Nineteen Video Magazine 8


79 Mins.
Dane- 1997
DIR: Don Marque
STARS: Little Cinderella, Holly Hummer, Shawna Edwards, Precious, Steve Hatcher, Paul Stryder, Joey, Don.
THEMES: Shaving, Young Girls

With the new laws making youth themed videos harder to come by, this series pushes the limits with just its title. If you are looking for really young looking women, this, along with Cherry Poppers are your best bet. The format is pretty simple, letters to the editor acted out. Not a lot of creativity here, but who is watching this to be amazed by well written sexual fantasies? All anyone really wants to see is hot women fucking and sucking right?
First up is Don Fernando relating his tale of lust for his sister’s friend Precious. Don helps her get some sun out by the pool, and the rest, as they say, is history. Precious is an exotic brunette with a monster thick bush that Mr. Micro Penis?.errrr?Don, sets about removing. The brief shave gives way to some decent cock sucking from Precious. She’s nothing great to look at, and her sexual skills are not a big step up either. Of course, Don doesn’t exactly add to the overall heat of the scene himself. Quite honestly, this scene is a bad way to start out a video.
Shawna Edwards is up next, as a girl visiting a friend. When her pal takes off for a while, Shawna is left with her brother Joey who just can’t help but cop a feel while the lovely lady is napping. In porn, as nowhere else, his unwanted finger probing of her pussy is met with glee, not the cries of rape that would happen to anyone in the real world. (Attention MENSings, do NOT try this at home, you will get cracked in your grille for it.) Shawna doesn’t scream or hit, she spreads her long legs and invites him for a very impressive blowjob. She can take every inch of respectable member down her throat and has him throbbing and ready to repay the favor in no time. (I think he just had her stop so he wouldn’t blow right there.) He gives her sweet pussy a serious licking before ramming his cock deep into her body. Someone tell me what is up with Shawna’s tattooing her man’s name over her pussy. The chemistry between these is apparent though. I doubt too many women would get this into fucking a guy whit hair like that. After some good fucking, Shawna takes a nice shot on her chest and face. Better than the first scene, but still nothing to write home about.
Newcomer Holly Hummer is the next girl to share herself with a lucky stud. This time, pizza boy Paul Stryder sweeps her right off her feet and out of her dress. The curvy brunette has natural, no more than a mouthful breasts and bares them proudly before sucking Paul’s salami to full mast. Fans of shaved pussies will have a lot cheer about during the long shots of him sucking her bare snatch, and his tongue action seems to calm down this nervous new girl. She is pretty cute, but just seems to go through the motions as he fucks her from behind. She does take a facial, but still just never seems to be having any fun at all. I would like to see Holly again, but only if she decides this is what she wants to do.
The final scene pairs sexy Little Cinderella with Steve Hatcher. Steve, plays a guy rummaging through LC’s undies and when she catches him, she just can’t help but relieve his sexual tension. Cinderella decides that to make up for his perversion, Steve should have to be her slave. This, of course, involves sniffing her panties while she is still wearing them. Anyone else think a guy this fucking ugly should get down and thank God he can even get a woman, let alone was downright sexy as LC? Once her shaved pussy is thoroughly licked, it is Steve’s turn to be on the receiving end. Unlike the other girls in this tape, Cinderella really knows how to work a cock with her mouth and hands. She is a porn star who earns her money every time she gets a hardon in her mouth. Her thin body really fits the theme of this video, looking quite sexy as she lowers herself down on his shaft. Her ass sure looks tight, but Steve goes right after it, sliding right in the back door, providing with by far the best footage in this tape. Cinderella is a first class anal slut (Wow, bet those words have never been uttered before.) and takes all Steve can dish out before he splashes all over her tiny tits. This is far and away the best scene in the video.
Of the four scenes in this video, only the final one is really worth a look. The sex is all mediocre and the women are nothing to write home about. I found myself wanting to like this video and some of the women, but until Little Cinderella’s assfuck, there just wasn’t much for me to work with. Watch it if you want to see this first class piece of ass, or if new girls are your thing.
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