Lil Women Go To War


93 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Harry S. Morgan
Astral Ocean
THEMES: Euro-Babes, Army Girls
CONDOMS: None Noted
This series always has so many hot young Euro-babes, I end up frustrated because I can’t put names to the hot faces and bodies. Of course, many of you often help me fill in the blanks. (Please, feel free.) Even without names, my enjoyment of the Lil Women movies makes reviewing them fun. So what if I have to mix in a few too many pronouns, as long as the slutlets are cute and well fucked in their tight asses, all is good on pornland. With the help of a narrator, we get the story second hand. This may take away some of the subtle beauty of porn dialog, but most of you are fast forward through this part anyway.
We start with Suzanne who doesn’t like her boyfriend to drink because she likes him alert and hard enough to fuck her. Before he can get too deep into the bottle, she shows off her new lingerie and has his full attention. This woman is too skinny and not at all cute, but she is an eager cock hound who sucks his big rod to the base. Compared to other women in this series, she is pretty forgettable, but for those of you who like women to get nasty, she does bury her tongue deep into the guy’s colon. Not a great start looks-wise, but far from a sexual dud.
A class of young, cute recruits has joined the Army. They are greeted by the leering eyes of the men who are to train them. We get to watch them parade around naked while the guys find uniforms that will fit their fine, young forms. The final recruit is a very pretty blonde who turns down her sergeant when he asks her for a date. You see, she is in the army because she is a nymphomaniac and dating is just a waste of time. That doesn’t bother the soldier, who is happy to share the little slut with his buddy. She quickly goes to work lubing the cocks with her mouth, hoping to get fucked before the guys have a chance to change their minds. (Not that either of them would.) This girl has a pretty cute face and has no problem sucking cocks. After warming her up with some single fucking, the guys DP her hot holes. They move again, this time giving us a better view of her tiny ass as it gets fucked. Finally, one guy blows a nut all over her pussy while the other coats her face with semen. This is one hot little number to be sure.
When one of the recruits doesn’t do a good enough job of cleaning the floors, her training officer gives her a new knob to shine. The redhead doesn’t ask any questions. She just takes his cock in her mouth and starts stroking the shaft. Knowing they could be caught, he hurriedly pushes her over the railing of the stairwell and fucks her tight twat. Being on top seems to bring out the best in this woman, but leaning her on the rail, with one leg up high, gives us the best view. The dutiful recruit happily takes a stream of cum that streaks her chin to eyebrows, in creamy goo.
The man in charge is struggling with the whole, women in the military thing. His soldiers are distracted by the women, and as he explains this to a short haired brunette babe it seems she is having the same effect on him. (Try making them wear pants, genius.) Before he can act on his impulses, we cut to the barracks where two of the other girls find a way to keep warm at night. These two are pretty cute and love making each other squirm. This is every army guy’s worst nightmare, a bunch of labe lapping lezzies working on each other instead of killing folks. What is the army coming to? I’m not all that into all girl scenes, but these two had me going big time with their active tongues and squirming bods. Very, very sexy.
Frustrated, the whole platoon can think of nothing but getting their handsome training officer out of his clothes. (Poor guy.) One of them gets the bright idea to pass out. The industrious soldier quickly unbuttons her shirt and starts mouth to mouth. She takes advantage, pulling him close and planting a big wet kiss on his shocked lips. Following her lead he works his way down for a little mouth to muff resuscitation. Her talented mouth has a way of waking up cocks and it isn’t long before she has him hard as steel and ready to rock the house. I’m wondering as I watch him fuck this blonde until her wonderfully natural boobs are shaking wildly, would he be called a drill sergeant? (Oh God, someone shot Rog before he puns again.) Great shot as he takes her up onto the top bunk and spoon fucks her. We get a perfect view of her tight slit and gorgeous boobs. She ends up with a big wad of joy juice all over her pretty face.
After the guys sit and wonder if two of the girls are lesbians, one stud stays behind to get busy with a horny redhead. The lighting is a bit dim (It’s set in a dark kitchen) and this woman is not as hot as the young recruits. Still, there are some hot, close-up anal shots and a well taken shot in the mouth by the horny lady.
As ordered, one of the young soldiers confronts the alleged lesbians. (Well, they are the two who were squirming around on the bed.) They offer to prove that they are not lesbians by pleasing his cock. Of course, while he fills his mouth with tittie, the girls are making out pretty heavily, but I guess Bi isn’t the same as gay now is it? As great as the girls were with each, they are even hotter now that they have a cock to play with. The prettier of the two girls also happens to have the bigger tits. She gets his oral attentions early while her fiend frantically sucks and strokes his shaft. Using her spit on his stick, the guy begins to fuck her prone friend for all he’s worth. It’s a long and passionate mish fuck, broken up when the second girl pulls his cock out to taste her friend on his unit. Patience pays off for the first girl in the form of a solid fuck in her tight little ass. Both girls share an A2M facial, proving that they can’t be gay, they just cant. With women like this in the army, no one would have to fire a gun. They could just fuck the enemy into submission.
This is pretty much what you would expect from a Lil Women movie. Lots of cute girls getting fucked nice and hard by big cocks. I wish I had names to go with the raves, but there are a couple of stand outs. The blonde woman from the second scene, who takes on two guys is a real looker. The mouth-to-mouth girl (Who could be the same woman actually) is also stunning. This is the best one on one scene of the movie. The two little lezzie girls are so hot, I even liked the g/g scene. Later, when they have a guy to play with, the one with the bigger rack (and longer hair) really captured my attention. Also, the redhead who got bent over the stair railing, she was hot. There are a couple of not so hot women, but overall, this is a good cast, great sex and will play with strokers who have women in the military fantasies.

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