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It started as a cure for writers block. I was working on some other projects and would come home every night and write in a journal as a warm up. One day, I was reading alt.sex.movies and found some reviews of porn flicks. I've always loved movies and porn, so I decided to review some tapes form my personal porn collection. I wrote a review, found that I liked it and posted it to asm. The feedback was positive and I just kept writing. I found it a great way to get me started each day, writing about something I enjoyed and pretty soon, people were asking me to review their films and work on a web site. The rest, as they say, is history.

Overall Rating [20/12]
Female Looks [0/12]
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Picture Quality [0/12]
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118 Mins.

DIRECTOR: Peter North

Devil’s Films

THEMES: Facials.

CONDOMS: None Noted


STARS: Anita Blond, Leanni Lei, Silvia Saint, CJ, Anita Dark, Toni James, Avalon


For the past few years, it seems every porn guy I used to watch back in the day has been making his own movies. 80’s staples like John Leslie, Paul Thomas, Joey Silvera, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Randy West and Steve Drake all have (Or had) their own lines. The question I have heard quite often is why doesn’t Peter North do his own? Well, now it seems that Devil’s Films has let Peter put his legendary pecker on full display in his own line of vids. (Since I don’t get Devil’s Films for screening, this one may be a little old. I actually grabbed it because Leanni Lei says Peter is her favorite guy to work with.) I fully expect that he will subject them to his even more famous, copious cum-baths. At least we can hope that is the case, with such spooge-able babes as Leanni, Silvia Saint, Toni James and the Anita sisters.

Anita is up first, planting a big kiss in Peter in the center of a luxurious living room. (Hey, it’s a refreshing change from the same tired old sets Ed Powers makes us watch.) While Peter goes down on her, Anita seems a bit flat, as if she would rather be doing her taxes. Things pick up when she starts sucking his cock. Anita looks great and puts her all into making sure that cock is one hundred percent ready to rock before it enters her tight slit. Nice eye contact and that gorgeous face highlight this wonderfully long oral portion of the scene. Thankfully, Anita stays quite enthusiastic as Peter starts porking her pretty pussy. The fucking isn’t nearly as long as the sucking, but Anita opens her mouth, smiles for the camera and gets that hot mug plastered with the North blast. (Peter, thank you for not fucking up the shot with slo-mo.) The first scene is exactly what we would hope for. A hot babe taking that massive load on her pretty face. Next!

Hakan and Silvia Saint are supposed to be a couple who wrote to Peter to get into the movies. Yes, I know that these two very good looking Europeans have been in a ton of movies, but in case you missed it, it’s SILVIA SAINT! Who cares what role she is playing as long as she gets buck ass naked. She does more than that here, grinding her pretty slit into his face and flipping Hakan over to worship his prick with her lips. Silvia is just perfect, head to toe and to top it off, she sucks like a five dollar whore on a tight schedule. She still looks great, but is a bit quiet as she drops her hips down over his cock, taking every hard inch into her snatch. I’m sure Peter likes what he sees, especially when they spoon and Hakan sticks his prick into her pristine little butthole. This woman would look good doing anything, so watching her take anal and then a straight A2M facial is paradise. Though hardly North-ian, Hakan manages to get enough gonad goo on this beyond gorgeous face to make those of us who love facials cry out in unison, “We’re not worthy!”

Now the moment I have been waiting for. One of Peter’s friends, Rich has found an amazing woman, Leanni Lei. Leanni has always had a thing for Peter and wants to do them both. My God, this girl is so incredibly cute it fucking hurts! Rich gets to warm her up while Peter rushes over. (Faster you fool, faster.) Once he does arrive, Leanni can hardly contain herself. She strips her clothes off and lets Peter get a taste of her while Rich just sits back and enjoys a hot blowjob. He gets a call though and decides he has to leave for a while. (Brother, it better the Lord and Savior himself on the other end of the phone if you’re going to take your dick out of this hottie’s mouth.) Now it’s just little Leanni and Peter’s big peter. I could have used a little more blowjob footage, but Peter is anxious to be inside. Since she such a tiny little slutlet, Peter can easily hold her in his arms and let her bounce up and down on his cock. Leanni also loves hard sex so Peter plows her super hard from behind, reducing the gorgeous creature to a quivering mass of totally desirable flesh. In return, Peter gets to aim his hose right at her face. Leanni keeps her mouth and eyes wide open as Peter blasts. He misses with two thirds of his load, but still leaves a big wad decorating her hot face. Love the post shot play as well. Perfect for those who like to savor facials. Leanni, can I just put you in my pocket and take you home with me?

After that scene, blonde Emily is going to have a tough time getting my attention, but ever the professional, I trudge forward. Not a bad looking woman by any means, Emily is a fake boobed blonde who moans quite loudly while having her shaved labes lapped. Peter seems to enjoy the way she sucks dick, though visually, she is no Leanni. Nice shot of her ass and thighs while she is fucked from behind. Judging from her boisterous response, I’d say Emily rather likes the fat cock in her cooch. She does some nice squat fucking and is always good to look at, but as I said, this scene has the unenviable task of following up a personal fave. However, this time Peter shoots straight, right into her mouth and all over her chin. Very messy and damn sexy.

While Peter is making out with CJ, her roommate, Anita struts in. The blonde offers him the chance to bang them both and Peter nearly trips over himself in his rush to answer in the affirmative. With two pussies at his disposal, Peter eats his fill of hairless slit before letting the girls feast on his man meat. Both women are good looking, but they could use a little caffeine or something. Both seem to sleepwalk through the blowjob a little too much for my taste. Making sure to keep his woman happy, Peter gives CJ a serious does of dick before ever turning to her sexy roommate. (Smart man.) However, Anita is the more dynamic fuck her, grinding her sexy ass back against his cock, trying to take it deeper into her folds. As a bonus treat, CJ lets Peter fuck her in the ass. Her pooper takes a brief boning before Peter entertains the girls with his amazing spurting cock trick. They actually watch, wide eyed while he shoots all over Anita’s hair. Not a great facial, but a fun cum shower nonetheless.

Word must get around, because Toni James brings a sexy girlfriend (Avalon?) by for another three way fuck. Both Toni and Peter enjoy the charms of the tall brunette, lapping at her tits and lovely slit for a long while. They all move into the bedroom where the impossibly gorgeous Toni takes Peter’s cock in her hungry mouth. Damn this girl is so pretty it’s hard to imagine how she ended up in porn. Her friend isn’t a half bad cocksucker, but Toni steals the show. Peter spreads her cheeks and slowly slips his cock into Toni from behind. Seeing that she loves it, he picks up the pace and only the pussy in her pretty face quiets her cries of total desire. Fittingly, Toni’s face gets all the cum splashed down on it and she doesn’t stop until every drop is down her throat.

Peter North knows where his strength lies and he sticks with it in this video. The man who delivers the most famous cumshots in the history of porn keeps his spurting pecker aimed squarely at the faces of the little cuties he gets to fuck in this video. Leanni Lei absolutely steals the show here, even if Peter misfires with much of his load. She is all the reason I need to keep this video close by the TV at all times. Silvia Saint also does an incredible scene with Hakan. The rest of the cast ranges from very hot, to kind of not, but with two brilliant efforts anchoring this video, the rest is just icing on the cake.

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