Private – Tatiana 1


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115 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Pierre Woodman

Private – 1999

THEMES: Peasant Girls, Royalty, Prostitutes, Big cocks, Interracial Sex.

STARS: Tania Russof, Myrka, David Perry, Inga, Bettina, Jean-Yves Lecastel, Keri, Rita, Sarah, Alain Deloin, Andrew Youngman, Lydia, Karina.







There are some very nice features on this disc. The full motion chapter stops have become fairly commonplace, but are still a nice way to find your favorite parts of the film. Additionally, there are five spoken language soundtracks plus four subtitles to choose from. This is something totally new to porn on DVD allowing you to customize for your viewing pleasure. The extra section has plenty of nice features. The high gloss trailer for this film is extremely well done. Also included is a mini-documentary on the making of the film. This features some sexual highlights as well as on set interviews with some of the stars. The cast list gives us personal information as well as film credits (I was jotting these down furiously, making my shopping list.) Text notes on the film offer an interesting insight into the film. (though the print could have been a bit bigger.) Some photos might have been nice, or an interview with Woodman, but still, this is a fantastic collection of bonus material.


This is Private’s second venture into the world of the DVD. The first film, The Pyramid, was the very best adult DVD I have had the pleasure to view. After setting the porn world on fire with their collection of videos, Private came right out of the gate and blew the doors off the DVD competition. Given the fact that on video, Tatiana got one of the only perfect 10’s I have ever given, I would say this is a pretty good way to follow up on that initial trilogy. Since I enjoyed the video so much, I am going to watch the DVD version fresh, and see if it holds up in the new format.

Tania Russof plays the lovely Tatiana, a simple country girl, living in the Ukraine in 1834. She lives with her father and sister, struggling to make ends meet and pay the Marquis his due. How will they keep from starving? How will they pay him back when they don’t have the money? On her walk through the woods, she hears beautiful music coming from an abandoned castle. She gets a better view and finds Dimitri, the Czar’s nephew. It is love at first sight for the young couple and they consummate their relationship right away. Tania looks fantastic and the super clear picture makes this a highly enjoyable experience. He takes her to the floor and tongues her clit until it throbs like a miniature cock. Of course, he has a full sized cock and Tatiana can hardly wait to get her lips around it. With eyes this beautiful, any blowjob would look great, but Tania just happens to be a great cocksucker to boot. The lucky stud bends her over his piano and fucks her hard from behind. Switching again, she squats and fucks him hard, showing off her strong thigh muscles and lovely ass. Even nicer looking is the spoon position with Tania’s perfect body on full display, shapely legs, mouth watering breasts, gorgeous face and tight little pussy. The only question is where to look. At last, he pulls out and let’s Tatiana jerk his love juice out into her open mouth. A beautifully shot scene that is blistering thanks to the incredible Ms. Russof.

Back home, things are not as pleasant however. The Marquis pays a visit to the mill to get his money. Finding the man of the house not home, he invites himself in, where he forces Tatiana’s sister Svetlana, to serve his guards a drink. The drink quickly becomes more as the Marquis offers the young lass for their amusement. He promises her that her father’s debt will be wiped clean if she just agrees to show the boys a good time. A small price to pay for the cute young farm girl, who quickly agrees. She is another amazing looking young more woman who deep sucks the Marquis while the guards all poke and prod at her pussy and asshole in preparation for a little military maneuvering. Since she is already on her hands and knees, they take her like a dog. Almost immediately, they decide that it’s her ass that really needs to be fucked. There really are no rape elements to this scene, just a lot of hard cocks fucking a very pretty young woman who sucks like a two dollar whore and takes dick in her ass like a seasoned Senate Paige. This is a very hot scene with the guys giving this cutie everything they have, fucking all three of her holes raw. (and damn her pussy looks tasty.) Watching her squat fuck while desperately sucking the circle of cocks in her face, is porn perfection. After having their fill of her sweet pussy and tight ass, the men all drop loads of protein onto her super pretty face. My friends, smut just doesn’t get any better than this. Of course, the Marquis is full of shit and goes back on his end of the bargain. This leaves poor Svetlana destroyed. Tatiana vows to take revenge and sets her plan in motion right away.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, the Marquis is having plenty of problems of his own. He no longer sleeps in the same room with his wife. This may be because the Marquis is in search of his ideal woman, a blue eyed beauty with a shaved slit and a ring through her clit. (Specific much?) All of this is just set up for later in the story. We have to change venues to get another sex scene.

What we get is a huge orgy at a brothel. Tatiana has decided to come to work as a prostitute to make money for her family and stops by just as the women of the house are busy entertaining the troops. (Guess they ran out of young maidens to rape.) It takes some convincing, but Tatiana convinces the Madame to let her work. She must first be shown around the house, so we follow Tatiana around as she spies on the other women, learning her trade. First we see a soldier banging away on one cutie from behind as she laps the labes of another young lovely. This fast paces scene features some great RCA from a woman who appears to have some Asian features and takes cock in her ass like a real pro. Love the real tits on this cutie and she is not at all shy about deep stroking with her anus. After butt fucking both women, the soldier drops his load between their two faces.

In the next room, a guy wants to watch his woman finger her pussy as a warm up for sex. This doesn’t last long before he calls her over for a quick blowjob. This woman is pretty average looking, especially in a cast of pure beauties. In the blink of an eye, we move through a three position fuck to RCA, with this woman dropping her full body weight down on this guy’s rod. This guy is a dribbler, missing her face with the stream of cum that drips from his small cock.

From that lukewarm scene, we move to a fantastic scene. One of the most beautiful women I have ever scene sits sucking a super huge cock, working her full lips over it and looking like a walking, talking wet dream. (I know someone told me this girl’s name, but I lost that email. I want to grab her movies right away.) As he licks her pussy, it seems far too tight to handle his horse cock, but she mounts and rides it all the same. I loved this scene when I first saw it, and I have to say, it is every bit as ball busting as ever. When she is riding him, her perfect ass sticks out, a vision of things to come. As if to prove to us all she can handle it, we get anal in reverse, that sweet pussy (And perfect tits) on display as he stretches her sphincter. A big, gooey blast all over her gorgeous face and we close the single hottest scene in the movie and I am further in love with this perfect slutlet than ever.

Her tutor has a final lesson for Tatiana. She tells her what happens if you refuse the boss. In doing so, Sarah relates the story of what happened to her when she refused a client. The Madame shows her rebellious little whore what happens when you refuse anal sex. Using a ridiculously huge dildo to fuck Sarah’s tight little asshole. There is a faked pissing scene as well as the Madame makes sure Sarah knows her place.

In the castle, the Marquis is doing his best to mend fences with his wife. He is quite the smooth talker and soon has her royal head bobbing on his knob. She may not be a whore, but wifey sure knows how to suck cock and could teach her own class in orally worshipping a man. Two of the servants peer in through the keyhole and like what they see. (They probably just dig seeing their bitchy boss get fucked raw.) A guy comes along and soon the three servants are fucking just like the royalty. (God, I love porn plot developments.) Switching back and forth plays hell with the heat, but both scenes are worth watching, so I can put up with the odd pacing that comes from switching back and forth. The Marquis slam fucks his pretty wife nearly through the mattress and she loves every second. The two servant girls spend a lot of time on their knees, really putting on a show that will have oral sex lovers spooging in the aisles. The lighting is a bit odd here, making the skin tones pink with the dim light. A mood is being set for sure, but I prefer straight ahead lighting for sex this hot. The Marquis fucks his wife in the ass about as hard as humanly possible. She may be rich, but in bed, she is no less a total anal whore than the lowly maids, fucking outside her door. (Ain’t equality grand?) Wife and servants all take cum on their pretty faces, closing out both scenes, and the film in fine fashion.

Since I was blown away by this film on video, is there any reason to think I wouldn’t love it on DVD as well? The picture is crystal clear, though I don’t remember some of the odd lighting on the video. This film combined great technical aspects, an interesting (though dubbed) story and of course, blistering sex. Tania Russof is stunning to look at and fucks like a super star. The supporting cast in this film are also impressive. Little sister Sveltana’s gang bang is amazing. The Marquis’ wife is a willing anal slut who manages to look classy even while being sodomized. In the end however, it’s my big titted whore who wins my love and affection. Her scene with the super hung stud is the best of the movie and one of the best I have ever scene. It’s couples friendly, providing your lady doesn’t mind the awesome anal action and messy facials. It is this great combination that makes Tatiana perfect for couples and coaters alike.

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