Rough Sex 2


140 Mins.
DIRECTOR: Kahn Tusion
THEMES: Spanking, Spitting, Verbal Degradation.
STARS: Kelsey Heart, Kianna Bradley, Amia More, Felicity, Caroline Pierce, Elizabeth X, Vivian Valentine, Earl Slate, Mr. Marcus, Jon Dough, Mickey G
Few movies have captured the attention of the on line porn community as quickly as the Rough Sex series. The second these movies hit the shelves, the debate over their content began. Spilling over into the real world, this award winning series has already been slapped around at the AVN awards by Al Goldstein. Never before has a director combined S&M, B&D and hardcore sex so completely in a porn video. Now, before I even begin, most of you already know how I feel about other videos that degrade women. Max Hardcore, Rob Black, Thomas Zupko and Rocco Siffredi have all made my skin crawl at times with their misogynistic visions. That is not to say I support censoring such material, it’s just a personal taste thing. I like women and seeing them degraded or beaten isn’t my idea of hot, strokeable material. Now, with all my cards on the table, I’m going to give the second Rough Sex tape a run through the Rog machine.
Kelsey Heart is eager for sex at the end of her date with Mickey G, but he’s not into her. While he gets ready to take her home, she steals his lighter. Yes, this is a very bad idea because when he discovers she’s a thief, Mickey goes off. He then starts beating her in the head and the tits. Kelsey is screaming and the smacks are loud and violent, yet she still says she just wants to fuck him. Jon Dough comes over and joins in, so now her face and ass get slapped. I’ve seen some scenes where Kelsey looked pretty good, but this isn’t one of them. Long before the guys start peppering her with the verbal abuse, I’ve sort of tuned out sexually. I guess if you like a woman with her tongue shoved up a man’s ass while they beat the fuck out of her ass, as he begs them to fuck her “shithole.” You know, if you turn down the sound and just watch the anal sex, things aren’t half bad. That’s the one thing I noticed right away in this video. It is a high quality productions, quite unlike the few bondage movies I’ve seen.
Earl Slate insists that his wife, Kianna Bradley will only shoot with him. You see, they only work together because she’s not a slut. Well, forward a bit, we see Kianna sucking Marc Davis and rimming his ass. Since she’s slutting around, Earl figures he might as well treat her like a whore. The rough oral is one thing, but he starts choking and slapping her around. At least they are a couple, so maybe she got the chance to kick the fucking shit out of him later at home. I do have to wonder who is getting turned on watching him do this to her, but hey, to each his own. Actually, if you turn the sound down on this one, the sex is pretty good. I know, I’m supposed to be listening so I can give you a full report, but trust me, this one is better with some music in the background. I could do without the choking, but this isn’t the worst scene you will see.
Jon wants to make up the Kelsey incident to Jon so he sends over a pet as a gift. Amia More comes out of her dog carrier and immediately is made to suck both dick and ass. Just when you think things are going to be fairly tame, she makes the mistake of pissing on the floor. After shoving her face in it, Mickey decides to really punish her. You know, the verbal abuse it getting a little tiresome, so I think I’m going to crank up the CD player and see what else happens. Yea, that makes it better. There is actually some well shot sex in the middle of this misogynistic mess. Hard anal and a facial close things out.
You know, things are getting a little redundant here. (And that makes this review different how?) Mr. Marcus has three women working on him, but isn’t happy with just letting them suck his toes and ass. I am seriously getting tired of listening to guys verbally degrade women. This is where my whole view on this series comes into play. I don’t think anyone should take away someone’s right to watch it, but the other side of that, is my right not to subject myself to any more of this. I’ll keep my commitment to my readers and give you what goes on, but I’m turning the sound down and fast forward scanning through the rest of this. In this scene, spanking so severe the woman looks like she’s bruised for life, hard anal sex and more verbal brutalization. Whatever good, hard sex there might have been here, is by now lost in the morass of sexual pseudo violence.
Now comes the scene that everyone has been talking about. Mickey G starts out picking from some exposed women, when the scene ends. Rather than just cutting away and letting everyone know that one of the stars, Regan Starr, couldn’t go on. Instead, we watch her cry. I’m not exactly sure what Kahn was trying to do here (And I’ll ask him at our interview) so I won’t assume. However, it sure looks like he’s going out of his way to further rub her nose in a terrible situation.
Rather than run down each part of the final scene that I don’t like, I’ll give you and overall impression. Jon Dough kicking the holy crap out of Vivian Valentine. That’s enough from my end. As I said early on, there is no way for me to fully understand that appeal of this movie. I didn’t get turned at any point while watching this movie with the sound up. When I turned it down, there was some decent sex for a bit. (For this, Rough Sex 1 was better.) Technically, my hats are off, because this is as good as you would expect from Anabolic. However, in spite my position that Rough Sex is NOT the single biggest problem in porn, and my absolute belief that such films should be made to please their audience, (And not made, for example, to get me off in particular.) I can’t say enjoyed this two and a half hours. In fact, it made me pretty damn depressed.

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