African Heat




82 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Stuart Canterbury


THEMES: Outdoor Sex, Couples Movie, Plot.



STARS: Stacy Valentine, Sydnee Steele, Michael J. Cox, Crystal Taylor, Neena,


VCA and Stuart Canterbury together can mean only one thing, a nicely shot movie with some sort of a plot and more than likely a few chuckles as well. From the first few moments, we appear to be on location in Africa (Or in someone’s backyard in the Valley) in the middle of a diamond hunt. Stacy Valentine and Michael J. Cox seem to be at odds over who is going to transport a very big diamond back home. From the flimsy plot start, we go right into a sex scene beside the fire. How’s that for getting right down to it.

Four people are busy groping in the firelight, a redhead Neena, a black woman, one white guy and one black. There is such racial harmony here, one has to wonder if this would make a good TNBC show. (Ever notice how on all those cheesy shows, there is one fat guy who just happens to a wiz on the basketball court? How many chubbo-s have you seen running up and down the hardwood?) It’s a little hard to see what’s going on in the dim light, but both women seem to really enjoy their work. The scene is over rather quickly, but I liked the way it was shot.

Michael is going to make the journey back on his own, something that makes Stacy more than a little nervous. It seems she has some not so horny motives for going into his tent and making him forget sweet wifey back home. Stacy takes down his pants and slides her tongue up his shaft. She is a performer I am liking more and more every time I see her. After a great blowjob she slithers up and shoves her tits in his face. The lighting is a little dim for my taste, but if fits the story and adds to the couples appeal of the sex. The close-ups are good here, adding some strokeabiltiy as well. Stacy is happy to have Michael sit there while she bounces up and down like a pogo girl. Finally, she jerks his cock off into her open palm. Nice handjob finish to a hot scene.

On his long journey, Michael has one guide to talk to. He explains that he has a woman back home, but isn’t sure she will be waiting when he gets back. With that, we cut to Sydnee Steele who is feeling quite lonely when her blonde friend Crystal drops by. They decide it’s not cheating if you do it with a woman and share a huge double dong. Now, I’m not too keen on veggie scenes and neither of these women are attractive, but this is another nicely shot scene and both women get into it big time. If you like toys, Sydnee really fucks the tight blonde hard with this fat cock. After some double dong play the women finish in a long 69 lap fest.

With Michael gone, Stacy has to find a new guy to play with. Actually, he just catches her going through his things looking for the diamond. She plays hard to get for about a second, but once he plants a kiss on her sweet lips, it’s over baby. He sits her down on a bench and puts that mouth to good use, letting Stacy suck him deep between her lips. The pretty blonde seems to really love having that big cock in her hand and worships it with her soft tongue. Even though they are in the shadows, most of the blowjob has good enough lighting on her face, which is nice. Once he gets his mouth on her pussy, Stacy nearly goes nuts, panting and grinding her lips against his flapping tongue. That opens her up for some good bounce fucking with her blonde little puss. The low light makes shooting intercourse a little tricky and we do lose some of the action to shadow, but I keep telling myself this is to make it nice for couples. Hard and fast fucking that ends with a big load fired right up her back.

Sydnee is still looking for someone to keep her company. Crystal’s husband comes around looking for his wife and instead finds the naked Syd. They quickly decide that she needs to sample both halves of this happy marriage. She works her way down and starts sucking cock. If I seem a little less than enthused about this scene, it might be because I have proposed a no more Sydnee Steele rule for 2000. If porn companies could please just not use this woman in every damn feature, I might find reason to like them more. I know, that’s a little harsh, but I just don’t see the appeal so even a well lit scene like this one has little heat for me personally. Right in the middle of their spirited sex session, in walks Crystal. Just when you think it’s going to be a three way, she storms out, letting them finish up. He ends up losing his wife and dropping a load on her butt.

The black guide is cozying up to a native girl. Just about the time he’s getting some, Sydnee finds out that Michael is on the way home. She heads off on the trail to meet her man. We find that in the bush, women don’t actually have bushes when the dude starts licking her trimmed slit. This is a hard and fast scene between the well hung stud and his curvy, naturally busty new friend. The short scene ends with a thick white load on her smooth black buns.

The plot continues on. Will Michael reach Sydnee? Will she be eaten alive by lions? And what of the diamond? Before answering any of those questions, we get a final scene between, guess who, Michael and Sydnee. Sure they both cheated, but nothing brings a couple together like a little lovin in the bright sunshine. How come Stacy’s scenes were all dark and every time Sydnee get naked, we see every inch? The letting and pace of this scene makes it a great couples pairing, but we already know why I consider this movie over already. Well shot standing fucking and another pop on the ass and we’re done.

I was wrong about there being a few chuckles in this script. It’s not funny at all, but I was right about a few other things. It is a couples, plot driven movie with a lot of outdoor sex and more than enough story to keep you paying attention. Stacy Valentine gives us the absolute best action in this film. Her two scenes are really hot, in spite the shadows and lack of facials. My biggest problem is that Sydnee Steele carries the rest of the sex. I just don’t find her appealing and the fact that she got the best lit scenes only makes things worse. The plot and style to the sex make this more of a couples film and as such, I think it works. Raincoaters won’t find much here since there isn’t even a facial cumshot, but if it’s a outdoor sex, sexy shadows and a bit of a plot you’re looking for, Canterbury delivers again.

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