Private: Amanda’s Diary


74 Mins.
DIRECTOR: John Millerman
THEMES: Solo Sex, Anal Sex, Fantasy
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Amanda, Evelyn, Mary Eleniak, Melitta, Monic, Nico, Regina, Ursula, Andrew Youngman, Joe Lemon, John Walton, Leslie Taylor, Nick Lang.
I don’t know who Amanda is, or why would care if she writes a diary. All I know is that the back of the box says she got a camcorder for her 18th birthday and is going to record her sexual awakenings for all of us to see. A pervert?s wet dream? A new gonzo line? No, the latest plot from Private’s new feature. Amanda is beautiful, young and if history teaches us anything about Private, will fuck and suck nobody’s business. With that going for us, who needs plot anyway?
Starting at her birthday party, young brunette Amanda shares with us, her life. (Bet it’s going to beat the shit out of the whiners on ‘The Real World’) After all of her friends have gone, Amanda begins to explore her body, using a hand held mirror to get a close up look at her pretty parts. Another gift, from her friend Hanna, is a big, red dildo. When she calls to thank her for the nice present, the two get quite aroused. Slowly, they get around to some phone sex and Amanda slides that monster into her lovely shaved box. The women begin to fuck themselves with their dildos (Hanna’s is blue) until both are stuffed. Her mind goes wild and the big rubber cock is replaced by a hard human dick (Covered by a rubber) that pounds away on her young box. He’s a lot smaller than the toy, but Amanda seems to love the real thing. Hanna never loses track of reality, fucking her dildo like crazy. Great shots as she puts it on the bed and rides it for a while. They mystery man shoots a load into Amanda’s mouth that dribbles out around her lips, ending an interesting and rather hot scene.
At lunch with some girlfriends, Amanda films a guy a few tables over, secretly wanting him. In bed that night, she dreams about the couple. Amanda can see the lovely girl as she takes her boyfriend’s cock into her waiting mouth, driving him crazy with slow oral strokes. The music is a bit overbearing and the action rather slow here, but it might send a lot of couples rushing off the bedroom. Eventually, she dreams herself into the action with the guy’s hard cock in her pussy while girlfriend munches Amanda’s thighs. Too much fading in and out for me, but another nice load dropped onto her pretty face makes for a nice ending.
Amanda brings her dildo over to Hanna’s where things progress quickly. They compare toys for a bit before Hanna breaks out the lube. She quickly gets her young friend out of her dress and both women grope and kiss in their underwear for a bit. Clearly Amanda has gone down on a woman before, and we already know what sort of a wild woman Hanna is. This is a really soft, romantic g/g scene. Fans of Andrew Blake will love it, but I was bored. Hanna’s friend Mark calls in the middle of the scene and invites himself over. By the time he gets there, the dildo play has heated this scene up considerably. Hanna proves to be quite a skilled sucker, but I would still rather watch Amanda’s lovely face filled with meat. The guy gives her some hard doggy while Hanna uses that big old jelly dildo to keep her coochie nice and wet. They break Amanda’s ass in as well, with Mark fucking her visibly tight (and gripping) as Hanna alternately licks and dildo fucks her cute cunny. When the redhead is being fucked, Amanda shows herself to be unafraid to get in there and lick some clit when needed. Finally, after fucking them both one more time, Mark sprays a healthy load across both of their faces. Nicely done once the heat picked up.
Amanda and her friend Maria take a train ride together. They get off to go sightseeing and walk along a trail with a new male friend. They all come upon another couple having sex, and pretty soon, everyone gets in on the act. All three woman are attractive and everyone spends quite a bit of time kissing and playing with breasts. (Nothing wrong with that.) The action gets off to a very slow start, but Amanda is at the center of, so it looks great. Some nice reverse cowgirl from the lovely brunette. The problem I have with this scene is that it all ends up looking like a big mountain of flesh. There are some flashes of beauty, but too much going on in too small a space for my taste. Some anal and DP, which will keep the strokers happy. Oh, and the facials are worth a look. Anytime pretty girls get splattered, I’m in favor.
This really is a different sort of look for a Private film. With lots of facials and some up close anal action, I hesitate to call it a couples film, however the style and pacing probably won?t scare you lady off as quickly as some other films might. The cast is good looking and all know how to fuck. There isn?t much of a story, but at least it makes sense. The sex is not as hard-core as Woodman?s work, but still well shot with more than a few strokeable moments. Very solid effort, especially for guys who like a bit of style with their sex, or who are fortunate enough to have women who don?t mind watching Euro-hotties get their butts busted from time to time.

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