Young, Dumb And Full Of Cum




112 Mins.



THEMES: Younger Women.



STARS: Dayton, Lee, Gia, Viviane, Mirage


To kick off Zane month, we’re going to take a peek at Mark Zane’s view of Gen X chicks. From the title, I would say he sees the young women who come his way as not too bright, great to look at and best seen on their knees. Hey, it might not be PC, but this is porn and if you want nice young women doing community service, you should be renting Vivid movies. What we want here is to see chicks too old for high school (barely), too dim for college and most of all, too dripping with jizz to sit on the new car seats.

Dave Hardman walks in on long legged Mirage in the shower. For some reason, she isn’t upset that he’s staring at her and even agrees readily to relieve some of his tension. Mirage has a really sweet looking face and it gets even better looking when stuffed with dick. (Imagine that.) Dave slips his rubber on and starts banging away on that puffy little pussy. Though she looks really good, there seems to be a slight lack of genuine enthusiasm from either of them at first. It is nice watching her fuck in reverse cowgirl because those tits are wonderful. I’ve already mentioned her pussy, and it really is pretty, but you know how I love the facial popshot. Nicely taken by Mirage, but she needs to be worked a little better in the future.

Lee has her long hair done up in braids, but before we can even notice her do, she’s naked and frigging her horny little slit. Tony Tedeschi walks in on her and offers to lend a helping hand. After a bit of shy girl dialog, Lee decides that a tongue and some fingers just might do the trick. She’s got a nice face and really goes after his fat cock. I like the attempt at shots of her body during the oral, but sadly the shots aren’t very good. A for effort, D for execution. Meanwhile, up at his fuckstick, little Lee is bobbing her head double time in anticipation of a thick penetration. Tony’s fat cock fills her up and the look in Lee’s eyes tells us that he’s hitting the right spots. She also has a nice looking pussy and the best way to enjoy how it looks is while she takes it in her tight ass. You have to hand it to a young girl who takes it in the ass this well so early in her career. Tony is not a small guy and he just wails away on her bunghole, spraying it with hot cream.

Dayton looks cute as a button with her pigtails as she sits studying one afternoon. Like the others, she is overcome with the desire to play with herself and is interrupted by Pat Myne. He puts his mouth where her fingers had been and we’re off and running. There may not be a lot of set up, but all we want is to see this babe wolf down some hard dick anyway, right? The lighting is a bit dim in this scene, but the oral action is pretty decent. I have seen Dayton do some serious fucking, so her rather quiet fucking for most of this scene is a bit of a mystery to me. Someone must have talked to her because things get really vocal right about the time he starts choking her. Long fucking ends with a shot on her lips as Dayton rubs it in and smiles.

Gia is tall and thing with a young Aja look. She shows up at the stage door for a concert. Kyle Stone swoops in and offers her a shot to meet the band. This is the first time Zane really plays up the dumb girl angle and it makes for a very sexy set up. She has dreams of making the band fall in love with her and Kyle takes full advantage. While they wait at the house for the band, Kyle suggests a naked dip in the spa and Gia agrees. She takes his dick in both hands and starts showing off the oral skills she hopes will land her a rock star husband. Hey, it worked for Heather Locklear. Gia might not be walking down the aisle with Axl anytime soon, but she sure has a career as a groupie slut. She knows how to fuck and loves riding dick with her sweet pussy. If young looking, vocal fuck sluts are your style, then you’ll want to dial in on Gia and get ready to blast one. Great doggy shots, but the face angles suffer lighting wise. Finally, he pulls out and drops her backstage pass all over that cute face.

Last but not least is Viviane Valentine, who has never looked any sweeter. Off come the panties and top, leaving her to masturbate in her skirt. Right on cue, in comes the meat and the sexy redhead goes right to work bathing his rod with her horny mouth. This is one accomplished knob polisher and I would want to dive right in there and fuck her silly brains out inside of ten seconds. Showing a little more restraint, the male talent licks her labes for a while before inserting that rod into her steaming hot clam dip. Wonderful shots of Viv kneeling at the edge of the couch and getting filled in the puss and ass from behind. Ass fucking is like breathing to this girl, but the shots of her tight hole are really fantastic in this scene. When he pulls out, she makes her smiling face totally available for his thick seed. Very nicely shot anal and facial scene.

This movie delivers what it promises more often than not. The girls are all young, most of them do a nice job of acting (We assume) dumb, though they do end up more covered with than full of cum. Some of the shots are less than perfect, but I liked the way Zane tried to shoot this movie with a nice variety of shots. Some better lighting at times would have really helped make this one even better. I also wouldn’t have minded a little more set ups for the scenes. After all, if the girls are supposed to be so dumb, more interaction like in the Gia scene would have been funny. The masturbation sequences were pretty hot, especially from Dayton and Viviane. These two women are hot, but Gia really works a cock. Dayton, Lee and Mirage are the sort of fresh Betties porn fans will love.

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