Return Of The Cum Brothers


132 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Rodney Moore
THEMES: Facials, Interracial Sex.
CONDOMS: Some Noted
STARS: Obsession, Jade Marcella, Nina Whett, Robin Wood, Venus Milan, Claudia De Corazon, Elle DeVyne, Suave, Lexington Steele, Byron Long, Big Dick Fred, Wolf Savage and Rodney Moore.
As we make our way through Rodney Moore month, we get a chance to see the reunion of one of porn’s most fun duos, the Cum Brothers. We open with one time CB Wolf Savage reading Rodney’s add for open casting calls to replace him. This starts him thinking, but before we know what Wolf plans to do, we cut to the first tryout at Rodney’s house. He’s brought along the hotties, so even before the credits end, the action has begun.
The line of would be Cum Bros. begins with Suave, so poor Obsession and Elle DeVyne have to find a way to make that little thing stand up and salute. No such problems when they move down the line to Lexington Steele. Byron Long is also on hand and these two hot throated babes have to really bust out the mad skills to take of this meat. Obsession decides that she is going to take on both Lex and Byron to see how well they can fuck. She looks super cute and goes to town on Lex while Bryon bumps her from behind. The light skinned honey is turned around, traded back and forth between the massive black cocks that fill her at both ends. What they really want is to double dick her tight holes and somehow, she manages to take both of them in her at once. Damn, this is one supersized DP and Obsession takes it like a champ. Unable to pick a winner, Rodney decides to let all of the guys cum on her face to see who gets the job. That gives us the chance to see some very big wads fired on her eager face.
When he cums, Wolf loses his wig and the deception is over, the Cum Brothers are back together. Rodney orders them some new shirts, which are delivered by the delicious Jade Marcella. When the company screws up and sends them mini-dresses, there is nothing to do but have young Jade try it one on. Once she’s in the dress, they might as well fuck her right? Hell yeah, this is porn and no one gets out unspooged. Jade looks great as Rodney drops the hammer on her from behind and Wolf keeps her sexy mouth busy. I love the double blowjob shot here in the middle. Jade has such pretty lips and eyes that watching her stretch her mouth a big cock is porn Heaven. They end up coating that pretty face with great loads. That’s why they call these guys the Cum Brothers.
Next up is a four way fuck between the CB and a couple of babes. They fuck them side by side on the couch, moving quickly through a number of positions. Both girls a bit thick in the middle, but seem to enjoy big cocks way up in them, so that’s a plus. Big facials for both women with a long, post pop footage for you guys who love chicks with sticky faces.
Venus Milan introduces Rodney and Wolf as a couple of scoring champions who demonstrate their swings on Claudia. What follows is one of the funniest things I have seen in porn in a long time. Rodney and Wolf recite Who’s on First, porno style, while being blown. Wolf moves behind the camera so that Rodney can have Venus and Claudia all to himself. The hippy sportscaster wets his rod and watches while Rodney fills the little Latin tart like the true groupie she is. Wolf doesn’t want to leave Venus alone so he steps back in and starts fucking the naturally busty babe. Both women keep their dresses around their bellies, but you can’t hide their love for hard dick. After fucking both women, the C Bros each drop a big load of ball batter for the women to swap an swallow. When that still isn’t enough, Rodney brings in the big meat and turns them loose on it.
Finally, Elle DeVyne comes back to welcome Wolf’s return to the team. Not only that, but she volunteers to get every guy in the room off. That’s a lot of dick, even for a woman as totally cock starved as Elle. Great standing blowjob footage of Elle as she works her way down the line of stiff cocks. One lucky guy gets to fuck her while two others shove their huge cocks in her mouth. Suave ends up cumming in a condom so that Ell can pull it off and empty the rubber into her mouth. She actually gets Long close to cumming before slipping the condom on. Interesting twist on rubber-ized porn. After watching her take all the cum, Rodney finally gets to step in and fuck her dripping cunt. I really enjoy watching Elle work, she is a total fuck machine and looks fantastic. While she’s busy fucking both Cum Brothers, Obsession comes by again and the four way fuck is on. Great reverse cowgirl by the light skinned hottie. After a hard DP for Elle, the CBs drop big time jizz bombs on these two eager, cumsucking faces. Fantastic post shot footage of Elle.
Welcome back Wolf, welcome back in a big way. The return of the lost Cum Brother makes for some funny porn, but I don’t want to take anything from the sex in this movie. From the opening try out to the final Elle DeVyne gang bang, there is plenty of size loving, interracial, anal and sticky faced action to go around. Elle is on fucking fire in her scenes and her partner Obsession knows how to work a dick as well. Jade Marcalla proves that cute little Asian girls can be big time fuck sluts in her three way. The rest of the cast is a far cry from these three, but still worth a look. Their scenes, however are often more funny than they are sexy. Still a solid effort and fans of Elle DeVyne may never see her hotter.

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