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93 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Paul Thomas
THEMES: Dancers, Beauty Queens
1999 (2/99)
STARS: Alex Taylor, Azlea, Inari Vachs, Randy Spears, Bo, Corrine Williams, India, Taylor St. Claire, Jack Hammer, Peter Dawson, Johnni Black and Bill Williams
It�s one thing to go boast about having the most beautiful women in porn working for you. Vivid certainly does that. It is another thing entirely to go out and actually get a walking, talking beauty queen to join your squad. Alex Taylor, the former Miss New Hampshire is, as far as I know, the first such pageant winner to strip out of her evening gown and set her tiara on the nightstand for the sort of talent portion we all love so much. Paul Thomas has cast the former beauty queen in what is essentially, her own story. Through a wrap around interview, Alex breaks down her rise through the pageant ranks, to her controversial de-throning and right into the wonderful world of porn.
The interview has a choppy, jump-cut look to it that makes it hard to follow. Style, I suppose, but I really think that the appeal of this movie is Alex�s story. We start with some low level contests, run by a sleazy guy, Randy Spears. As you might expect, he is quite fond of using his position to get something on the side from some of his young beauties. At least he has good taste, choosing the flawless beauty of India to be his prize. The sex scene has the same choppy look, which isn�t nearly as bad as it is in dialog, but still has things jumping around a bit too much for my taste. As she always does, India looks fantastic and fucks with some genuine heat. The best shot comes while she lies back in a chair, throwing her legs back and getting pounded until her perfect little boobs are bouncing all over the place. Randy drops a really big load on her belly. Too bad he didn�t fire this one a little higher up.
As her pageant career is taking off, Alex still has to pay the bills and turns to exotic dancing to make ends meet. Using her natural beauty, dancing skills and Latin heat, Alex has the crowds eating out of her hands. I have to admit, the dance sequence shows that Ms. Taylor really puts on a nice show. (Note to self, don�t miss Alex Taylor if she comes to a tittie bar close by.) We also see what a giving person Alex is, taking a young dancer under her wing. Using what she has been taught, the dancers, (Corrine Williams perhaps.) puts on quite a show. Picking a woman out of the audience, (Taylor St. Claire I think) she gives her way more than your average lap dance. After the girl/girl show, our sexy stripper finds a hard cock in the front row to suck on. (That is every strip club patron�s favorite fantasy I�m sure.) Hey if watching a stripper jerk a load into her tight little fist is this fun, think how much fun it would be to actually have it happen. Not happy with just one, she moves to the next guy and starts riding his latex encased rod. (Is it me, or is this the most well lit strip club in all the land?) Another brief encounter gives our dancer a belly covered in goo.
While she owns the dance clubs, Alex is struggling a bit with a very demanding boyfriend. He loves to show her off, but isn�t too thrilled about bringing the hottie around to meet mom and dad. After a bit of a heated exchange, the couple makes up in the most pleasant way imaginable. We get to see if the beauty contest winner can make it in the big, bad world of sex on camera. Alex has a strong, dancer�s body, mid-sized implants and a meaty, delicious looking pussy that gets well licked in preparation for her on camera de-virginization. From the start, Alex shows that she can sure suck cock well. Nice to see she has already mastered the art of talking as well as blowing the boy bacon. Alex puts her tits to good use, keeping him plenty hard for the furious fucking that is sure to follow. She seems to like it on top, riding her man and never quieting down for a second. Follow that with some very hot finger fucking that get the curvy beauty soaked and I�d say Alex is well on her way. They finish in mish with a load shot all over her pussy, but she actually did all the fucking, bucking up against him and just using his cock.
The owner of the club, Johnni Black wants to help Alex do a dance tour. Alex reveals her desire to give the pageants one more shot. Things are fine on that front, but Alex�s prot�g� is busy making moves on her man. This is quite a tease performance, and the guy better enjoy it since Alex gets a peek and is gonzo. Before the actually gets out, Johnni is around to comfort the jilted beauty. Ms. Black takes her time stripping Alex out of her clothes and taking care of her aching pussy. Alex pulls out a fat black dildo and you can see Johnni�s eyes just light up as she gets fucked. Really nice anal toy play here, but what do you expect from a hottie like Johnni.
Now feeling her oats, the younger dancer has decided she wants everyone to know what a hot fuck she is. Alone in the bar with the bartender, she gets down and devours his dick. She is certainly skilled at using her blowjob technique to help get a condom on this boy so he can fuck her. Before you can say �insertion shot� she is grinding on his cock and moaning just a bit too much to be taken seriously. If she is trying to be just like Alex, fucking like her is a good start. Her cleavage gets sticky as the guy fires his load between her boobs.
This time, Alex wows the judges, and DAMN looking at her in a bikini, I can sure as shit see why. Winning was very good to her, though the sudden end to her sweet income stream While she is struggling with tough decisions, Spears is just doing what comes naturally, taking advantage of young contestants. This time, it�s Inari who is willing to open her every orifice for a better score. (Again, what guy hasn�t fantasized about the power a judge in one of these contests must have?) She manages to incorporate way to much throat goo as she sucks him, but the fucking looks pretty hot. Randy fucks her tight little body hard enough to have her nearly begging for a bone in her butt. Good hard anal mish, is followed by Randy getting a foot job from Inari and cumming all over her naked toes.
For some reason Alex trusts her friend and her man enough to leave for a national pageant. A cheating guy is the least of her worries however, as Alex�s scandalous past is creeping up on her. To help her unwind she has a three way with her guy and Azlea. By now the story has gotten a little confused thanks to all the jumping back and forth. However, as before, Alex is quite willing to do whatever it takes to please her busty young friend. Once the girls have gotten each other off a couple of times, the guy steps in and is treated to Alex�s wonderful mouth. This body is built for pleasure my friends and that I just what Alex gives him, spreading her thighs and taking a hard pounding as Azlea straddles her face. Check out the reverse cowgirl and how great her abs look. She even takes his load on the face. Too bad it�s a slow motion shot, ruining our first look at a Miss New Hampshire with ball batter splattered on her mug.
As porn debuts go, De-Throned seems to point to a solid future for Ms. Taylor. She is quite attractive and for the most part, steals the sexual heat from her co-stars. I found myself quite interested in her story, however things get muddled at the end. That is the trouble, I suppose there are more important things in a porn script, but hell, I wanted to hear what happened. Other than Alex, there are a few sexual highlights to enjoy. India, Johnni and Inari all do nice work, but Corrine is the real diamond in the rough here. Technically sound, with an interesting story, a good looking cast and better than average sex make this a very solid effort.

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