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Aug 1999

Ginger, I really much thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do this. I really appreciate it, and I’m sure my readers do as well. .

Ginger Lynn

Please, it’s my pleasure. I’m just sorry it took us so long. If you saw my book this week, you would laugh.

I’m sure you’re swamped, so I won’t take up too much of your time. Let’s get right to it. How long has it been since you’ve done an X rated movie?

About four months. (She laughs.)

Oh no, it’s going to be one of those interviews. Allow me to re-phrase that. Before “Torn”when was your last adult film?


I wrapped filming on my last adult film of the beginning of my career on February 11, 1986.

So, over thirteen years ago. How does it feel to be back?

Good, scary, wonderful, different. The industry has changed in several ways.

How so?

One of the major changes I have found is good in some ways and not in others, depending on what you’re looking for. So many movies today have very little story, very little passion, very little lead up. Many, many projects fall into the gonzo category. There is certainly a place for that. I know a lot of people enjoy it. Personally, because of my involvement in the industry, that’s what I watch. I don’t want a story. I just want to turn it on, watch it and get off. That said, I also feel that there is a need for something different. You know how old mainstream films used to entertain you? When I watch a black and white film, I can’t get up to get popcorn and come back. If you do that with modern films, you don’t miss much. You just know that someone is going to be killed or maimed or something is going to blow up. I think that older adult films had that entertaining quality. You didn’t want to miss what was going on. Today, if you miss one scene, you know another very similar one is coming up right after. God, I’m rambling.

Not at all, go on.

One of the other things I have noticed is a lack of enthusiasm from the actors. I watched a film where a girl moaned before anyone had even touched her. I don’t do that, is that some new trend I missed Rog?

it’s more common than it should be.

That’s just sad. If you can’t have some real fun with this business, what’s the point?


Oh wait, one other important change I have noticed. Because of the fact that when I was making movie, there were only maybe sixty released total per month, versus six hundred a month now. Everyone and their brother is making movies now, it’s gotten to the point where you have to have ten anal scenes in every movie or fifty guys fucking one girl. Everyone is trying to push things further. Don’t get me wrong, I love anal sex, I love double penetration, I love having sex with multiple partners, but if that’s all you see, it loses some of the excitement. People just expect it. Oh, and what happened to kissing?

Didn’t you get the memo, it was banned sometime in 95.

(She laughs.) I feel like I’ve been frozen or locked up in a lab for fifteen years. I came out and everything has changed. I found it such a pleasure to go to VCA and work there. Their contract girls and men are wonderful. Veronica Hart still directs and produces films that have the elements in them that I love. I went to every different company that would talk to me. I watched everyone’s product, I looked at their contract people. I did my homework and VCA was by far the best, and my first choice.

Well, that pretty much covers my next few questions, why VCA and why this project. So far, what has the reception been like?

it’s been wonderful, especially with the press. A lot of the people I have spoken with have been around for a while. They know my old work and they are discovering my new work. They have all been great. The nicest thing anyone has said to me so far is that å–ªarely does the sequel exceed the original”and he felt that I had accomplished that, .that my work has only gotten better, and that I have gone from a woman-child to a full woman. That’s a huge compliment. I was very nervous about making my comeback film not because I felt I would be competing against anyone today, but because I would be competing myself fourteen or fifteen years ago. I’m not twenty one any more, thank God. I wasn’t concerned with my appearance as much as my passion. I hate to keep using that word, but that is something I have always had, a passion for sex and my work. I found that I’m better than I ever was. I watched behind the scenes footage on the new film, then went back and watched probably twenty of my old films and I have to say, I did a damn good job.

I may not be one of the old timers in this business, but I remember the first round of Ginger Lynn films. I was a fan way back then.

You were? Wonderful.

I started watching around your last year or so in films, so I’ve seen them all at least once.

Have you seen “Torn”yet?

No, they tell me screener copies are coming out soon and it will find its way into my VCR right away.

It is really nice to be able to say that I can’t wait for you to see it, because I really feel that way about this project.

You seem very proud of it.

I am. Being that I was given an integral part in the writing, I hired the writers, I worked with them on what was essentially my own concept. When you’re doing a film that your heart is in, it makes all the difference in the world.

It was directed by Veronica Hart, correct?

Veronica Hart did direct this, yes.

Was this the first time you worked for a female director?

It was the first time in a long time. The only other female director I have ever worked for that comes to mind is, and I apologize if I missed anyone, is Suze Randall and she is one of my all time favorite people and a fascistic director.

What was it like working for Veronica?

It was such a pleasure. Veronica has a background in acting. She is a really good actress and she knows how to work with actors. She knows how to bring the best out in people.

What made you come back after all these year?. We spoke a few years ago when you were dancing at a club nearby and you said that you would not come back, ever.

What I probably said was that I would come back when they found a cure for AIDS.

What changed your mind?

Let me answer that by addressing the AIDS issue first. The only way to guarantee complete safety from the HIV virus is to abstain from sex. I realized there is no way I am going to that. I practice safe sex in my personal life. I do use a condom if I have relations with someone and if it’s going to be a regular thing, I do require that we also get tested. Being out of the industry so long, I didn’t realize that people are tested every thirty days, and there are people in the industry who are condom-only. I chose to work with a lot of people who were in monogamous relationships or married. I found that it can be safe and there are responsible people in the adult industry. VCA is one of the companies that is the most responsible in that regard.

Obviously, safety was very important in your decision.

Absolutely. I love sex, but I’m not willing to die for it. It took me a year to make my decision. I did a lot of homework. I spoke with a lot of doctors, spoke with Sharon Mitchell over at AIM, I talked to people who were currently working and found out a lot about their private lives. I just felt that with the safety factor taken care of, I could concentrate on other concerns.

What were some of the other factors leading you back?

There were several. Let me give you some background on one of the main ones. I did this music video for the band
Metalica, called “Turn the Page.” It was a five minute video, four and half minutes of it was of me. It was shot like a documentary, but it was all scripted so it was a great opportunity for me to show my acting skills. There was a director who saw the video, saw my work in it and brought me in for a role in a rather large mainstream film. When I got there and he realized who I was, the story changed. No longer was I a good actress, I was a porno star. My talents hadn’t changed, my work in the video hadn’t vanished, it was just his opinion of me that changed, and it pissed me off. Since I had finished a film starring Janine Garafaolo and Jerry Stiller that will be released this fall, which is my first main title billing in an A Film, I felt like I had a point to prove to this guy. Watch this, I’m going to do mainstream with wonderful actors in an A Title and I’m going to do a porno at the same time, so fuck you. I’m going to act and have sex on film, just to show it can be done. I’ll bet most people in Hollywood who have Academy Awards, have had sex at some point in their lives. I’m not saying they are all good at it, but I’ll bet they’ve all had it.

Is this a one movie deal, or are you around for a while?

White Lightning

it’s a three picture deal with options for three more. We have completed “Torn”and I am right in the beginning phases of my script for the next feature. We will be shooting sometime in October and the tentative title is “White Lightning.”/font>

So we’re going to be seeing Ginger Lynn for a while.

You will be seeing me in at least two more pictures. Hopefully, more.

Good news. Any plans at this point to get behind the camera and direct one or two?

No. I love directing, but my best job in life today is being a mother and it’s my number one priority. As much as I would love to direct, it takes far too much time. I want to have a call time where I go in, do the work and leave twelve hours later. When you’re a director, you come in early and you stay late. Projects are all three months as opposed to three weeks.

How would you say Veronica Hart stacks up against the very best directors you’ve ever worked with?

First of all, for me to choose the very best director I’ve ever worked with would be nearly impossible because I’ve worked with some wonderful directors, Henri
Pachard, Bruce Seven, Greg Dark, Alex DeRenzy. These are people I thought were brilliant. Honestly though, working with Veronica was the best experience I’ve had with a director in the adult industry. I don’t know if that’s because I’m older now. I’m sure that has something to do with it. I’m more aware of a director’s talent at this stage, but I think most of it comes from the fact that Veronica is a fantastic director and a wonderful woman to work for.

High praise. You killed my next question as well, so I won’t pin you down as to who the best director is.

I’m reading your thoughts.

That could be dangerous.

Oh no, are you wishing I would just shut up?

That’s not exactly what I’m thinking, but we better move on before I embarrass myself further.
Who do you have sex scenes with in “Torn?”


And why wasn’t I invited.

Next time. I got to work with so many wonderful people in this movie. I’ll go down the list so I don’t miss anyone. First was a scene with Michael J. Cox, Alec Metro and Chris Cannon, second scene is with Juli Ashton and Sean Michaels, the third was with John Decker. There is a scene with Damien Wolf, a scene with Chloe. Other actors in the movie include Stacy Valentine, Kylie Ireland, Veronica Hart, Sharon Mitchell, Mia Smiles, Julian and I’ve probably left someone out.

That’s a pretty big cast.

I had so much fun casting the film. I got to cast the whole thing and did several different things during the casting. Number one, I did an attitude check because I wanted to work with people who enjoyed what they did and weren’t full of themselves. I asked people to read the parts. One girl was totally shocked. She was quite worried about reading in front of people. Then the final test was a kissing test. I figure if you can’t kiss, then you can’t fuck. Finally, I did give some of the people an oral test and I’ll leave it at that.

Sounds like a fun day to me.

Oh trust me, it was a fun three or four days.

There are too many people for me to ask you to compare them all, but as a general impression how would you say this group of performers stacks up against the people you worked with the first time around?

Fantastic. Everyone was right on. That’s why I chose these people, they were right there.

It helps that you got to hand pick them.

I think it’s important to like the people you have sex with. I’m old fashioned that way as well. I am very fortunate to have that luxury, not everyone would have that option. I also made sure to ask my actors who they wanted to work with so that the scenes other than with me, they would enjoy. it’s a wonderful concept.

It will be a nice change to watch people actually having fun.

We had one scene, the first scene in the movie that began at nine at night and didn’t finish until four thirty in the morning, and that was just the sex.

OK, I’m going to put you on the spot a bit here. If you had to pick one male and one female performer who brought out the very best in you, who would they be?

First of all, I will apologize to all of the people I worked with in this new film, but I have to say
Tom Byron is my all time man. Part of that is because we have such a long history together. He was my second man to work with in the adult film industry, but it was on my first day. There is a chemistry there that I don’t think will ever be matched. I hope it is, but it was just amazing. As far as women go, I’m still going to have to choose Barbara Dare. That can be considered a challenge to anyone I work with now.

Have you talked to Tom about a scene now?

I did, but he said he only works a few times a month and it’s for his own company.

Whenever the topic of greatest adult film star comes up, or there is a critics list or a fan poll, you come out number one or number two of all times. To what do you attribute this kind of adoration?

I didn’t realize I was looked upon that way. I suppose if I were to look at why I am popular with fans, and this comes from watching my old films as well as my new one, it would be that I enjoy what I do and that shows in my work. That is the only thing I can attribute it to. I smile a lot and I have fun.

The other name all the top of those lists with you is Marilyn Chambers. You’re both back, you’re both at
VCA. Is there a chance we’ll see you in a scene together?

You know what, that thought has never crossed my mind. Not for any other reason other than that I have been so involved in my own project. I sure sounds like fun to me.

I asked her this question earlier this week, so I have to ask you. Who is going to sell more movies in their comeback and who is going to walk home with all the awards?

Oh God, put me on the spot a little bit. I am going to say that Marilyn is going to sell more movies, because she’s Marilyn. She is the consummate adult film star. As far as the awards, maybe we will both get lucky and go home with one.

You did some things the first time around that not everyone did. You were one of the few big stars then who did anal. Do you think that helped or hurt your career, or had no effect?

I would say it helped my career. None of the stars did it back then. I was the girl next door, I was nice but naughty and that’s always appealing.

You have a scene with Sean Michaels in this movie. You didn’t do a lot of interracial scenes before. Was that a conscious decision or something that just happened?

I was not given a lot of opportunities back then. There were not a lot of African-American men working in the adult film industry at the time. Tony El-Lay who I worked with and Billy Dee, who was kind of a combo guy. Those are the only two I can think of who were around and I worked with both of them. I work with people that I am attracted to sexually, physically and intellectually, so anyone I worked with before, I had an attraction to. As far as men working in the industry today who is black, Sean is the one I have met so far who I am attracted to. I haven’t met everyone, so who knows who I will work with from here out. We have enough difficulties getting through life on a day to day basis without prejudices. Physical attraction to me is physical attraction no matter what color, size or shape you are. I shouldn’t say that, if you’re really fat and ugly, I might be able to do it with you. Unless you have a great personality, then there is always a chance.

If you could change anything in your professional life, adult or mainstream, what would you change?

In my adult career, I would just like there to be a cure for AIDS, which is not something that I could change, because I’m not a scientist. I have played them in different movies. I even played a science project.

In “Project Ginger.”/font>

I even won an award for that film. Me and my dolly hole.

OK, no more of that voice. I’m doing my best to be professional here.

I’m so sorry. Forgive me? Please?

Stop it.

For my mainstream career, I would change the fact that so many directors, producers, casting directors and actors have so many pre-conceived notions about adult film actors. If you’ve met me and you don’t like me, fine. If you haven’t met me, then don’t talk about me and don’t judge me. I would like to have more opportunities to work in bigger budget, bigger production films that are out there. You know, when I say that, I stop myself because the best mainstream films I have worked on, and when I say best, the ones that have meant the most to me and I’ve enjoyed the most, have been independent projects where it was a labor of love. But if Sharon Stone wants to throw me a few bones, that’s OK, I’ll take them.

Of the mainstream projects you’ve done, which would you say you are most proud of?

I would definitely have to say a film I did called “Bound and Gagged A Love Story.” Although the title does sound like an adult film, it’s a mainstream art film.

I saw it.

Did you enjoy it?

Yes. I thought it was very interesting.

I love that film. The director gave me the opportunity to play a character who had many levels and colors. It was a tough job, but it was fun. When you’re working on an independent project like that, it’s more gorilla film making than even adult films. At least the adult people are used to doing a film in five days. One of the beautiful things about working in the adult industry is the experience you get working with people who know their job and do it professionally and quickly. I could never have gotten this experience in any other kind of film. Oh, you asked about changes in the adult film industry, I have a big one. The catering. We aren’t brown paper bagging it any more. We actually have caterers who come on the set and food that is hot. That is one of my favorite changes.

So there is a lack of story, but better food.

Exactly, a lack of story but better food.

Let me think of my favorite main stream Ginger Lynn movie. Oh, probably Dr. Alien.

You’re kidding!

Yes, I’m kidding, though I do own a copy of that film.

Well, then you are really going to love my new film.

Then there’s “Young Guns II” you were in that.

Yeah, but don’t blink, you’ll miss me. You know what? I worked for three weeks on that project. I played Christian Slater’s dove and Keiffer tries to steal me away. He steals Christian’s pocket watch and gives it to me as a gift, and I fall down a flight of stairs and we get run out of town. All these wonderful things that never ended up in the movie. I was in the credits, which is funny because if you watch it, you miss me.

It was great acting though, you were perfect.

That’s because I work hard, all the time.

How about a hard one, your best scene ever?

Underwater Blowjob with Harry Reems in “Graffenburg Spot” blowjob in the shower with Tom Byron in “Kinky Business.”And because I can’t pick one, the massage scene in “Gentleman Prefer Ginger”with Randy West. Oh yeah, and the bathroom scene in “Blame it on Ginger”with Barbara Dare.

Since we’re throwing some out, let me add a few. Kevin James in “Poonies” the entire movie “Ginger on the Rocks”especially the Peter North scene.

Oh God yes. And the motorcycle scene with Peter in “Gentlemen Prefer Ginger.”

So basically everything you ever did.

No, I had some scenes that were not my favorites, but I was lucky back then. I was so lucky because I chose to work with people I was attracted to and it makes a difference.

If you had to pick a single movie for a fan who has never seen a Ginger Lynn film, other than “Torn.”/font>

I would have to say, if they can find it, “Trashy Lady.

Great film. I have a copy of that in my collection.

If you find a distributor who carries it, I will buy three hundred copies. I was so stupid, when I got out of the business, I gave everything away. I don’t have a copy of that one.

You heard it readers, if anyone knows where Ginger can get a copy, drop her (or me) a line.

If they can’t find “Trashy Lady”then I would say “The Pleasure Hunt.”/font>

Is there a web site or a fan club where people can reach you?

Oh yes, is the web site. If you want to write to me direct, the address is 6520 Platt Ave. MPB 811, West Hills Ca. 91307. I only actually read my snail mail. There is just too much email, though I do read my guestbook, so anyone who reads this, please sign my guest book and mention the interview with Rog.

Anything you would like to add before I let you go?

I would be nowhere without you. Thank you all so much.

That was wonderful, thank you.

Thank you.

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