Creme De La Face 32


100 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Rodney Moore
THEMES: Oral Sex, Robots, Interracial Sex, Big Cocks, Big Boobs.
CONDOMS: None Noted
1999 (5/99)
STARS: Laurel Canyon, Keki D�Aire, Elle DeVyne, Sunshine, Stormy, Bianca Trump, Kasorn Swan, Oceane, Maeva, Ryoko, Mandingo, Steve Austin and Rodney Moore
As this box proudly proclaims, this volume of Cr�me de la Face features the 500th Rodney Blast survivor. As if one milestone weren�t enough, the scene features the return of porn superstar Laurel Canyon. Watching her take a shot on the face was always a treat, so the sight of her blasted with ball batter should be nothing short of awesome. Also along for the ride for a rare facial is Bianca Trump. There are five other women in this movie as well, so let�s get to it.
To help him celebrate his 500th blast, Rodney gets a special package in the mail. Someone has sent him the latest in high tech sexual fun, a life size love doll. Laurel Canyon is the beautiful, battery operated toy with multiple personality settings. Laurel does a great job as �sweet and shy�, �slave girl�, �dumb blonde�, �dominatrix� and �nasty slut.� It�s actually a lot of fun to watch her go through all the personalities as she works him out of his pants. I kind of like the nasty slut side of this totally hot woman. No matter who she is pretending to be, Laurel is a first class cock sucker who looks fantastic with Rodney�s rod in her mouth. She keeps up her hot talk as he begins fucking her sweet slit. During our interview, Laurel said she preferred big cocks and that�s just what she gets. Check out the look in her eyes as she lowers her hips. I think Ms. Canyon has found the reason she came back to porn. Their standing fuck with Laurel screaming away in full slut mode is simply ball draining good smut. My favorite shot has to be Laurel riding Rodney, her legs spread wide, feet not even touching the ground. After a long, hard fuck, Laurel finally gets what she came for, the five hundredth Rodney Blast. He pops a big was right into her mouth. Swallowing fans will love the way this blonde superstar gulps down every last drop of his semen stew. Laurel still kicks major ass.
Elle DeVyne sits on a balcony stroking her bare thighs while her good friend Kasron Swan finds another way to relax. The exotic beauty in on her knees at the center of the tennis court, doing her best to make some guy�s cock hard. Don�t tell me you guys aren�t plugging Anna Kournikova or Martina Hingis into this little scenario. (Those of you plugging in Chris Everett are OK as well, but any of you plugging in either of the Predator sisters, Venus and Serene William�s, kindly have your eyes and your heterosexuality checked that the door.) We watch Elle masturbate and get plenty of long shots of the blowjob. (Nice Voyeuristic touch.) Both of these women are white hot, so why does this guy struggle so much with wood. His shot is finally coaxed out by Kasorn, who drips it, oh wait, that�s not his cum, it�s excess spit from Kasorn�s blowjob. Now, after all that, this guy does pack quite a pop. He blasts her in the face from over a foot, dousing the hot Asian slutlet in man milk and leaving her a beautiful, drippy mess.
Taking a stroll on his roof, Rodney comes across Bianca Trump. The busty Italian porn princess is taking some sexy photos of herself. Every altruistic, Rodney offers to snap the shots for her. After getting her to pose, Rodney suddenly realizes who the brunette is, and seems more than just a little bit intrigued. Bianca is carrying a bit more weight than usual in this scene, but it�s her super huge boobs that stand out above all else. He can�t help but whip his cock out and start beating it when he gets a look at her ample globes and big butt cheeks. To help relieve his erection, Bianca gives a short handjob, then just goes to town with her talented mouth. For someone who felt a bit reluctant at first, she sure strips down and shows off her pussy in a big hurry. Her pussy looks juicy and inviting so Rodney slips his cock right in and starts pumping away. She takes a break to use her newly enlarged rack to send him into orbit. This is quite an energetic scene from Ms. Trump and will have big boob lovers reaching for their tissue in record time. For those of you waiting for a big, sticky wad to be fired all over BT�s mug, wait no longer, Rodney follows up the high impact fuck by hosing Ms. Trump down with goo, making sure ever drop lands on or near her mouth.
Blonde Keki D�Aire is enjoying a nice drive when she gets lost. Stopping to ask for directions, (As only chicks will do.) she comes face to face with a naked black man (Mandingo). Observing that he has the biggest dick she has ever seen, Keki seems mesmerized by the sheer size. Keki is a pretty cute blonde, with really big, real tits and she just purrs over his huge fuckstick, loving every inch as he grows hard in her tight little fist. Right in the middle of her blowjob, out walks Elle and she wants a piece of that baby as well. They all retire to a nice quiet place where these two hotties can really get a good taste all that he has to offer. (Fuck, that is a big cock.) Check all that natural tit meat on display as these two do their best to make every inch of dick disappear. No fucking for the monster stud, but these two give a stunning double blowjob that ends when Elle directs his spray all over both of their faces. This is one wrong turn Keki is glad she made.
Sunshine and Stormy work for an erotic limo service. They pick Rodney up and give him a ride to his hotel. He soon learns that this ride comes complete with blowjob, as the blonde (Not sure who is who) sucks him off in the back seat. Once in the room, they both work him over. These two are pretty decent looking and more than happy to be fucked by their client. (You have to love this kind of dedication to one�s craft.) Lots of nice first person fucking here as Rodney lays the rod to both women. In the end, they share a big load from the Rod-man.
Watching this video, it really is no wonder Rodney Moore has lasted long enough to fire five hundred blasts. His scene with Laurel is a perfect example of how much fun porn can be. Ms. Canyon plays the role perfectly and knows how to fuck as well. I can�t remember a better scene from the five hundred R-Blasts. Kasorn Swan adds some exotic eroticism to the mix, taking what amounts to a flood of semen in her face. Since facials for Bianca Trump are so rare, this one may have to tide you over for a while. Good thing it�s such a messy one. Elle DeVyne shows up twice, once with Mandingo who is simply the biggest fucking human on the planet. Brother has got a major joystick and Elle loves it. Sharing the screen with Elle, Kiki also makes her mark, showing off a body and sexual skills that have me dying for more. Top to bottom, this is a very solid fuck flick. Nice POV action, messy facials and more hot pussy than you can shake a dick at.

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