Beach Bunnies With Big Browneyes 6


127 Mins.
Dusk Til Dawn Productions
THEMES: Bikini Girls, Euro Babes.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Nikki Anderson, Monique, Jane Lix, Mariah Wind, Raven Moore, Vivian Valentine, Fabrice, Chandra Vega, The Rickster and Tyce Bune.
Just in case you haven’t been following along at home, Tyce Bune’s gonzo series follows the adventures of a simple, but likable car detailer, his rich lawyer sugar momma and the hotties they come across. (Or cum across if you prefer.) It’s a pretty simple template really. Tyce takes great care to give us funny introductions to each scene, then turns things over to the performers for the white-hot fucking and sucking. As always, I took a quick look at the cast list and found a few real gems in this one. Black super slut Monique is at the top of that list, but walking perfection Nikki Anderson is sure to bring on the heat as well.
The first story Tyce tells us how he was picked up by two very cute girls on the beach one day. Monique and Jane both look yummy in their bikinis, so Tyce agrees to show up at their office for an acting audition. When he arrives, the women are dressed in business suits and want him to act out a love scene with a blow up doll. Where does he come up with these things? His little love fest with the rubber doll embarrasses Tyce, but it turns Monique on. Once the sex starts, this incredible woman just shifts into a totally different gear. She is all about fucking and sucking, taking cock into her mouth like few can. Jane has a nice, fresh face and works dick pretty well herself, however Monique produces more heat with her mouth than most women do wit their whole bodies. I really like the white stockings she wears as well, very sexy contrast against her dark skin. Tyce moves in from behind and fucks her with everything he’s got and Monique looks over her shoulder, begging for more. What a woman. Both girls take a ride, but Jane gets it in the ass first. After taking a hard piledriver anal, Jane sucks her ass off his cock and watches as Monique and Tyce engage in a little interracial sodomy. Watch her just light up and check out those legs as she RCA’s herself into another dimension. Finally, he pulls out, drops an A2M load on Monique’s chin. Damn, this scene rocks.
Tyce and Fabrice take a few moments to discuss the “fuck” word. It’s pretty funny dialog that can only be described Quentin Tarantino does ‘Who’s on First.’ That little bit done, we move on to the next scene. When Fabrice has another lawyer over to discuss a case, he brings his girlfriend. While they talk shop inside, this busty babe gets some sun by the pool. Tyce is floating drunk on a rubber raft and the two hit it off right away. Raven looks really good in her bikini and we know what a horndog the Tyceman is. The lawyers have decided to quit talking business and start playing strip pool. Before the game even ends, Fabrice opens her thighs and lets Rick get a taste of her treasures. They stop in the middle and head outside. Guess what they fine? Raven with her mouth full of Tyce’s cock. In that wonderful, only happens in porn way, no one gets angry and everyone fucks each other. Nice underwater shots of Tyce and Raven, and spanking fans will like way Fabrice gets whacked until her big, round ass is nice and pink. Everyone swaps partners for a while, with both women taking it in the ass from both guys. For a newcomer, Raven shows a lot of slutty potential, taking some A2M and watching as Fabrice gets DP’d. Cum gets guzzled down and both women are well fucked in the California sun.
Wow, when Tyce calls a 900 number, he gets Mariah and Vivian Valentine. Not only does he luck out there, but they are right down the beach from him. Imagine that! As you can imagine, things progress rather quickly and Tyce has two very sexy bikini babes working his dick in no time. They are convinced that men can’t eat pussy, and give him a free lesson. Once he warms them up, it’s time for Viv to get fucked. (I like that both women are still somewhat in their bikinis here. As a SoCal native, bikini girls have always held a special place in my hard�errrr heart.) Their pussies make him pop, and there is a big wad that flies over Mariah’s face and stains the couch. As always, Tyce just keeps right on fucking after the pop. He moves to the floor and lets Mariah work he hips on his rod while Vivian fucks her own little pooper. That ass comes into play during some very hot piledriver anal. I don’t think I have ever found Vivian more appealing than in this scene. In the end, Tyce drops another load across both faces.
OK, good news, bad news time. Good news, Nikki Anderson in a bikini. Holy SHIT what a body. Bad news is that Chandra is with her and this girl isn’t on the good side of the hot-o-meter. They lock their keys in their car and Tyce comes through with a ride home. Back at home, Nikki gets friendly with Tyce really fast, kissing him in the kitchen. With her bikini coming off slowly, we get to drink in the physical perfection that is Nikki. Tyce shoves his cock in her then carries her to the bed where we get to watch her shaved slit get filled as those beyond perfect breasts shake wildly. (This is why I could never be in my own series of videos, I would just fuck Nikki all day every day.) How many women have the whole package like this? Legs, ass, tits, pussy, face and a sexual attitude to boot. The first load goes right on her puffy pussy and Nikki sucks every last drop out of Tyce before he puts it back in. Darling Nikki next takes it in the ass from behind, not even flinching when he brings his dick around for more head. RCA gives us the best shots of that pussy I can imagine and once again, the full body of Nikki in frame is a good thing. The second facial goes right on that pretty face where it belongs.
This may be the best Beach Bunnies movie yet. The first and last scenes are nothing short of brilliant. Nikki Anderson is fucking awesome and Monique isn’t too far behind. Don’t forget the two scenes in the middle either. Newcomer Raven shows that she’s ready to rock and Fabrice just keeps getting hotter. As I said, I have never enjoyed Vivian Valentine any more than I do here, she is on fire. Of course, Tyce always works hard on the set ups, and there are some good ones here. His rubber doll love fest is funny and so is the lengthy discussion of the F word. All in all, a nicely crafted gonzo porn with some funny moments and four very good to outstanding sex scenes. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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