Panochitas 2


140 Mins.

THEMES: Latin Women, Outdoor Sex, Big Cocks.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Cherry, Jasmin, Naomi, Victoria, Sherry, Isabell, Francina.
For a long time, it was really hard to find videos that featured hot, new Latin women. Then the folks at Diabolic when south of the border and found a whole bunch of Panochitas. (Sweet, Tight, Little Pussies for those of you out of the Spanglish territories.) The set up is the same as the World Sex Tour vids from Anabolic. Take an American crew and some US Grade A porn stud cock meat, introduce it to the indigenous population of hot little slutlets and let the deflowering begin. When you stop and think about it, wouldn’t the whole world be a better place if we had this sort of cross culture fucking going on all the time?
Sherry is a curvy girl dressed in a wonderfully revealing bikini. Vince finds a nice secluded spot in the forest and lets her start sucking his cock. She has lovely, thick lips and a twinkle in her eye as she goes down on his rock hard rod. Her soft, all natural body seems to interest him, so Sherry slips out of her bikini and is bent over the picnic table before you can say Hot Tamale. Great shots if you like butts and thighs here, with Vince pounding away from behind for a long time. When she is turned over, Sherry still has that big grin on her face and we get to see her rock hard nipples and nice tight pookie. Of course, what Vince really wants is her even tighter asshole. It takes her a little while to get going, but eventually she is taking his length and frigging her clit. After a very good scene, Sherry opens her mouth wide for a big blast of ball butter.
Isabell has a very firm body and a bubbly personality. Her eyes widen a bit when she sees Lexington Steele’s rod, but she slips her mouth around it and starts sucking. She is slow and deliberate in her sucking, but looks like she’s been doing this for a long time. Her pussy is super tight so Lex has to half stroke so as not to split the cutie in half. Clearly, she has more fun when he holds her in his arms and lets her pussy slide down on his rod. Lex sure does enjoy her wonderful breasts in his mouth. With her face so exposed, Vince just has to dangle his dick in there to see what happens. Imagine that, she actually takes it in her mouth and starts sucking. He steps back long enough to let Lex fire some cum on her face. Vince is able to do some fucking on this fine young woman, until he too drops a dork bomb in her smiling face.
Francina is an eighteen year old cutie who gets right down to biz between Lex and Vince. They both seem enthralled by her fine backside, but Lexington decides to let her suck his fat pole for a while before testing her out. With Vince fucking her, Francina can barely keep her squeals concealed enough to keep sucking. For an eighteen year old, this girl can sure take some hard fucking, even from Lexington, who doesn’t have to hold back on this one. So far, this girl is the best fuck of the bunch, looking great and seeming to love every inch of cock shoved into her holes. After a very long mish fuck, she rides Vince as Lex gets more head. This is probably my favorite shot of the scene, largely because it shows off her hot ass so well. She looks a little less than thrilled about the facials but takes them anyway, looking quite lovely after Lex drops a pretty damn big load.
Sherry is back, with a stream in the background, she takes Lexington’s cock in both hands and shoves the head into her mouth. Her big, brown eyes are quite lovely and she shows no signs of being intimidated by that monster pole. Nice, quick blowjob that ends with a bit more sticky cream added to her face.
Naomi has a face that is not as pretty as the rest of the girls, but her body is easy on the eyes and she seems quite eager to please. She does a lot more than just get fucked here. It’s always nice to see a woman grinding her hips when riding a hard cock. Granted, she’s a bit more passive when Lex is drilling her, but hey that’s a really big cock she’s taking. He does get a nice stroke going from behind that turns up her volume and has her reaching back to make sure he doesn’t squash her internal organs. Two very well shot and copious facials round out the scene.
Victoria gets my vote for the most beautiful woman in this tape, even before she gets her mouth around Vince’s cock. With Lex stroking behind her, she two hands Vince for a while, getting him nice and hard. Just watching her try to get Lex in that cute mouth is enough to make a grown man soak his video monitor. However, I suggest you wait a few seconds, because that pretty face gets blasted with a pair of facials.
Next we get Cherry, who has lovely long hair and like most of the others, takes on both Vince and Lex. I like the look of mischief in her eye as she suck on Vince’s head. (Lex is busy slapping his dick on her ass.) Unlike some of the others, she hardly flinches as his long rod slides into her tight pussy. By now, a lot of the scenes are starting to look alike since the women are similar and the guys, as well as the settings are exactly the same. Still, Cherry has a pretty face, nice body and a really attractive pussy, so she looks good from all angles. Lex even gives her ass a try, but don’t expect super deep anal probing here. That she takes any cock at all in her butt is pretty amazing. On the other hand, Vince is able to go all the way in, slamming her sphincter raw. Cherry even seems to enjoy it once he gets going. (Interesting side action has her wrapping that lovely long hair around Lexington’s cock.) Finally, the guys DP this little cutie, giving it to her pretty hard and finally blast twin loads on her face.
Before the tape ends, we get a cumshot recap, which should make facial fans really happy. That is followed by a scene with a very shy girl, Jasmin. Vince has to guide her thought a blowjob, only to find out that she has only had sex once in her life. Whether or not that’s true, she isn’t very enthusiastic and this scene comes across rather flat. Maybe it’s just one too many scene that all start to look alike. It’s nice to see women who aren’t the typical porn babes we see from US or Euro smut, but after a while, some of the scenes just lacked heat and spontaneity. The women are cute, the sex is decent, with some pretty good facials. It’s solid, and worth a look, but not the best effort from this team.

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