Shane’s World 17



110 Mins.



THEMES: Blondes, Party.



STARS: Sky, Shane, Salena, Jewel, Billy Glide and Mr. Marcus.


Volume seventeen!?! Has it really been that long since Shane set off on her own to make gonzo movies? I can remember sending some of my earliest reviews to Shane, and though I never did get picked fan of the month, I can proudly say that I was the loudest voice (If not the first) declaring Shane a national treasure. I was understandably distraught when Shane stopped performing with dudes on camera, but I think I have sufficiently recovered and can review SW vids again. Besides, Shane’s new contract girl Sky looks like a walking, talking party and if I like her as much as I think I’m going to like her, an upcoming interview with this blonde bundle of lust could be really interesting.

Once again, Shane has gathered up her closest friends for a little road trip. Somehow these roadies always end up drunken sexual orgies. My only problem is that sometimes the action gets a little jumbled and hard to follow. Big breasted Salena gets right down to biz with Billy Glide, sucking his cock nice and hard. Sliding a rubber on, Billy mish fucks the sexy blonde raw while she rubs her own clit. This girl has a thick ass but check out the way she bobs on Billy. Very high energy fucking that is nicely shot and capped off with a long blow/hand job that ends with a load on her tits. (Linger a bit on that will ya?)

Mr. Marcus is busy in the hot tub with Jewel and Sky, enjoying their mouths on his hard cock. Actually Jewel is the one doing all the sucking, Sky is lurking around lending a finger or tongue where needed. He bends the young girl over and stars poking her from behind, bringing loud cries of approval from her pretty lips. Sky finally gets into the act, taking Marcus’ fat pole into her tight, shaved honey pot. From the sound of things, I’d say she likes it, she really, really likes it. Marcus likes it too, firing a nice load onto Sky’s flat tummy. (I like the way she grabs his shaft while it’s still in her and jerks it a bit.)

We cut right back to Sky, her mouth open as Marcus jerks off. That’s not enough, so he gives her a quick standing doggy and pops a nut on her sexy little butt. Without ever leaving the hot tub, Sky gets into a little g/g fun as well. She and Salena hook up for a bit before Jewel takes over, letting the big titted Salena ride her fake cock to a shuddering climax. These two give a great dildo assisted fuck that has its moments. After the hot tub, the trio of chicks mess around in bed for a while. By that, I don’t mean they have sex again, they just screw around. I know, it’s not quite hardcore porn, but it does look like a cheerleader slumber party gone terribly perverse. Fun and, I think, pretty damn sexy as filler.

Their game of toss the bouncing weenie becomes a drunken, naked game of dare with each girl having to perform some sort of lewd act when she drops the ball. It goes on a bit too long perhaps, but we get to see that Sky, Salena and Jewel have fun personalities and enjoy what they are doing. Personally, I like that.

When the sex resumes, it’s Sky again, this time outdoors with Billy Glide. Damn this girl is cute and watching her suck and stroke his big cock is very hot. Where does Shane hang out that she finds friends like this? Billy lifts her up like she is nothing and tastes her sweet slit before tossing her on the ground and slam fucking the living shit out of it. Watching her get it from behind, I am instantly in love with this young woman’s thighs. (And what is in between them no doubt.) Well, yeah, she has a REALLY pretty pussy that looks like fucking candy. Billy pulls out of an awesome piledriver to drop a load on her smooth pussy.

Some more playing turns sexual when the gang works a butt plug into Sky’s ass. If you ask me, that butt is just begging for a bone. Again, the action just keeps right on going, with Salena now taking Marcus into her mouth and working his big prick into fighting shape. Salena uses her mouth and her awesome rack to keep him happy until Marcus finally decides to fill her little pussy with pork. They fuck each other in a few positions, but it is when Salena is on top that things get really hot. She grinds her ample ass up and down on his rod with some wonderful hip action. He ends up dribbling what jizz he has left on her big titties.

Marcus has some fun with a beer bottle, using it briefly on Sky as she sucks Billy’s cock. Sky is the single greatest party girl since Shane herself. If half of what she says to the camera is true, then anyone lucky enough to hang with this cutie is in for a ride that would kill even Mr. Toad. She is back in the hot tub, chugging tequila like it’s water and sucking Billy’s cock. The problem is that the screwing around sort of takes over and a lack of compete sex scenes sinks in.

Jewel gets to play with Salena, even breaking her anal cherry with some finger fucking. It’s slow going at first, but once she gets warmed up and starts rubbing her clit, it seems that fingers will not be the last thing this busty blonde takes up her tight pooper. Jewel soon has her squirting and screaming so loud it’s a wonder I didn’t hear it down here when the thing was shot. Jewel is also the star of the final scene, taking Marcus’ fat pole in her tight pussy. He gives her all he’s got and the sexy young thing seems ready to take even more.

Shane has developed a style all her own. As always, she brings people together who clearly love what they do. Whether it be sex, lusty drinking games or just plain fucking around, the cast and crew of this video is having a blast. I realize the free wheeling style of this video prohibits traditional scene breaks, but there are a few pairings I would like to have seen from the start to their wet climaxes. The fun is a nice diversion and I personally enjoy it, but you can get too much of a good thing. One thing I can’t get enough of is the trio of new hotties that take most of the action. Jewel is pretty good looking and knows how to fuck. I really think Salena is hot and would probably kill you all just to have a shot as fucking her ass. Still, it’s Sky who takes the cake. This girl has a tight, hot bod, a cute face and the sex drive of a world class slutlet. Shane did a great job finding a contract girl who is great to look at, fun to watch and a wild fuck to boot. Sure I would make a few changes to this adventure, but in all, it delivers enough sex in and around the fun to be what it’s supposed to be, a sexy, highly strokeable piece of smut. Shane Style.

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