it shoved down her throat, note the huge difference.) They don’t spare her ass either, fucking it with strong strokes, warming it up for an RCA turned DP. This is the kind of super hot action that made me love Max’s movies and what I miss when I see his new stuff. Finally, they both fire loads onto face until the cum drips from her nose, chin an tongue all over those big (though not as huge as now) boobs.
This video is a perfect example of the line Max crossed a couple of years ago. Three quarters of this movie is exactly the sort of stuff I praised him for for so long. Hard anal sex, messy facials and some dirty looking sluts. Much of the oral sex is ruined by the choke fucking and all the pre-vomit. Too bad, because all four of these women do some of their best work with hard cocks in their mouths. Nothing wrong with the anal, as Cindy, Lovette and especially Davia turn in blistering butt bangs. No speculums, no little girl references and a sound track that is not dominated by growling male voices. It�s not soft, pretty sex to be sure, but it also won�t send people running for the barf bags. In fact, for those of us who dig good, hard fucking and cum covered slutlets, this video reaches perfection as often as not. Turn back Max, I beg you, make more movies like this!

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