Kobe’s Tie




78 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Toni English
– 1998
STARS: Kobe Tai, Brooke Ashley, Johnni Black, Julia Ann, Maya, Charlie, Dakota, Mark Davis, Marc Wallice, James Bonn.
BAD GIRLS- Interactive Cell block with 5 short segments.
WEB- Commercial for Vivid�s Web Site.
AWARD WINNING SEX- Short clips, but why cut the clip off at �And the winner is�� How do we know what movie it is or who to look for?
PREVIEWS- A pair of trailers, for �Dangerous� and �The Show.�
MEET THE GIRLS- New bios on the V Girls. Scrolling info moves by a bit too fast, but the still shots and video are nice.
INTEL SEX GAME- Two clips from �Where the Boys Aren�t 10�
On the bonus side of this disc, we get 24 previews for other Vivid films. I rather like these, but would like the option to run them one after the other. The Vivid trailers are all well cut and make good ads for the films. We also get an abbreviated version of Vivid�s blooper film. This is a nice addition if you like the lighter side of smut. There is also quite a bit of sex in between the goofs. The interactive playroom stars Kobe Tai in six sections of one long scene. Click on an object in the room and watch Kobe fucked with a dildo, fingering her pussy, sucking on a fat cock or grinding as if being fucked. The final icon leads you to another room with four more choices. This time, each selection leads you to a mini scene, including an anal fuck from Katie Gold, and a facial from Celeste among others. As a bonus, you also get mini highlight reels featuring all the Vivid Girls. These nicely cut promo pieces are good loops and would actually be something to put on at a bachelor party or poker night.
DVD EXTRA GRADE- B+ They get high marks for effort, and the material is quite good. However, there are still some bugs in the layout. The Cell Block game is just too much effort for very little pay off. The previews are nice and the ‘Meet the The Girls’ feature is always a good addition. If you�re going to take up disc space, let�s at least make sure the viewer can get to it easily.
Quite possibly the most striking of the Vivid Girls, Kobe Tai is also one of the hottest sexual performers that company has ever had under contract. She takes the lead in this swinging adventure from director Toni English. Beyond the catchy title, this video had a cast that I was quite drawn to. In addition to the pint sized Vivid prick pleaser, there is another of my personal favorites, Brooke Ashley and this cast of eager performers.
Kobe is at a party with several of her friends. Though everyone is wearing masks, the first thing one notices about this party is the couple having sex in front of everyone. Considering the rest of the cast, starting things off with Marc Wallice and Dakota might not have been the best idea. Dakota is a rather unattractive bleach blonde with big fake tits and pudgy body. She and Marc generate little heat, making this a pretty unappealing way to start a movie.
Also on hand and not having a good time, is Mark Davis. He introduces himself to Kobe just as her actual date takes off with Brooke Ashley and another masked woman. As the sparks begin to fly, we cut upstairs where Kobe�s guy, James Bonn is having his dick sucked by Maya as Brooke sits and watches. Bonn looks about ready to doze off. Maybe Brooke should have been the one doing the sucking. He wakes up in time to lap her labes a bit, but all I can wonder is why Brooke is wasted just sitting on the sidelines. Nothing wrong with Maya, especially the way the fucks, but someone just needs to throw Brooke down and give her the bone. Great shot as she rides Bonn. Check out the hip action. Maya looks like she�s fucking in triple time. In the end, the sexy little brunette proves her love for her new pal by taking a nice load right in the mouth. Finger licking good from the looks of it.
I guess James didn�t have permission from Kobe to sample the fruits of variety. When she finds them upstairs, Kobe runs out, dropping her tie along the way. The next day, ss she laments running out before finding out her knew friend is, Kobe gets help from her girlfriends, Julia Ann and Charlie. This is porn, so naturally a sympathetic ear becomes a backrub and before you know it a three way lesbian sex scene breaks out. Charlie, who has always preferred women, dives in and enjoys the taste of Kobe�s sweet treat. With plenty to look at, this scene is visually pleasing and thanks to Kobe�s enthusiasm, sexually stimulating as well. Check out Kobe and Charlie sharing a two headed dildo. That ought to get your juices flowing.
Meanwhile, Mark is trying desperately to find his mystery woman and having just enough to luck to get within reach. When he calls and gets Brooke instead, she agrees to go out with him. Apparently their date goes well because they are barely through the front door before things start heating up. Brooke hurries him into the bedroom when she hears Kobe drive up. Brooke may not be the woman he was looking for, but a pussy this tasty sure makes a nice consolation prize. These two seem to be having a very good time together, which might explain why Brooke is even more giving than usual in her cock sucking. She nearly takes his whole cock down her throat and pays special attention to his balls. Her hard work is rewarded as Mark fills her tiny hole with cock and slam fucks her nearly through the mattress. I know I�m not the only one who seriously missed the sexy Ms. Ashley. A great facial that leaves Brooke�s lower face glazed beautifully, ends the action.
After some tense moments between the roommates, all ends well for our star crossed lovers. Mark and Kobe make quite a picture in contrast. His cock looks as big as her leg, but she attacks it like she just can�t wait. Watching Kobe suck dick is always a treat, especially when her hands are wrapped around a shaft as big around as her wrist. Nice reverse cowgirl here with Kobe impaling herself on the full length of his unit. Remember what I said earlier about her being one of the most sexually dynamic Vivid Girls. This scene proves just that point, thank you very much. The two position sex ends with a fantastic facial finish as Mark glazes Kobe�s chin and tongue and she swallows down as much as she can.
This is a technically sound film, well shot and well lit, which we should expect from Vivid. The DVD picture is incredibly sharp and top notch to say the least. If it�s plot or star value you�re looking for, the story is pretty basic, and the covergirl is in only one hetero scene, but it�s spectacular. Kobe and Mark are great together and their scene is a great ending. After a slow start, the sex picks up rather nicely. Brooke Ashley adds her talents in the second best scene of the film. As a story, this one is pretty simple, but mostly this movie is about sex, and the sex in this movie is just fine. One final note, Johnni Black, listed in the credits, is nowhere to be seen in the DVD version of this movie. Another scene cut out to make room for bonus material perhaps?


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