California Cocksuckers 14


82 Mins.
Sin City
THEMES: Oral Sex, Facials
STARS: Alysin Chains, Sabrina Johnson, Vivi Anne, Kirsten, Nikki Anderson, Mia Smiles, Shay Sweet, Amanda Rain, Dayton Rain and Gia.
This is one of the really simple intros to write. Everyone should already know exactly what to expect from the CC series, so there won’t be any great shocks. There will be ten chicks, ten dicks and those ten chicks will suck those ten chicks. No schtick, no guys behaving like total pricks, no fancy edit tricks, just chicks, hot chicks, chicks sucking dicks, big dicks, small dicks, hard dicks, spurting dicks. With any luck, those chicks will suck the cum from those dicks. That’s it Rog, no more of your rhyming tricks, get to the chicks and let them begin sucking those dicks.
Alysin Chains is up first, and she is the perfect coed cock�.no wait, that another series. I don’t know if she is from California, but she has that fresh faced look that just begs for a big load of jizz. She crawls up to the faceless guy and starts sucking his cock. It’s a pretty average unit and to be honest, this usually smoking babe gives a pretty average blowjob this time around. Her face is pretty, but she doesn’t seem all that interested and gives almost no eye contact.
Shay Sweet is always mouthwatering to look at, and usually just as hot in her performances. As she slowly strips for us, I can certainly see why any man would want to see her on her knees with those pretty lips parted. That body just rocks and those soft eyes, are nice and hot as she works her tongue over the head of the mystery cock. (Three guesses and the first two are only practice.) Yes, we’ve seen her suck this cock before, but she does it like she really enjoys herself and that is always sexy. Besides, she really loves licking his cum off her lips and that always makes for a hot facial.
Nikki Anderson has gone brunette, but still looks nearly too good for words. She strips and rubs her pretty pussy for a few moments before dropping to her knees to take all of Tyce Bune into her mouth. The lighting is a bit spotty here, but Nikki’s beauty shines through so easily that nothing else really matters. (There is no lighting, there is only Nikki.) There is a great shot of Nikki on her knees, leaning in to really bob that pretty head. It’s a longer shot that gets every inch of her body in the frame and is one that is often missing from blowjob movies. Of course, we move back in close for the pop right on her perfect face.
Speaking of perfect, look at tall, thin, pretty Mia Smiles and remember her lovely little flat chest. Actually, her implants look very good, I just don’t think she needed them. I would say more, but to be honest, when this girl gets her pretty lips on a dick, I can’t possible criticize anything about her. (And while I still say she was fine before, this is one of the better jobs on an Asian starlet I’ve ever seen.) Her fingers barely make it around the fat cock in front of her, but Mia opens side and shoves nearly the whole thing down her throat. I love the two fisted handjob, but it’s also nice to see her start fingering her pussy while she slurps. Nice pop on her pretty little face.
Speaking of pretty faces, here comes Vivi Anne. We already know who she is going to suck, but like Shay, Vivi adds a genuine look of love to her blowjob that is always sexy. She uses one hand to stroke, while the other explores her pretty pussy. There is also that sexy little look she gives because she knows he loves what she’s doing. About half way through the scene, she sheds her little dress and shows off that flawless skin as she keeps sucking. Nice, open mouth facial to close it out.
Speaking of open mouth, and foul talking ones, Sabrina Johnson is a woman who knows what to do with her mouth. Too bad we don’t get to hear her sexy talk during the little intro. That’s OK though, because she does do some very nice cock sucking and that’s her real skill anyway. Not that the scene is without hot talk, I don�t think Sabrina could do a scene like that. It’s just that her mouth is too full most of the time to say anything.
Kirsten has busted away from her girls only performances to be a super hot, cock sucking slut. As she strips slowly, showing off long legs and a great set of real tits, I really hope she sticks around. Her clothes are back on as she starts sucking, a sexy little tank top and short number that accents her cute figure. For someone who spent so long with her head between female thighs, this blonde seriously knows how to gobble knob. She also wears a load of jizz quite nicely.
Amanda Rain, Dayton Rain and Gia round out the roster this time around. They round things out quite nicely. This simple series lives and dies on the strength of the women on their knees. Thanks to Nikki, Shay, Mia, Vivi Anne, Sabrina and Kirsten, this volume is as bright and shining as the California sun.

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