Cost Of Lust


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92 Mins

DIRECTOR: M. d’Angelo and Marc Dorcel

Wicked – 1999

THEMES: Cheating, Voodoo Sex, Euro-babes.

STARS: Laure Sainclair, Matalana, Eva Falk, Katy Kash, Cassandra, Zenza Raggi, Oceane, David Perry, Roberto Malone, Mike Foster.


Not quite sure, on my disc, they didn’t work. The screen just locked up. Not sure if this is an across the board defect or not.


As many of you already know, I am a huge fan of European porn, The women are so good looking and they do things that their American counterparts just can’t quite manage. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was happy to see Wicked start distributing movies from overseas. An added bonus is that these films all star Laure Sainclair, who happens to be one of the most drop dead gorgeous women on either side of the Atlantic. I’m sure there is going to be some sort of plot for me to outline during this review, but the emphasis is going to be on how lovely Laure is and how sexually volcanic her costars are. (Yeah, I know, big assumption, but there is a good track record here.)

We start out on a deserted road and a damsel in distress. However, before anything can happen, we cut to a guy who is quite eager for a little afternoon fooling around with a busty babe. He spends a lot of time kissing his way down her naked body before stripping his own clothes off for a very hot blowjob. She lets him pumps into her open mouth hard enough to do some damage if she were to happen to sneeze at the wrong moment. Once warmed up, he moves down to her pussy where he really gets the piston pumping. Great looking shots of the babe in just her heels and hose being slammed mish. There is a bit of trouble however, because this dude’s wife, (Laure) arrives right in the middle of their sweaty coupling. He doesn’t even get to drop a load on his honey and then his wife storms out, making it a pretty bad day all the way around.

Laure wants nothing to do with her cheating husband and takes a trip to a Voodoo priestess to help her get even. She wants him to suffer, and Matalana has just the sort of magic necessary to do the job. The spell is costly and Laure has to open up more than just her check book in order to get her revenge. To close the deal, she must agree to do whatever, and whoever Matalana says, starting with a little lesbian love on the sofa. This is an interesting combination, but we cut away right as things start to get hot.

Meanwhile, things aren’t too bad for the cheating husband yet. He has a friend who pressures his own wife into hooking up with David so he can watch. She is quite reluctant, but ends up on her knees with a big cock in her mouth. This lovely redhead gets her whole body going as she bobs on his knob. For someone who wasn’t ready for this sort of action, she sure adjusts quickly and gives one hell of a fine blowjob. I love the low angle shots of her legs as David bends her over a work bench and enters from behind. (More heels and hose for those of you into them.) With the perverted husband looking on, wifey gets drilled and loves every fat of inch of that cock in her hot little hole. He drops a load on her pussy, making everyone happy.

Matalana gives Laure her first test. She has to give herself completely to a rather dorky fellow. In fact, he gets Laure and another young hottie. You see, Matalana is running a bit of a scam on the women who come to her. She’ll work magic for them, but not before she pimps them out a bit. After a short blowjob, the guy decides pussies this tempting are too good to pass up. The action is really fast paced, a little too much so actually. I’d kind of like to actually watch Laure taking it in the ass a bit. Before you know it, the guy is shooting all over a nice set of tits.

The curse may be work on David. He tells his friend that every time he makes, love, he feels empty afterward. That doesn’t stop him from banging everything that moves. Before he can even begin to wonder what’s wrong, he’s got another woman with her mouth on his cock. This babe sits there sucking while fingering her own pussy. Talk about your easy life. I guess he was saving up all of his energy to deliver the serious slam fucking to this girl’s cozy cooze. Once again, he blasts her neatly trimmed quim. (Maybe he wouldn’t feel so empty if he would shoot on their faces?)

Laure is still being fleeced by Matalana, but at least David is suffering. Well, he’s suffering if consider empty sex with two hot women to be something less than a walk in the park. Granted, these two aren’t nearly the gorgeous creature Laure is, but when you’ve got two at one, you can overlook the small stuff. Speaking of small stuff, fans of tiny tits will love the way these two women rub their petite boobies together while putting on a nice show for his pleasure. Just like before, the double blowjob is way too short. Right in the middle of this three way fuck, the women vanish and he is left with that empty feeling again.

Matalana has another couple of clients in town and are they in for a treat. Laure shows up looking just stunning. She is instructed to take on both men and looks even more incredible when the clothes come off. I don’t know what these guys paid, but no way they could possibly have forked over enough cash for this incredible woman. As we’ve seen too often in this movie, the action moves along too quickly for my taste. I know Laure looks great from every angle, but do we have to see them all in a four minute scene. When Laure stops short of fucking two men at once, Matalana gets into the act and takes a hard DP until both guys rain hot cum all over her big, black buns.

David is still pining away for his wife, so that leaves his playthings a little lonely. Two of them get together in the bathroom for very short, heavy on the tongue action, lesbian lust fest. Great if you like pretty girls in heels lapping away at each other.

The evil Matalana has one more trick up her sleeve. She lures David to her home Even though he doesn’t believe in all of this, David can’t help but be impressed by how much she knows. (Well duh, she started the whole thing.) All he wants is his wife and his love of sex back and somehow to get this, he has to fuck the black babe. The scene is so quick it’s over before we really get to see what she can do. At least she gets a shot on the face.

Fed up, Laure ends her relationship with Matalana and goes home to her husband. When she gets there, the house is for sale and it’s time to go find him. (Yeah, I know, it’s coming unraveled really quickly.) In the middle of all of this we get a scene in a car between the least attractive women in the movie and one of the guys who earlier banged Laure. This woman does a nice job sucking cock and hers is the only blowjob not cut painfully short. The two fuck in the cramped quarters, even managing a bit of anal sex along the way.

Laure is desperate to find her husband and goes to see his pal. (The wife swapping dude.) He won’t give her any information until she agrees to fuck him. Love the little white dress and the cute little socks she’s wearing as she sits on the exercise machine. Remember, this guy likes to watch, so he has Laure play with herself while he watches. When he can wait no longer, he feeds Laure his cock and she happily takes it into her hungry mouth. This face is almost too beautiful for porn, but it looks great working on a throbbing prick. Using the machine to position her incredible body, the guy mish fucks Laure, giving us a fantastic view of her awesome legs. He really gets excited and pumps her harder from behind, finally shooting a rather weak load right onto her chin. Pretty girl, great body, best scene so far in the movie.

Does true love conquer all? Well, David does get another shot as his gorgeous wife. This time, she has a big prick to play with and that face is once again on display. He’s clearly got his desire for sex back and I have to say I’m with him on this one. Watching Laure suck dick makes me want to fuck as well. Thankfully, this scene is paced a little better and we get to really enjoy the best reason for watching this movie. Laure really rides his cock hard, showing first her ass and then her pussy to the camera as she takes him right into her lovely asshole. No facial, but he drops a pretty good load on her beautiful breasts.

You can’t say this movie is short on action. If anything, it suffers from a few scenes too many. When it works best, the scenes are longer and we get to linger on some incredibly fine female flesh. Laure’s final two scenes are the best of the movie, and not just because she is too damn beautiful for words. Most of the scenes are cut a bit short to allow for so many. Even with the twisting story, I think things would have been better with fewer scenes and more of the awesome Laure Sainclair.

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