Solveig’s Way




130 Mins.


Exquisite Pleasure

THEMES: Interracial Sex.



STARS: Solveig, Nina Hartley, Lucy Leggs, Alana, Dee, Chanelle, Rikki Moans, Supremacy, Nia Foxx, Santino Lee, Mark Anthony, Cuba


With Shane paving the way, we have seen a number of female performers take the reins and start doing their own gonzo videos. The latest woman to give this a try is light skinned African-American hottie, Solveig. She has always had a very natural camera presence in her sex scenes as well as the in between time. That should serve her well as she and co-director/producer Santino Lee take us for a little ride. She has assembled a pretty nice looking cast and even has Nina Hartley stopping by to join in the fun.

After Santino comes out and does a short open, Solveig literally kicks him out of the way and takes over. This is her show and Solveig wants to get right to the action. Nia Foxx is up first. This very attractive black girl is performing on camera for the first time. She says that having sex with women opened her up and helped prepare her to make the jump to sex on screen. Thankfully, we get to see her with a couple of guys, Mark Anthony and Cuba. First, Solveig has Nia play director, setting things up for our hostess as she takes on both studs. I am so glad to see that Solveig is actually performing in her videos, because she brings so much to the table sexually. I would have liked to have seen more of her sucking Anthony’s fat cock, but we move quickly to Solveig being fucked. The guys really get her going, with Anthony going backdoor, bringing loud cries from our star. Nia makes her way into the scene, taking dick from behind while burying her face in Solveig’s pussy. Holy shit, Solveig swallows Mark’s cock to the root! That’s worth the price of admission alone. Nia is attractive, but not nearly as sexually hot as Solveig. Still, the new girl manages to work a couple of loads from their cocks onto her tits and chin.

Lucy Leggs is a super tall white girl who (I think.) looks even prettier without her porn star make up. She is on hand to have a little fun with other women. Keeping the Amazon for herself, Solveig turns her on with a small vibrator, but soon focuses her attention on fingering her tight, white ass. Dee and Macy pop by to also share the new girl and they jump on her right away. Those of you like me, who enjoy all colors of the rainbow will get a special kick from seeing three such different women all enjoying each other. Though not my favorite kind of scene, I will watch Dee do anything, and Macy is a super fine little cutie as well. Solveig must agree, and brings her big strap-on into the mix. After Lucy gets a good fuck, she turns around to lick her own cum off the fake cock. Next comes Dee, who is so fucking hot it hurts. Macy gets the strap-on in her pussy and a vibe in her tight ass, very nice.

Solveig next takes us to see one of her old friends down in Long Beach. Chanelle hasn’t been with a man in a few years, but is ready to give it a shot for Solveig’s Way. The new guy she pairs with actually cums during the still shoot. They toss him out and Santino Lee steps in for Chanelle’s first ever scene. Before turning her over for some dick action, Solveig has to get some for herself. Once the sucking begins, it’s hard to believe Chanelle hasn’t done this before. The two old friends share Santino’s cock Aware that she could steal the scene, Solveig gets out of the way this time and lets Chanelle fuck Santino good and hard. Very nicely shot sex scene here and if you like hard sex, she really gets slammed from behind.

Alana and Rikki Moans join the party, proving the Solveig likes all colors of the rainbow in her video adventures. Alana is super cute and I’ve always loved her energy so I know this is going to be fun. With the girls side by side on the couch, Solveig has a pair of black studs start warming the ladies up with finger and tongue action. (Santino is working Rikki, and the guy between Alana’s thighs might be her husband.) They swap partners freely and both women give very nice looking blowjobs. Fans of interracial sex will love the contrast here. Clearly Alana is the hotter of the two women in both looks and sexual energy, but all of the action is well shot. Solveig joins the fun, grinding clits with Alana in some of the hottest footage of the scene. That leaves the guys free to fill Rikki at both ends with cock. She even takes it in the ass before getting blasted in the face with a stream of sticky spooge. Solveig makes the other shoot before he is ready with her super fine pussy. Santino still has enough in the tank to give Alana a super hard fuck. This little hottie loves. This time when there is a load shot in Alana’s ass, Solveig licks it right up. Very hot.

Solveig does something very fresh for the final scene. She tells Santino that she has a new girl upstairs waiting for him. She blindfolds him and leads him in. What Santino doesn’t know is that the new girl is actually Nina Hartley. This is the fulfillment of a dream for Santino, who says he has been after Nina for a while. Eventually, we get around to the sex and Nina seems to be enjoying things as much as Santino is. Nina still have a first class backside and it’s on display nicely as she rides his cock to a shuddering climax. After Solveig licks all the cum from his cock, Nina hustles in to give him a nice, slow blowjob. All the performers seem to share a total delight for one another. He fucks Solveig from behind while Nina uses her mouth to satisfy both of them. Later, Nina helps prepare them for a rousing assfuck, but licking Solveig’s ass. No penetration for the most famous butt in porn, but this scene is full of hot action from start to finish. Nina is quite hot and both Santino and Solveig give their all to make her cum.

For her first time out, Solveig does a more than adequate job. The sex is quite well shot, especially for a gonzo video. All of the scenes are worth watching, with a few getting special consideration. Alana, as always, brings great heat to her scene, though I would have liked to see she and Solveig take on the two studs by themselves. I actually enjoyed the final three way with Nina Hartley, which marks the first time in a while I have enjoyed her work. Even the all girl stuff in this movie is worth a look, and not solely because I would lick the ground Dee walks on. As a hostess Solveig does a fine job. She is at ease in front of the camera and does a pretty good job with the interviews. Some of the guy problems will be fixed next time I’m sure. (Hey, I’m available.) In all, this was an entertaining, well shot, sexually solid video. I know I’ll be looking for the next one.

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  1. Maxxx Diamond says:

    Been seeking this VHS or online stream for years. Many ideas?? BIG Solveig fan still

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