I Swallow


134 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Rodney Moore
THEMES: Oral Sex, Swallowing, Interracial Sex.
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Bobbi Bliss, Obsession, Allison Kilgore, Brook Lynn, Kasey Minx, Daisi, Shanna McCullough, Rodeny Moore, Red, Byron Long, Lexington Steele, Dick Sauce.

To kick off the new year, Rog Reviews is going to feature the work of Rodney Moore this month. He has long been one of the leading oral sex shooters in all of porn so we’re going to kick things off with his new series, I Swallow. Personally, it doesn’t matter to me if a woman on screen swallows or wears a load of cum as long as a big wad gets fired onto her smiling face. Considering some of the girls in this cast, I don’t doubt that will be more than happy to take such loads. I am equally sure that girls like Shanna, Allison and Bobbi will all look lovely even if they guzzle every drop.
Speaking of Bobbi, she starts things right off in a bathtub with her lucky fella. It looks like he’s about to get some when the phone rings. On the other line, Obsession announces that she is on her way over. The guy scrambles to keep the two women in his life from meeting and before you can say Greg Brady, he’s up to his eyeballs in trouble. While Bobbi takes care of her aching holes in the tub, Obsession gets a mouth full of his excited cock. Watching the way this chick goes to town on his knob, it’s no wonder Red is cheating on Bobbi to get a taste of this exotic cocksucker. Fear not, for Bobbi soon shares her bath with hugely hung Byron Long. Before you know it, she’s got most of that black monster down her throat and is drooling all over the rest. As the last few inches vanish, think about this. How many women in this biz can deep throat that whole fucking thing? Since that is so easy for her, in comes Lexington Steele to give Bobbi a couple feet worth of cock to finish off. When a third guy comes in, she decides it’s time to move to the bedroom. That sends Red and Obsession into hiding in the closet, but doesn’t stop her from pumping his prick. Of course, once she sees all the big pricks outside the closet, she crawls right over and gets herself some. Now both girls get their mouths working and we get a two mouth, three cock, deep throating drool fest. Obsession holds her own, but she just can’t take as much down her throat as the incredibly gifted Bobbi. After over thirty minutes, the guys finally feed Bobbi what she’s been wanting all along, a ton of hot cream to slide down her dirty throat. She does indeed gulp it down, sharing only a little bit with her new friend. After all that, Rodney just has to step in and add his load to the mix. After both girls try to suck his kidneys out his cock, Rodney finally gives both women something more to lick up.
Rodney introduces the next scene with some help from a young hottie who is about to make her video debut. In the scene, he runs into a lovely blonde, Allison Kilgore as she walks through the park wearing her ‘I Swallow’ T shirt. Not a stupid man, Rodney quickly takes her home and is happy to let her get started in the car. Allison is quite at ease talking to the camera and her dialog never seems faked or canned. At home, she works on his cock and delivers some of the best sexy talk I’ve heard in a long time. I’ve talked with Allison about and interview and after watching her strip naked in this scene, I think I have to make it a top priority. She gives great eye contact and giggles those wonderful tits while taking his cock deep into her mouth. Yeah, that would do it for me. He fucks her from behind, really pushing in deep and working her so hard her tits bounce back and forth. Going for the porn trifecta, Rodney pops that pretty ass nice and hard. She tells him that she can handle the swallowing, but we see a flash back of her choking on a load. Flash forward to now and the sweet eyed blonde just takes every drop on her tongue, holds it for a moment, then swallows it all. Allison, you’re a fucking porn lover’s dream.
Rodney doesn�t want to wait any more to break in young Brooke. He whips out his cock and lets the cute little blonde suck his cock. She says it’s only the third cock she has ever sucked, but already has the sexy eye contact thing down. Since her mouth is so full, Rodney does most of the talking, however, even he seems a bit speechless by the way this fresh young thing works his wand. He straddles her face, fills her mouth with cock and we get a great shot of that mouth being fucked slowly. Brooke opens up takes the pop and gulps it all down like a good girl.
In one of his fantasy looking sequences, Rodney lets blonde Casey do her mouth magic on a faceless cock. I’m guessing she knows this guy because she really sucks and plays with his dick like she knows it well. This always makes for a nice blowjob and this girl knows how to use her tits on the rod as well. Her short blowjob ends and Casey downs his does of dick dew.
Daisi arrives at Rodney’s place ready to break her video cherry. She comes off a little shy at first, but as always, Rodney talks her right into a comfort zone and her clothes are off in no time. Well, at least he top is down and she’s on her knees. What more do you want from an oral themed move? Her mouth can’t take all of his cock, but we get a great POV blowjob with nice eye contact. In between sexy strokes, she manages to mumble out some loving dialog, but this scene is all about filling the young blonde’s mouth with hot cum. Well, not before she’s shoved her tongue up his ass first. Happy with his new find, Rodney mounts her face again and jerks a big load into her mouth. After holding it for a few seconds, Daisi swallows it down.
The new girls give way to hall of famer Shanna McCullough. Shock of shocks, she’s a swallower from way back and wants to show her skills for his new movie. Not about to turn down a chance like this, Rodney gets down between her long legs and starts licking at that red snapper. Shanna is thick and very well toned, but even more than that, she’s a very hot sexual performer. After letting Rodney fuck her for a while, she gets down on her knees and sucks his dick like it’s the best thing she’s ever tasted. (Wait, it was just in her pussy, maybe it IS the best thing she’s ever tasted.) Rodney can’t believe his good fortune as he fucks the legendary performer while she talks about how much she loves swallowing cum. Well, lucky for her, that’s the name of the game here and Rodney gives her a load that soon slides right down her throat.
Fans of oral sex with a little gonzo-type story lines will just love this movie. The first scene went on for a little too long in my book, but how do you cut such incredible blowjob action? Bobbi Bliss is an awesome little hose beast to be sure. Shanna McCullough isn’t half bad herself and really puts on a good show here. Allison Killgore is the perfect Swallow girl, tramping it up in that girl next door gone bad way I love so much. Some of the new girls are fun to watch as well, but this power trio of outstanding oral artists is more than enough to push I Swallow into the recommended tape pile.


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