Czech Cherry Poppers 5


108 Mins.
THEMES: Euro Babes, Younger Women
CONDOMS: None Noted
STARS: Renata, Monika, Margaret, Tina.
Continuing our Zane month, we take a trip overseas to find some hot young Czech women. The Cherry Poppers series took off here in the states and now has branched out to a few foreign countires. So far, the Czech girls have been the best lot by far. They are good looking and all seem born to fuck and suck. That’s the perfect combination for a series like this, so all the director has to do is keep the camera focused on the action, try not to get the boom mike in the shot and just let us enjoy some sodomized Euro-babes.
We start right out with Margaret, a super cute brunette wearing a dangerously short skirt and thin tank top. After a short walk home, her boyfriend takes the young sweetie home and starts putting some serious make out pressure on. Luckily, he doesn’t have to try very hard to get her out of that top and ready to go all the way. For a somewhat shy thing, she sure can suck a mean dick. Nice hand action and most of all a super cute face make this blowjob something that should get everyone as hard and ready to go as Mr. Euro-meat here. Standing the leggy young brunette up, he fingers her for a second before shoving his cock inside of her. No slow build up here, just right to ramming speed. We might have liked a little bit of variety in the shots, as he fucks her doggy for a while then goes right to anal. On the other hand, Margaret looks great on her hands and knees and now with a cock in her ass, so who’s complaining? After a while, she spins around and does some nice RCA, letting us take our first long look at that sweet pussy while her tight ass tugs at the invading shaft. Margaret takes it in her ass for a very long time before dismounting to help him finish the job with her mouth. Decent load on her face to cap things off. If you like long legged cuties taking it in the butt, this is just about perfect.
Tina is a very petite girl who looks almost too young as she skips up the street. Apparently, she is looking for something and stops to ask directions. This is a bad idea, because the guy she asks has some bad intentions for this fresh faced little cutie. It takes him a few minutes of groping and rubbing, but Tina finally decides to touch his cock. Once she’s seen one, it’s an easy step for her to drop to her knees and start sucking like a seasoned knob polisher. His cock is too fat for her tiny mouth, but Tina works it really and looks lovely with that flesh stick in her face. After a nice blowjob, he stands her against a stack of lumber, lifts her cute little skirt and fucks her from behind. What a cute little body this babe has and such a tight little cookie. Hell, this cutie even takes it in the ass. Tina, didn�t your mother tell you not to take sodomy from strangers? Nice close ups, but what is that wart thing on this guy’s dick? Like the first scene the anal is very long and the cutie takes it well. For the popshot, everyone will be glad to see that Tina does all the hand-y work. Nice facial, but why did it take him so damn long to pop?
Renata is the first blonde to grace this video. Like the others, she gets talked back home by a guy who just wants to get in her pants. I assume from the dialog that she is a bit unsure, but off come the clothes. We get a bit of tease as it takes her a while to strip down and pose for this guy. That makes his cock hard and the shy girl decides to give it a lick. He’s not that big, but she can only take the head of his cock in her mouth, trying her best to make up for that with some serious hand motion. After a rather unimpressive blowjob, Renata gets into his lap and starts fucking, but from the start, this guy has his fingers up her ass, looking for the booty. He gets it, really quickly, but Renata stays silent. It actually gets comical after a while because we can hear the springs on the couch creeking while he pumps up into her round little butt. By far, the best footage in this scene comes when she goes A2M for a great jerk off facial. Nice shot, but a pretty low key scene.
Monika is a thin cutie who speaks a little bit of English. Along comes a guy who offers to teach her more, if she’ll help him out. Gee, I wonder where this is going. He takes her back to his place, chats up the tall girl and eventaually talks her right out of her tiny tank top. Damn, those are some nice real titties under there. When she gets down to her panties, he takes his cock out. No problem for Monika, she just finds a place next to him on the couch and starts gulping his flesh pole as deep as she can. Before she even knows the word blowjob, this babe knows how to give a damn fine one. I love the reverse cowgirl shots because they show off her legs and that incredibly pretty pussy she’s got. Easy transition here into RCA, so the pussy is still on display and that butt is plugged with cock. He pulls her up and down on his lap, letting those sexy long legs flail about. I really hope you guys saved a load or two for the end of this movie, because this chick is well worth the wait. She even manages a great jerk off faical shot without evne flinching as he unloads a big wad. Monika licks up every drop, making her my sleeper favorite of the movie.
This is one of those videos that just keeps it simple. Four scenes with cute young Czech babes who all get talked into hot anal sex and facials. Thankfully, it never takes very much to talk them into fucking and sucking. All four girls are quite cute, totally natural and three of them are hot fucks as well. There isn’t a lot of pussy fucking in this movie as everyone seems in a hurry to get the booty. No problem from my end, though some of these girls have some super fuckable little cookies that might have been nice to see fucked longer. Very solid video quality, great looking cast and hot sex make this Czech version of Cherry Poppers the best in a long time.

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