Extreme Monique



92 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Lizzy Borden
Extreme Associates
THEMES: Interracial Sex, Anal Sex, A2M, Facials.
STARS: Monique, Iroc, Jenna Talia, Byron Long, Jake Steed, Jon Dough, Ian Daniels.
Just about the time I get ready to praise Extreme for finally giving one of the most underrated women in porn her own vehicle, she has gone free agent. Oh well, Monique may no longer be an Extreme Associates contract girl, but she is still one of the hottest performers in all of porn and a movie that features her in virtually every scene is bound to be worth a good long look. (Actually, with Iroc and Alana also no longer with Extreme, this could be the Extreme-Ex video.) The last two Lizzy Borden videos I have watched have also been quite good, so I am looking forward to seeing what Lizzy can do with Monique.
For her first trick, Monique is set to share a super sized cock with cute little blonde Jenna Talia (Alana). While preparing a guest list for her BBQ, Monique notices Byron Long cleaning the oven. After the obligatory slam at other Ex-Extremers Tiffany Mynx and Van Damage, Monique decides to join her friend for a little snack. Little nothing, Byron is sporting some serious sausage. His girth doesn’t even phase this chocolate/vanilla swirl of hot slutet meat. After an all too short double blowjob, Byron bends Monique over and fills her tight pussy with black cock. For the most part, her face stays buried between Alana’s thighs, but in between, she is already screaming. When he goes backdoor, she nearly goes nuts, even before Alana adds a white dildo to her pussy. (Nice reversal of the norm there.) After letting Alana lick her ass juice from Byron’s rod, Monique turns around and lowers her ass on his cock again. Great shots her as she takes it all in her tiny ass. Not to be left out, Alana moves in and gets her creamy white slit filled with monster black meat. Finally, both girls bend over so he can move easily from one tight asshole to the next. Both do A2M before Byron fires a load onto some toast. Kind of a lame cumshot, but a very hot scene.
Next Monique tells us how she loves it when men just take a woman sexually. To help make that fantasy come true, a couple of studs wearing comedy and tragedy masks chase her down and take what they want from the beautiful little black starlet. After about ten seconds of a somewhat frightened look, Monique squats between the two guys and her eyes literally light up. With one cock in each hand, she goes to work sucking them both into her mouth, using her wonderful full lips and active tongue. Eventually, one of the guys (Jake Steed) starts fucking from behind while Monique is still hard at work trying to make his partner’s (Jon Dough) cock disappear. Again, the guys seem to love her ass so much they move for it rather quickly. Taking Dough and Steed at the same time is no easy task, but this wonderful woman is up to the task and soon has both studs sawing in and out of her holes with relative ease. All she needs is a hard cock in that screaming mouth to make it complete. (Hello Lizzy. I was available, did you call? I think not.) A2M fans will love that she only breaks up her furious ass fucking long enough to suck a cock straight out of her butthole. Back to her knees she goes for another minute of hard-core oral action before both guys unload serious wads of cum all over her pretty face. I love this. No slo-mo, no digital effects, just two massive loads fired onto an eager face. Hats off because this is fucking killer.
After that hot double action, Ian Daniels has the task of trying to be enough man for Monique all on his own. She looks great in her white lingerie and even better as she devours his cock like a growing stick of candy in her hot mouth. If aggressive cock sucking turns you on, keep plenty of paper towels handy during this blowjob. Ian matches her aggression by slam fucking Monique from behind. You’ve got to love the way her butt looks while she is riding and check out the look on her face. This woman just loves to fuck and it shows. Once again, using RCA, she slides down his pole, showing off her shaved pussy and getting her colon stuffed hard. Proving she will do anything to please her fans, Monique repeatedly pulls his cock out of her ass and licks it clean before letting Ian re-enter her back door. Thankfully we get another clear shot as a load of cum is fired into the wonderful face. Monique is happy to play with cum in her mouth and to suck every last drop from his shrinking cock.
Iroc gets involved in the next scene, playing some sort of Vulcan explorer who wants to learn the earth ways of fucking. Well, you couldn’t have chosen a better subject than Monique who is red hot and ready to fuck a trio of lucky suckers. She gets right to work, sucking and stroking them into her mouth until they all throb. All the while, Iroc adds a litany of sexy talk to the background, making things even hotter. Great eye contact and some deep strokes highlight the wonderfully long blowjob portion of this scene. (But you haven’t lived until you’ve seen this woman slap a hard cock against her outstretched tongue.) Even as Jake moves on top of her to start fucking, Monique keeps her mouth stuffed full of hard cock. Great close up shots of her tiny pussy stretched to the hilt by Jake’s long strokes. (You know, I have a movie here from Extreme called Fuck Pigs, and that phrase just fits with Monique. She is hot, sexy, beautiful and up for everything.) Of course, we get anal in this scene as well, with Jake once again doing the honors, burying his prick so deep into her butthole that it nearly knocks the wind out of her. Her well oiled little ass gets fucked raw by these horny guys and Monique just fucking loves it. I am beginning to repeat myself (again?) but this is another great facial. Three guys plop goo on her face and Monique barely finches, not stopping until she has stroked every last drop from their rods, and wears them like a mask of sticky pride.
Next we get to see how Monique entertains herself when there are no hard cocks around. (Monique, next time that happens, pick up the phone darlin, I’m there in a flash.) With one hand rubbing and fingering her pussy, Monique uses the other to grip a long white dildo that she easily slides down her eager throat. Eventually, another dildo comes into play and she is now pounding her pretty pussy with plastic while moaning around another fake prick. After fucking herself pretty well with a black dildo, Monique takes on the Mr. Ed model fake cock. This thing is so huge, she can’t get her lips around the tip. That doesn’t stop her from licking all over it until it’s wet enough to try and fit in her snug snatch. Just watching her worship that big thing should set off all kinds of perverse bells in everyone’s heads. Even the solo scene would not be complete without watching her stuff her anus. Monique shows that she can fuck her own ass as well as the guys, giving a blistering solo performance.
Finally we get Monique, climbing out of a trash bag to service Jon Dough. (Nicely decked out in his ‘Vivid Girls Suck’ T-shirt) As before, she sucks cock like it’s her only chance for survival. How is it possible that this woman is not a bigger star than she is? How is it that Jon doesn’t shoot a load into her mouth after a few minutes of this kind of treatment? He gets nice and hard then just slam fucks her from behind while Monique claws at the sheets and holds her cheeks open for his invading member. I got a little worried when the effects kicked in on the anal insertion shot, but they only last about three seconds. Then we get some close up, interracial anal action. A little more A2M on the position change, some hot RCA and a direct A2M facial cumshot that looks fucking great.
Finally (I thought Monique said just five scenes) things get a little strange. Some guy pours candle wax on her body. No full blown sex scene this time, but I guess it gives the movie an interesting twist. I really have to take my hats off to Monique and Lizzy for a truly wonderful video. I suppose if you are not a fan of this pint sized black slutlet (as I obviously am) then the movie is somewhat less overwhelming. Those of you who have been waiting for Monique to bust out and do more than one or two scenes in a movie, this is it baby. She rocks the house with six scenes (I count the solo.) Every one features her awesome oral skills and tons of anal. If you like it nasty, we also have more than enough A2M to keep even the most jaded coater happy. The facials are as great top to bottom as in any video all year. The featured performer is spectacular, the sex is great, the facials rock and best of all, there are no editing tricks or slo-mo cumshots to fuck things up. Also, the solo is one of the best toy-assisted self fucking scenes you will have the pleasure of witnessing all year. Lizzy, keep this up. Perfect scores are hard to come by, but you and Monique earned this one.

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